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Underbite Correction without Surgery

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Under bite correction is recommended when the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw. These patients have a protruding and over-emphasized chin and generally have a malocclusion that creates significant cosmetic problems. Generally with an underbite, the lower and the upper teeth do not touch. When they do not touch, they shift and get more crowded or crooked in appearance.

Underbite Correction - Before and After Photo

 Underbite Correction (Before and After)

The patient is biting his teeth together in both the before and after photos. Under Bite Correction with Face Lift Dentistry® can dramatically improve your life by idealizing the proportions of the teeth, improving your profile, and creating a healthy bite.

Are Orthognathic Jaw Surgery and Braces the Only Underbite Correction Solution?

No! There is a non-surgical option that can improve the bite, sometimes optimize the bite without surgery and without braces in as little as a week or two. Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive non-surgical underbite correction Face Lift Dentistry® treatment can help a patient change their lives very quickly. This is an advanced cosmetic dental treatment with huge health benefits and very little risk.

Patients Fly in from all over the World

This treatment method will be available to the dental community soon but until other dentists are trained, patients will have to fly in to Santa Monica California. This patient will tell you that the trip was worth it because he saved years of dental visits, he saved years of wearing braces and he saved hospital time along with the risks of jaw surgery.

 An Underbite Correction Solution without using surgery or braces - Before and After Picture

This patient did not like her smile or her underbite and she wanted a non-invasive underbite correction solution. She had been to several doctors that recommended jaw surgery and then braces. The long healing time and potential complications associated with surgery was not something she wanted to endure. In addition, she had no interest in the two year time estimate given for orthodontic work.

Non-Surgical Underbite Treatment

In this video Dr. Muslin explains non-surgical alternatives to treat underbite correction with the VENLAY® restorations

Not only was she suffering from a bad bite but her lower teeth were standing too tall. This occurs when the lower and upper teeth do not make contact. As a result the lower teeth erupt too far out of the lower jaw bone. With the lower teeth standing too tall and out in front of everything else, her upper teeth were barely visible when she spoke.

A Narrow Upper Arch

Her upper arch was much narrower than her lower arch and this left her face out of balance. Her upper teeth actually fit inside of her lower teeth which caused her lower law and chin to look quite large. In order for her to bite down and chew she had to slide her lower jaw even farther forward to allow her molars to make contact. With her upper teeth actually fitting inside of her lower teeth, her entire face was left short and round and her lower lip stuck out farther than her upper lip.

Underbite Correction Facial Profile - Before and After Photo

 Changes in her facial profile after underbite correction, done without surgery or braces.

She came to Dr. Muslin because she wanted an underbite correction solution that would address her cosmetic concerns and her health issues at the same time. Many dentists try to develop a beautiful smile but Dr. Muslin's goes beyond the teeth to maximize the results for the entire face, jaw, and profile.

Using the latest technology he studies the shape and proportions of each patient's face along with the functional dynamics of the jaw and bite. With this data he then designs an ideal bite and jaw position that maximizes your health but also improves the overall shape and length of your face.

Dr. Muslin needed to develop a comfortable position for her jaw, and create a bite where she could chew normally. To accomplish these goals Dr Muslin had to three dimensionally re-build all of her upper teeth and several of her lower rear teeth using his trademarked treatment Face Lift Dentistry. He was able to improve the comfort of her jaw and correct the bite without surgery and without any healing time. Her problem was eliminated and now she can chew with ease.

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Benefits

Using a non-invasive strategy, Dr. Muslin aesthetically re-shaped the lower teeth and then developed a totally custom porcelain color for her upper teeth. In order to achieve a totally natural look, the color and the translucency of the porcelain had to match the color and the translucency of the natural lower teeth. Since Dr. Muslin was able to develop this perfect match the patient avoided veneering all of her lower teeth. Her jaw position has been improved both aesthetically and functionally. The Face Lift Dentistry® solution has allowed her bite to match up ideally for comfortable chewing. She no longer has to shove her jaw forward to make chewing possible.

Her facial shape has gone from a short and round to a more refined oval shape with a clean jawline. The size and shape of her teeth were re-proportioned to achieve a smile that compliments her face but still looks natural. For the first time in her life she can smile comfortably and confidently. Underbite correction without surgery is indeed possible!

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