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Skeletal Malocclusions

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Patients with skeletal malocclusions are generally faced with jaw surgery and braces. The treatment is good treatment but there are risks to jaw surgery and obvious down time from work. Many patients do not want jaw surgery nor do they want to wear braces for a couple of years. Some patient only need Single Jaw Surgery as only one jaw needs treatment to.

Orthognathic Surgery Alternatives

This patient wanted a orthognathic surgery alternative because she could not be out of work and just refuses to have jaw surgery. So she chose to have chin augmentation or chin implants to make her lower jaw larger in appearance. As she will tell you, "What a painful experience as I had the chin implant surgery fail three times and it hurt". She found Dr. Sam Muslin's jaw surgery alternative for her small looking lower jaw and recessive chin.

 Jaw Augmentation - Non-Surgical Alternative - Before and After Treatment

After 3 failed chin implants, she discovered Dr. Sam Muslin's non-surgical
Face Lift Dentistry® Treatment.

The Recessive Chin

Sometimes the recessive chin treatment is done because it appears that the patient has a skeletal malocclusion and will require orthognathic jaw surgery. However as Dr. Muslin said, "The lower jaw can appear to be too small due to the recessive chin position but is actually normal in size. If the patient gets treatment for the source of the problem, which is a deep overbite, the recessive chin position and facial profile can be dramatically improved". The idea that there is a highly desirable alternative to orthognathic jaw surgery is seldom offered to the patient.

Double Jaw Surgery

Some patient's actually have such a huge skeletal deformity that orthognathic surgery is their only choice but this patient was shocked at the results of correcting her deep overbite actually achieved a perfectly normal facial profile. The orthognathic surgery alternative was actually the best course of treatment for this patient.

Orthognathic Camouflage vs Orthognathic Surgery

The goal of skeletal malocclusion treatment is generally to provide the best long term result. Sometimes the surgery is the best treatment but the patient wants at least an improvement without surgery. They will ask, "Can we at least improve my appearance without surgery"? In cases like this, the best way to camouflage a skeletal malocclusion is to do it with non-invasive Facelift Dentistry®. With non-invasive or minimally invasive dentistry, the patient can make choices in the future to have the orthognathic surgery without having done a lot of damage to their permanent teeth. As Dr. Muslin says, "Orthognathic camouflage is fine as long as the patient is not permanently compromised".

Dr. Muslin has been able to treat a wide variety of skeletal malocclusions from patients all over the United States and other parts of the world. Please call for your consultation as the speed and ease of orthognathic surgery alternative treatment is impressive.

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