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Underbite Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Jaw Alignment that Transforms your Face and Optimizes your TMJ

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This patient lives in Georgia and had a Class 3 Malocclusion, also known as an underbite. After seeing six dental specialists, they all advised him that the only way to correct his bite was to have jaw surgery to reduce the size of his lower jaw and increase the size of his upper jaw. But, first, he would have to wear braces again for about a year and a half, get the jaw surgery in the hospital and then wear braces again for about six months. The shapes of his teeth and the color of his teeth would remain the same.

Under Bite Treatment without Surgery or Braces

 This before-after photo shows the outcome of non-surgical under bite treatment.

The under bite treatment option his local dentist recommended was jaw surgery to reduce the size of his lower jaw and increase the size of the upper jaw. He chose the non-surgical treatment option and is proud to show the result.

The results from the surgery method cannot be tested in advance so exactly how he would look or how he would feel is totally unknown. When he went to his local dentist and showed him the Face Lift Dentistry® website, his local dentist told him that he could put porcelain veneers on his upper teeth to make it “look better” but he did not understand how the bite could be corrected. This dentist in Georgia recommended that he fly to Santa Monica to get treatment. This is an honest dentist who cared more about the well being of his patient than his own personal financial gain.

The Under Bite Treatment Alternative without Surgery or Braces.

After an examination, photos, jaw position imaging, models and consultation, Dr. Sam Muslin was able to show this patient how his face and jaw position would look when he was finished with the underbite treatment. The patient could see results using his own face before treatment was even started.

The patient will also get to see the final results with his face, jaw position and new teeth color and shapes with the VENLAY® restorations in his mouth before bonding for his evaluation. The patient can make changes if they choose.


Under Bite Treatment -  No tooth grinding, no surgery and no braces

The Patient Controls the Correction

The patient can decide for himself before treatment starts if they want to proceed with the under bite correction alternative. The patient can also see the final results before bonding so corrections, if any, can be made. As an example, with the final porcelain VENLAY® Restorations in his mouth, he could see the new color of his teeth and can decide if he likes it the way it is or if he would like it to be a little darker. The patient controls the final cosmetic results of the bite correction. This gives Dr. Muslin’s patients a great deal of comfort.

Optimum Jaw Position

What Dr. Muslin does is visualize the jaw position of the patient using his ultra low radiation technology. He can see the biologic potential of the patient’s jaw position and optimize it to make the lower jaw look smaller. Dr. Muslin has discovered that the position of the jaw has a great deal of influence on how large the jaw will appear cosmetically.

He has also discovered that the position of the lower jaw directly determines the shape of the patient’s faces. He can make the lower jaw look smaller and the upper jaw look larger, which is an actual under bite correction. The shapes of his teeth and the color of his teeth would also be significantly improved which you cannot get with surgery and braces.

Porcelain Veneers

The reason that cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers placed on the upper teeth are only a cosmetic camouflage is because the position of the lower jaw is not significantly improved. The lower jaw still looks large and the bite is not corrected. Many of these cosmetic dentists call their treatment “fix the under bite without surgery”. So beware of methods that only help the patient look better from the front view and not the side view.

The Benefits of Under Bite Treatment Non-Surgically

Dr. Muslin’s method is highly effective and very predictable. It is non-invasive and no tooth grinding is required. Some patients get the treatment without a single dental shot or injection. Many of the patient experience improved facial profiles and significant jaw comfort with a reduction in TMJ symptoms. The teeth are much less temperature sensitive and the results have lasted over 20 years in some patients. The treatment is fast, safe and has advantages that surgery and braces do not offer. It takes much less time, much less painful and could last a lifetime. Taking care of your teeth is the same as before treatment.

Call for your appointment or to discuss your options with our staff. Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks all of the patients on this website that have signed release forms allowing the results of their treatment to be shown on the Internet. They are helping other patient understand the benefits of this treatment.

All of the ”Before and After Photos” of Dr. Sam Muslin’s patients are untouched and unaltered. All of the photos are of his patients and the results are of his work.

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Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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