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Anterior Open Bite Correction without Surgery

Non-Surgical Jaw Alignment that Transforms your Face and Optimizes your TMJ

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Anterior Open Bite

An open bite occurs when the patient closes their teeth together and none of the front teeth touch. This patient had an anterior open bite with only partial posterior contact. Without the front teeth touching there is an open space between the upper and lower teeth. He cannot bite into a sandwich and he also cannot chew his food well enough for proper digestion because only a couple of back molars touch when he bites his teeth together.

Compromised Speaking Ability

This patient also cannot speak his words very clearly because of the space between his upper incisors and lower incisors prevents articulation of certain words. In order to speak more clearly, he needs to use his tongue to pronounce his “S” and “Th” sounds. But, even with the use of his tongue, his speaking ability is compromised.

Anterior Open Bite, Bilateral Cross Bite, and Underbite Patient with an anterior open bite, bilateral cross bite, and underbite, before treatment.

Living with an Open Bite: He is biting his teeth together but only the back teeth touch. The bilateral cross bite, underbite and open bite have compromised his health.

Structurally he also has an under bite which means his lower jaw protrudes in front of the upper jaw. He only can touch his back teeth together, which has caused TMJ problems because he has a mechanical problem where the lower jaw and the TMJ do not function in a coordinated manner. The lack of coordination causes mechanical interferences, tension in the neck, jaw strain and pain along the side of the face. When the bite is not aligned with the TMJ, problems of pain, headaches and jaw clicking can occur.

 Underbite and Open Bite - before and after correction.

Before and after anterior open bite correction, done in three weeks without surgery or braces.

Open Bite Correction With The Leading Jaw Surgery Alternative Treatment

Like so many other patients, several specialists told him that his only alternative was jaw surgery and years of braces. With jaw surgery, sometimes it is the best choice for the extreme patient but for many patients the Alternative to Jaw Surgery for underbite correction is much safer, quicker and painless.

Open Bite Patient

He and his Dad flew in from Chicago to Santa Monica to see if this treatment was “really for real”. They agreed to the treatment and three weeks later, without shots, drilling down healthy teeth, without pain and surgery, he was transformed physically. He could now eat, chew and speak normally.

Most people do not understand how a person appears when they are eating food and have a bad bite. This patient no only looks significantly better but he physically feels better. Face Lift Dentistry® and VENLAY® restorations are all about maximizing each patient to their fullest biologic potential and may very well be the future of bite correction treatment throughout the world./

Bite Correction - The Fountain of Youth

This treatment may very well be the best anti-aging treatment because it is also good for the patient’s health. No longer will patients with bad bites suffer because they don’t want years of braces and the trauma of jaw surgery. Patients will be able to look younger and feel their very best without altering their natural facial characteristics. You will look like yourself but you will look younger and healthier with non-invasive bite correction.

Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical Open Bite and Underbite Correction

Open bite and underbite corrected without surgery or invasive dentistry.

The single most valuable part of the alternative underbite correction is the non-invasive element. None of his healthy teeth were ground down. He did not need shots or anesthetic. No braces or surgery is necessary to correct underbites with this method. All 28 of his teeth were treated with these restorations using the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Porcelain Veneers Just Cosmetic Dentistry Camouflage

The VENLAY® Restorations are designed to correct the underbite and the open bite with a more ideal bite position rather than cosmetic camouflage like the patient would get with just cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are just cosmetic dentistry camouflage because they cannot correct the bite with an ideal jaw position.

Open Bite Correction and Speaking Clearly

This method corrected his compromised speaking ability by designing his upper and lower front teeth so they could articulate together. The idea is to improve the shape, shade, lip support and bite by building a bite that three dimensionally improves the position of the lower jaw.

Speech Therapy Unnecessary

Now he no longer needed to use his tongue to speak and instantly found that his compromised speaking ability was cured. No speech therapy was needed because the function of speaking requires the correct shapes and lengths of the teeth. His open bite correction gave him the ability to begin speaking clearly.

Assessment, Consultation and Treatment

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