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Open Bite Symptoms and Treatment

A Predictable Approach to Open-Bite Treatment without Surgery or Braces and No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth

Treating Patients from All Over the United States and the World

What is an Open Bite Malocclusion?

Open bite malocclusion is relatively rare, affecting less than 1% of the population. Living with an open bite presents a unique set of challenges which could severely impact your quality of life. All too often open bite patients are told that braces or surgical correction are their only option. JawTrac® with VENLAY® Restorations offers a proven non-surgical and non-invasive solution.

You have an open bite when you bite your teeth together, and either the teeth at the back of the mouth (posterior open bite) or the teeth at the front of the mouth (anterior open bite) don’t overlap or touch.

Posterior Open Bites, Anterior Open Bites, and Over Jets

With a posterior open bite, the back teeth do not touch making speaking and jaw comfort very difficult. Patients try to chew with only their front teeth because when they bite on their back teeth, the chewing efficiency is not very useful.

With an anterior open bite, the front teeth don't touch. Patients with front teeth that do not touch can really struggle socially because they need to use the tongue to pronounce certain words and cannot even bite into a sandwich.

Patients can develop open bites and an overjet because of the action of their tongue. Some patients had pacifiers in their mouth as a very young child for too long of a time, causing the shape of the patient’s upper jaw to be protrusive.

Open Bite Correction Video Testimonials

Open Bite Correction: Jaw Surgery or VENLAY® Bite Restoration?

Dr. Muslin has 20 years of orthodontic experience and understands the surgery and VENLAY® Restorations. There are some cases where surgery is best and other cases where VENLAY® is best and he will explain the reasons once he sees your particular open bite jaw structure and other health issues. This is something that cannot be done by email or Skype or Face time, he needs to see you in person.

How Can You Correct an Open Bite without Jaw Surgery?

We ask you to imagine what the jaw surgery looks like, when the jaw is cut and the mouth wired shut for weeks. Then take a look at one of Dr. Muslin’s cases that was done without jaw surgery and appreciate the difference. There is no doubt that it can be done without jaw surgery for most patients and it has much less risk, far less pain, it is done in a much shorter time period and the cosmetics and structural bite correction methods are considerably safer. No drugs, no time lost from work or college and outstanding results that is far more predictable. The magic to this method is that he corrects open bites within your natural biology.

Open Bite and Underbite Correction

We see patients that need more multiple corrections all at the same time and it is not an easy task. The combination making two bite corrections on one patient at the same time requires organization and 3D imagination skills. The ability to see the result in detail before the treatment even starts is why he handles some of the most complex dentistry imaginable non-surgically. With over 40 years of experience perfecting his method, his photo gallery is the ultimate testimonial to his work.

Open Bite Correction with VENLAY® Restorations

Closeup photo of a posterior overbite showing the back teeth not touching. In the after photo the open bite has been corrected.

In the before photo, biting his teeth together his back teeth do not touch. This is a posterior open bite. The after photo shows completed open bite correction in less than four weeks with non-surgical VENLAY® Restorations.

This patient was facing years of braces, followed by jaw surgery, and then porcelain crowns to finish the treatment. He has amelogenesis imperfecta. Instead of crowns, which require drilling down his teeth into little pegs, he has VENLAY® Restorations. No shots, no drilling down healthy teeth, no pain and a new smile with his posterior open bite fixed, without jaw surgery and without braces or pain. You cannot correct open bites, overbites or underbites with veneers. VENLAY® Bite Restorations are the non-invasive jaw surgery alternative.

Open Bite Symptoms

Aesthetics – Sometimes, the aesthetics of an open bite are normal looking to most people. The severity of the open bite usually has aesthetic issues.

Speech Clarity – Many patients with open bites have to use their tongues to pronounce the "S" or "Th" sounds, which make their speech a little slurry sounding.

Breathing - Breathing becomes a problem when the tongue gets larger. The more we use our tongues, the larger they become. Tongues can cause open bites in both the anterior and the posterior regions. It is possible to treat open bites without surgery, and a consultation with the open-bite expert can be very beneficial before getting the traditional jaw surgery method.

Tooth Wear – The teeth that are contacting the hardest experience the most wear. As an example, patients with anterior open bites have so much pressure on their back teeth that wear becomes an issue.

Biting and Chewing – There are obvious eating challenges with an open bite. You obviously cannot bite pizza if you have an anterior open bite and it is difficult to chew well with a posterior open bite. If the teeth don't touch, they are not as effective as teeth that do touch.

TMJ Problems – Sometimes TMJ problems like clicking jaws or clenching and grinding are issues as well as headaches, but most overbites, underbites, open bites and cross bites cause misaligned cause TMJ problems. Aligning jaws without invasive treatments like jaw surgery and years of braces is possible with JawTrac®, combined with VENLAY® Restorations using the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Open Bite Treatment Options

Braces or Invisalign® Not very useful for most open-bite cases unless combined with jaw surgery.

