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The Aging Mouth

Anti Aging Dentistry with VENLAY® Restorations. Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery

Treating Patients from All Over the United States and the World

Reviewed by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 11/18/2019

Why do we need Anti-Aging Dentistry? We all want to have a healthy appearance and we all want to live our lives with the least amount of medical care as possible. Then as we age something happens that starts to slow us down and unfortunately it usually goes untreated - your oral health.

Anti-Aging Dentistry Treatment - Before and After Treatment

Older people have short round faces and younger looking people have egg shaped faces with a better lower jaw position all without surgery.

This is truly unbelievable considering the fact that your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. It controls everything from nourishment to body function while also protecting you from outside infection. Today the patient can have a younger looking appearance for the rest of their lives without surgery, without braces and without grinding down healthy teeth.

Beyond Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry

Anti Aging Dentistry Video Testimonial

Anti-Aging dentistry is more than porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. It involves a unique method used to improve the shape of the face by optimizing the jaw joint.

Anti-Aging Dentistry - The Key to Vibrant Lives

While some of the aspects of an aging mouth and teeth have been accepted as normal, the fact is, it does not have to be anymore. Advanced dental procedures such as Face Lift Dentistry® reverses the aging process to improve the health of your entire body. So the questions become, what is happening to my oral health as I age? How can dentistry have an anti-aging benefit and improve my health at the same time?

Snoring and Insomnia

You may ask how does dentistry affect the aging process? When you think about it, your mouth is the front door to your entire body. It directly controls many of the issues vital to life such as breathing, nourishment and digestion, speaking ability, chewing efficiency; sleep quality, personal appearance, self-esteem and bacterial infection. If any of these areas are compromised the repercussions can knowingly and unknowingly change your life. One of the processes vital to life is sleep quality and your aging mouth and bite could be the cause of your unrest.

When a person begins to snore or wakes up more often at night, should this be considered a normal part of the aging process? There is an explanation. As we age, our teeth get shorter and our bite position looses height. This directly effects our jaw position as well and the consequences become a smaller airway. As the airway gets smaller, it becomes more difficult to breath as efficiently. The process is so slow, so most people accept it as normal when it doesn’t have to be normal. It is kind of like drinking through a straw versus drinking directly from a cup. The straw restricts how much fluid you can take in much like your smaller access to your airway is restricting the amount of oxygen you can take in.

Many of us do not sleep as well because of the decreased airway access caused by bite collapse and a jaw position shift that took years to evolve. You many be living with a lower than optimal blood oxygen level which can affect every aspect of your existence whether you are aware of the problem or not. Without efficient breathing you can loose energy and vitality and even look older than you should. Then people start snoring and waking up several times in the night as your body fights for oxygen. Sometimes this is where people seek treatment and start sleeping pills or other alternatives. Unfortunately these pills do nothing to treat what could be the actual problem of an aging bite and jaw position.

Aging and Digestion

As your ability to chew effectively decreases with age, your digestion also becomes compromised. Too often patients resort to drugs to help with their digestion problems when they could gain a mechanical advantage with better chewing efficiency.

Digestion and Chewing

The slow erosion of your bite and jaw position is also considered a “normal” part of the aging process but it does not have to be. There is well-tested technology that has been developed which can greatly improve your chewing power and comfort. When you combine lower than normal blood oxygen levels with compromised chewing and nutrient absorption the effects of aging can really take hold. An older persons’ uncorrected bite and jaw position is actually aging them from the inside out.

Aging from the “Inside Out”

Because we are a society that tends to focus on what we can see, the notion of aging from the inside out can be quite daunting. Traditional Dentistry and even Cosmetic Dentistry is no exception to this rule as they focus on the smaller problems that it can be seen. Traditional dentistry fixes individual teeth by removing decay, extracting hopeless teeth, placing porcelain crowns, fillings, and dental implants. Cosmetic Dentistry places porcelain veneers and crowns, which often require grinding down your natural healthy teeth. However there is good news because the new age of high tech dentistry, with anti-aging benefits, improves the quality of the patient’s life rather than just fix teeth.

Anti-aging treatment is vital today because the life span of the population has increased and 60 is just not old anymore. Your bite and jaw position are now being asked to serve your body for several more decades. Most people do not realize that they are aging from the inside out unnecessarily. Even fewer have even heard of “optimizing the bite and jaw position” to reverse the aging process. Fortunately there is a way to live healthier and look younger with three-dimensional bite and jaw position treatment. The life changing treatment that has been developed over many years using the most advanced technology and philosophies. The treatment is trademarked as Face Lift Dentistry® and the best part is that there is no grinding on your healthy teeth because it uses the exclusive VENLAY® non-invasive restorations. This is the most advanced technology today because it preserves your natural appearance and reverses the aging process.

Head and Neck Tension

Just about everyone has a bite that is less than perfect but we all strive to accommodate it one way or another. Some of us even have symptoms of discomfort that we perceive as normal or that we try to ignore. You may have always had TMJ pain, headaches or neck problems but consider it “normal’ for you. Over time your bite and jaw position will continue to deteriorate, and the symptoms generally increase slowly until finally you seek care. The problem is that most dentists will not recommend creating the optimal bite and jaw position for you. Some have said it is “much too complicated” and others will put down the effort altogether to convince you to do a treatment they offer. Worst of all, many have attempted to improve the bite position of their patients only to have multiple problems that they could not solve. The good news is that there is a systematic procedure called Face Lift Dentistry® that is very predictable which has improved the health of every patient treated. Watch the videos, as you will have the chance to hear the patients candidly talking about their experience with the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure.

