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Ultimate Dental Office Design for Privacy and Safety

Most of us do not think about getting sick after going to the dentist; the problem is that any health facility can have germs that cause infections. At Sam Muslin DDS, one of our primary goals is to provide patients with an ultra-clean environment and safest dental care possible. Our high-tech equipment and private treatment rooms set our office apart as one of the safest in the world.

Automatic Closing Power Glass Sliding Doors

For the ultimate patient comfort, sliding glass doors offer privacy and peace and quiet. The doors divide the dental care rooms from the noise, sneezes and pollutants from outside the treatment rooms.

Private Dental Care Rooms

Our individual private dental care rooms provide privacy, clean air, and significantly reduce the risk of airborne pathogens, such as tuberculosis, colds, viruses, and bacteria that cause diseases. Private rooms provide safety advantages over open-air dental office designs from patients that may sneeze, cough, or from the plume of air from the dental drill or sonic scalers in other rooms.

Clean Rapid Air Exchange in Every Dental Care Room

Each treatment room is equipped with electronically purified air systems that remove airborne contaminants. The customized air conditioning system has a separate room-intake-duct, which pushes air into our private rooms and another duct that removes air at the same time. The air has two levels of filtration, and new outside air is continuously mixed in.

Lead-Lined Walls Provide Radiation Safety

The walls are lead-lined to protect our patients from radiation that spreads from other treatment rooms. Our x-ray equipment is also designed to reduce scatter radiation by moving the focal point of the x-ray beam to the rear of the x-ray head. The margin of safety is increased with high tech dental x-ray machines that expose us to the least amount of radiation, combined with lead-lined treatment room walls that protect us from radiation generated in another room.

Flat Screen TV Sets on The Ceiling

Sorry, we know this is not a dental safety feature, but it is a first-class way to entertain yourself while you are receiving your dental care in a private treatment room. We found that our dental patients are less nervous when they have something to watch with headphones and the remote control right in their hands.

Distilled Water – Dental Patient Protection

Bacteria build up in the treatment room water lines over time, and patients can be exposed to this bacterial build-up in dental offices when they are being treated. Our treatment room plumbing is designed to eliminate this exposure with independent distilled water systems in all five rooms that protect our patients. As an additional level of protection, the distilled water is also treated by an antibacterial system in every dental care room.

High Tech Dental Equipment Safety

The latest dental equipment not only helps Dr. Muslin deliver treatment with the greatest of speeds, but they also protect our patients against hazardous contamination. The average dental drill sucks in saliva or blood from a patient's mouth when the dentist takes his foot off of the pedal. Our equipment actually pushes water and air out of the dental drill when the dentist removes his foot from the pedal, thereby eliminating risks of cross-contamination between patients.

Sterilizing Dental Drills – Dental Patient Safety

The best of patient safety comes with sterilization rather than disinfection. Instead of just wiping down our dental instruments, we sterilize every instrument and each handpiece (drills) every time, for every patient and for every procedure. Sterilization involves high temperature and high-pressure equipment to eliminate bacteria.

Inside The Mouth Camera Systems

Every dental care room in this office has high-tech magnified camera systems to allow the dentist to see problems while they are still small and easily treated. The quality of the dental care increases and the diagnostic ability of the dentist increases with the utilization of magnified camera systems. With the teeth magnified 26 times, this dentist has superior vision for detecting decay or cracked teeth. Every camera system also has a plastic barrier that is replaced every time and for every patient.

Top Quality Dental Staff

A top-quality dental staff produces the best and the safest level of care. Our experienced team helps provide integrated care with the latest in high-tech dentistry to deliver the type of quality that can be seen in the before and after photos of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. The staff is an essential element in the quality and safety of patient care.

For those patients interested in the most exceptional level of dental health care possible and want treatment that is organized, quick, and skillfully administered, please call Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, for a consultation. All of the photos on this website are untouched and unaltered images of actual patients treated by Dr. Muslin, and he deeply appreciates their permission to show their faces. These patients are not paid and are letting the results of their Face Lift Dentistry® be seen for your benefit.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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