Headgear - Headgear is not very useful for most open-bite cases unless combined with jaw surgery. Besides, Dr. Muslin has over 20 years of braces experience and feels that the use of headgear is unnecessary in most cases. There are better ways to get it done.

Anterior Open Bit Fix with VENLAY® Restorations

The before photo shows an anterior open bite, with the front teeth not touching or overlapping. The after photo shows an open bite treated with VENLAY<sup>®</sup> Restorations

She was excited about the health benefits she received after this treatment. She can stand longer comfortably, her neck issues are less and her speaking ability improved dramatically after many years of speech therapy.

Surgery – Sometimes, jaw surgery is the only choice, but there is an alternative to jaw surgery using VENLAY® Bite Restorations that is well worth researching. The only way to know is to see the VENLAY® Expert for a consultation. There is only one VENLAY® EXPERT and he is located in Santa Monica California.

No Braces, No Surgery – There is no doubt that the Face Lift Dentistry® technology has taken us to a place where posterior and anterior open bites are treated without drilling away teeth, without braces or Invisalign® and with or without jaw surgery.

Dangers of Living with an Open Bite

An open bite can cause unexpected dangers from everyday life. When you can’t chew and swallow properly, as can happen with an open bite, it’s possible to not chew food completely and have it get stuck in your digestive system. It could also cause gas and other digestive problems because the food is not mixed with your saliva. Difficult chewing can also lead to pain in the jaw and in the form of headaches when you eat tough foods.

The common treatment that dentists and oral surgeons will recommend, jaw surgery, also poses dangers. It’s a highly invasive option that comes with a fair amount of risk, expense, lost time from work or school, painful and unpredictability. After the surgery, recovery takes a long time and healing doesn’t always progress as planned. Patients have suffered for years with additional surgeries to correct the problem. A non-surgical approach can take away the dangers of living with an open bite and the risks of jaw surgery. It is highly predictable, non-invasive and low-risk, with treatment completed in under a month and no recovery time.

Questions About Open Bites

Can an Open-Bite Correct Itself? No, the tongue won't allow it.

Does an Open Bite Affect Speech? Yes, the tongue is used to make "S" sounds.

Can an Open Bite Cause a Lisp? Yes, when we can't put our teeth together, and our upper lip is short, we have a lisp.

Can TMJ Disorder Aggravate my Open Bite? The open bite can cause TMJ disorder. The tongue forces the teeth open very slowly just like braces move teeth very slowly. It does not matter which one causes the problem as much as how to solve the problem now.

Can an Open Bite be Treated Without Surgery? Yes, and the results have been very successful. Patients have gotten immediate relief from speech deficiencies, TMJ problems, self-confidence issues and compromised chewing in about one month. Dr. Sam Muslin has successfully corrected open bites even after the patient had jaw surgery when the surgery did not quite get it done.

Can Invisalign® or Clear Aligners Fix a Severe Open Bite? We have never seen that happen.

Is an Open Bite Bad For Your Health? Yes, but some patients live with an open bite for many years and somehow do just fine.

What is Open Bite Surgery? Cut the jaws and move them, so the angles causing the open bite are less. The surgery can be a remarkable success or not. Braces are always needed. However, we have treated open bite cases after jaw surgery and corrected the bite with VENLAY® Bite Restorations.

Does an Open Bite Cause TMJ Problems? It can happen both ways. A TMJ disorder, which is a problem with the temporomandibular joint located where the upper and lower jaw meets, can lead to an open bite. Yet an open bite could also cause TMJ problems because the bite is misaligned.

Is Open Bite Correction Necessary? Open bite correction provides many benefits to your health and your appearance. Not only can it improve your life, but it can also take away dangers especially from chewing and swallowing improperly. Also, an open bite worsens in time for adults, so it needs to be taken care of.

Open Bite Correction Benefits

Correcting an open bite can change your entire life. It improves your appearance by balancing your facial structure, making you look younger and giving you a better smile. When you look better, you feel better about yourself and present yourself to the world in a more confident way. The open bite correction also helps you speak more clearly and can remove a lisp. You can bite and chew better, which helps out your digestion and nutrition on top of your comfort while eating. Fixing this bite problem can also improve TMJ problems and your dental health, which plays a role in your overall health and wellness.

The VENLAY® Bite Restoration Solution for Open Bite Correction

We have successfully treated patients that have had jaw surgery that did not work as planned and we have successfully treated patients where jaw surgery was recommended and it was never done. The point is that the VENLAY® Bite Restoration is a solution for open bite correction that is safer, faster, more predictable, far less painful and has advantages over the surgical method. We need to see each patient personally, to know which method would be best and what we can do to help him or her non-surgically. Dr. Muslin has experience with both the surgical and non-surgical methods (very few dentists in the world have this level of experience) and can help you understand your choices.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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