Non-Surgical Underbite Correction in a Month

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 06/02/2023

Comprehensive Underbite Correction without Jaw Surgery in a Month, Explained

Video Transcript

What is an underbite? An underbite is when the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth when you bite your teeth together. So this would be an example, of - you can see his lower teeth are out in front of his upper teeth. And so, the lower jaw is protruding. It usually sticks out a little bit farther. And, basically, you're looking at - most of these patients have a lower lip that's in front of the upper lip. The jaw is protruding.

Now in this case, this patient already has had jaw surgery. And he, has - was out of commission. He couldn't work for 6 months, and it took a year before he could bite into a burger. And here is his finish. He's miserable. You can't see any of his upper teeth when he talks. The lower teeth are still out in front of the upper teeth. He's a very unhappy guy after going through the jaw surgery procedure.

He found my website, flew across the country - and began getting his treatment. So he's biting his teeth together. It's a strain for him to bite his teeth together. He's holding them together, but it's very uncomfortable for him. Why? It's because his jaw - even after jaw surgery, is in the wrong position.

The jaw is designed to be in a certain position, with - that coordinates with the 2 jaw joints. When it's not in that position, we have headaches and bite problems. We don't sleep as well. Airway issues. That type of thing. The JawTrac jaw position is the key to finding your best natural jaw position. We use JawTrac technology.

And the point would be, is - here is his jaw before treatment, and here is his jaw after treatment. The other thing that's changed is his lips. You notice you can't even see much of an upper lip. We now have a beautiful upper lip. Look at his jawline. Look at the shape of his face. This is a dramatic difference.

Face Lift Dentistry is comprehensive care that absolutely changes lives, because it impacts everything about you. The shape of your face, your jawline, how well you sleep, how clearly you speak. What do you look like when you smile? Well, he's not exactly smiling. I asked him to bite his teeth together, and smile the best he could.

But when you have the right jaw position, you have the natural smile. When you have the jaw - wrong jaw position, you don't have a natural smile. So what do most patients do? You smile with your lips together. You give it one of these. Doesn't work. We need to have teeth behind it. His problem is you can't even see his upper teeth. So, now you can see upper teeth. This is a game changer.

This is Face Lift Dentistry. You cannot accomplish this with porcelain veneers. And so, we're going to take someone from this jaw position to this jaw position. And the way we do it, is - we test first. He says, "I'm feeling better. I really like how my teeth feel. I like the shape of my face." When you wear the JawTrac appliance, you're able to test your new jaw position. So we know this is going to go good for you.

Then, in the after - we make the teeth. Each tooth is an individual layer of porcelain custom designed for each person. It's pure custom work. It's comprehensive. And we get to put that on his teeth with just water. And he can walk around to 4 different kinds of lighting, and see what he's getting - before we even bond them. My patients are in total control of their treatment. They can see what they're getting before they get it. They can feel what they're getting before they get it.

And you end up with a nice, natural looking smile and a good jawline. Your double chin is gone. Your profile is better. Your jaw's not sticking out. Your lips are balanced. And so, the JawTrac jaw position is your natural position. It's the position you are supposed to be in, you just never got it. You never had it, so you don't know any better.

Now if you have an underbite or an overbite or a bad bite, you want to do something. But you'd be surprised how many people - particularly the seniors - that just don't have the right jaw position for their anatomy, for their bone structure, for their jaw joints. The JawTrac jaw position is the key.

Took another picture with his teeth separated. So you can see - when his teeth are separated, you can see the shapes of his teeth. Well, braces can't improve the shapes of your teeth or make - they can't make your teeth longer. Jaw surgery can't fix your teeth either. But Face Lift Dentistry can fix your jaw position, your smile, facial support, teeth - and it can do it all without jaw surgery.

There's no shots. I didn't even need to numb him. Imagine, 28 individual restorations built right over your healthy teeth - without even getting a shot. This is hard to believe, I know. But we're going to show it later in the-- How many patients have done this, and how they've done - let their pictures be shown purely for your benefit. This has no shots, no surgery, no drilling down your healthy teeth. No braces. No aligners.

Welcome to the Face Lift Dentistry method. So you go to the website, you can do "Face Lift Dentistry," "Jaw and Bite Correction." Oh, "Before and After Photo and Video Gallery." Wow, click that. And, so - here. "Before and After Video Gallery." You're going to pick "Underbite." You can pick whatever kind of bite you want to pick. But right now we're talking about underbites.

And so here's the underbite page. And you're going to see patients. And you can click on any one of these patients, and watch them talk to you before their treatment - and watch them talk to you after their treatment. This is unprecedented documentation in the medical field, in terms of helping everybody understand what the potential is for their natural biology.

I want to maximize you. I want you to have the best facial support, the best jaw line, the best profile - all within your natural features that you have. And each one of these patients look significantly better after getting the Face Lift Dentistry treatment, and they got to feel it and experience it.

But here's the main thing. They let their pictures be up here, purely for your benefit. They were not paid. These are not models. All of these are my patients. All of these results are my results. And I'm proud to say that I deeply appreciate every one of them - for being so wonderful, to be able to expose themselves to the world for your benefit. Now the majority of my patients do not sign. They want their privacy. We have to respect that. No one will see your pictures, unless you say it's okay.

And, so - here we are with the final case. And that would be like, "Well, what's this cost?" Well wait a second. Look at her, look at the chin. She gets headaches every single day. Look at her after the treatment. This is a game changer for her. This is a life changing experience for her. This is how she presents herself. She couldn't speak her words clearly. She can now speak her words. She's out of pain. She has a better feminine profile. She has a beautiful shape to her face. And she saw all of it, before it was bonded - so she knew what she was getting. My patients pick the color, they get to-- We can reshape teeth, if we need to.

Face Lift Dentistry costs between 70 and 80 thousand dollars currently, 2022 - for most patients. And these patients will tell you it's worth every cent, if you can afford it. Some patients will say, "When you realize how much you're getting, this is healthcare." Face Lift Dentistry is healthcare. It happens to be maximum healthcare that really improves the quality of your life.

If you can afford this level of care, Face Lift Dentistry can change your life. Just call the office, talk to my staff. I'm sure you have questions. They can help answer these questions. And, basically - you fly out, and you stay for 4 days - and we have time to test you and start your treatment. We wait 3 weeks, you fly back. And we put all of the work in over the next 4 days. So in 8 days, we can have you diagnosed. We can test to see if you're feeling better. We can build the case with your 28 individual porcelain restorations.

You floss the same, you brush the same. These become your teeth. You are not, you're not-- These are not removable. You're - this becomes your teeth. These are your teeth now. And that's the game changer. So Face Lift Dentistry can change your life. There's the phone number. Call us.

My name is Doctor Sam Muslin. I'm a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. I've been awarded by the International College of Dentists. I probably have the worlds' largest before and after video gallery - showing successfully treated patients that have experienced a wonderful improvement in their life, as a result of this level of treatment.

Let's get started. Give us a call. Ask your questions, and make your appointment. Thank you.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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