TMJ Correction - No More Headaches and Jaw Pain

TMJ Correction

VENLAY® restorations combined with anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry® treatment resolved her TMJ pain, headaches and muscle tension. She has natural looking white teeth, a graceful smile and a wider smile along with significant stress reduction in her head and neck regions.

The Face is Shorter

If it’s not enough that you are living with a lower oxygen level, lower energy level, digestion issues, head, neck and TMJ tension, a bad bite and sleep problems, but now you are also looking older. Should all of these consequences of aging really be considered normal? Why look older than necessary? The common cosmetic responses to aging involve of spending a small fortune on facial fillers such as Restyline® or Juvaderm® for wrinkle reduction. Facelifts and other surgical procedures can improve the appearance of your skin but they do nothing to improve the overall shape of your face.

The bottom line is that your bite and jaw position will always give away your age regardless of how many cosmetic procedures you have undergone. There is no way to hide an aging bite even if you have had veneers and a facelift. This is because neither your veneers nor your facelift restores your bite and jaw position back to that of a younger person. As your bite and jaw position go untreated your face gets shorter every year. Facial shape is one of the most obvious indicators of your age even though it is perceived unknowingly.

Maybe you have had a bite equilibration from a cosmetic dentist and the bad news is that it just increases the speed of the aging process. This is because a bite equilibration generally shortens the patients face even more by grinding down parts of taller teeth. It is common for dentists to grind down teeth when the exact opposite should be considered. Teeth do not have to be ground down when they can actually be built up non-invasively. This means no shots, no pain and no drilling to achieve a younger face and jaw.

Unless you choose to optimize your bite and jaw position you will never look your best. The Face Lift Dentistry® procedure is like no other procedure in that it can physically improve the shape of your face and the proportions of your profile for a naturally youthful appearance. Even if you have already undergone plastic surgery, bite equilibration, or veneers it does not matter because it is never too late to do the non-invasive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Correcting the "Shrunken Old Lady" Look

Jaw Harmony and Bite Correction

Anti-aging dentistry goes beyond porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. It involves a unique method used to improve the shape of the face by optimizing the jaw joint with JawTrac® Alignment.

The Small Chin

As you get older your chin looks smaller and your face look rounder. A younger face has a more youthful oval shape and an older face has a rounder shape. At the same time a younger person will show more upper teeth when the talk whereas an older person will show mostly lower teeth when they talk. All of these aging effects are the result of an aging bite and jaw position. If you started out in life with a chin that is on the weaker side, it will continue to shrink with age. The actual bone structure is not the problem but rather the position of your jaw, which is making your chin weaker every year. In contrast, those of us who had a strong jawline and chin in our younger years will notice that our chin is getting bigger in profile. Our lips may also appear to be receding as our chin sticks out more each day. While these two effects are opposite one another the technical problem and the manner in which it can be fixed is the same.

The Face Lift Dentistry® jaw position optimization method does not require surgery and it is quick and predictable. Most of the time, with a highly trained dentist, the position can be visualized using ultra low radiation complex motion tomography and then tested before treatment begins. You will get to experience some of the visual and functional benefits ahead of the actual treatment process.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry®

The Face Lift Dentistry® procedure is an anti-aging treatment that is trademarked by a California dentist Dr. Sam Muslin. If you ask your dentist about the procedure, he or she will generally not have a clue. The purpose of this website containing all of the videos as well as the before and after, untouched and unaltered photos is to clearly demonstrate what Dr. Muslin can accomplish with the reversal of the aging process. It is to educate the public on the possibilities that can be expected with this level of care. This is the focus of his practice as he clearly shows the results of his work with a large variety of jaw problems, bite problems, facial proportioning problems and aging problems.

His unique treatment process for anti-aging dentistry is non-invasive, as the healthy teeth should not be ground down to achieve the results. His treatment goal is to develop the best bite position in order to provide the ideal jaw position for the patient’s facial structure and health. The treatment is for the health of your bite, jaw, and body but the “side effects” are dramatic cosmetic benefits. He believes that, “cosmetic dentistry has no health benefit, in fact, if the healthy teeth have to be ground down for porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry is actually bad for the patient’s long term health”.

The process is fast which is why patients fly in from all over the world and throughout the United States to receive his care. They understand that nobody has more training and experience after 35 years in practice than the inventor of the treatment. With many years of consistent results he is still going strong and says, “I think I am at my all time best right now because the treatment is getting faster and more predictable as I continue to treat”.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment has an impressive anti-aging benefit along with significant health benefits. He believes that, “you will never live your life to the fullest until your jaw position has been optimized with your bite. My patients live better because they have permanent structural support for their faces”.

Even though his method contains components of advanced cosmetic dentistry, he considers his Face Lift Dentistry® treatment the ideal choice for your health. His patients will tell you how much their lives have improved from a health perspective with his treatment. They have experienced less jaw tension and TMJ pain, better sleep, more efficient and comfortable chewing capacity, easier digestion, and they look years younger with an improved facial support. He explains, “The reason why the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is really for your health is because it benefits your entire body to have an optimized jaw and bite position.

Chewing power, better digestion, stress reduction and TMJ pain relief are just some of the benefits and they can all be achieved without compromising the health of your existing teeth”. He believes that when the health of the patient improves so does the patient’s view on life. One of his patients told him they felt it was a” lifestyle enhancement procedure” which is a great way to think about the possibilities.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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