Open Bite with Natural Jaw Position Fix, No Surgery, Drilling or Braces

Anterior Open Bite Fixed in 8-Days after Years of Failed Braces, Clear Aligners, No Shots

Treating an open bite usualy comes down to jaw surgery and braces. This patient spent many years in braces with headgear, speech therapy and, years later, after everything failed, she is being told her only choice for open bite correction is DOUBLE JAW SURGERY. Once she understood the time, the pain and the unpredictable risk of jaw surgery, they searched the Internet for another treatment option.

Open Bite Fix without Surgery

After searching the Internet, her Mother found the VENLAY® Bite Restoration with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method of non-surgical open bite correction. With no other choices for non-surgical open bite correction she came in for a consultation, and the start of her life transformation began.

Anterior Open Bite

Picture of a patient with an anterior open bite, before treatment started.

Adult anterior open bite before non-surgical treatment. The patient bites together but only the rear teeth touch. She has neck pain, facial pain, TMJ pain and speech problems.

As an Adult Should I Have My Open Bite Fixed?

Adult open bites get worse over time. It is generally in the best interest of the patient to get their open bite corrected before they develop major problems. Open bite treatment with braces only, if possible, would take at least 18 months but braces were not successful with this patient. If open bite surgery and braces are needed, then the patient is looking at a treatment period of up to 3 years.  Today, an open bite treatment option is available that requires no braces and  no surgery and can be completed in as little as three weeks.

How to Fix an Open Bite

The question of how to fix an open bite traditionally came down to either jaw surgery and braces, or braces alone. Open bite treatment using dental crowns and porcelain veneers are mostly a cosmetic camouflage, which does not correct the open bite. Unfortunately, crowns and veneers are highly invasive and damage the patient’s healthy teeth. Today patients do have a non-surgical, no braces, Open Bite Correction option available that does not damage healthy teeth.

Anterior Open Bite Corrected without Surgery

The patient explains her problems in the “before open bite correction treatment” section and then talks about her experience after the anterior open bite correction was completed.

Open Bite Treatment Options

Just about every dentist will recommend jaw surgery and braces. Many orthodontists will predict that the open bite can be corrected with braces only, but far too often their predictions are not accurate and patients end up with the dentist recommending open bite surgery while the braces are still on the patient’s teeth.

Open Bite Jaw Surgery

The jaw is cut in certain sections with careful dissection of the tissue and moved in the desired direction to close the skeletal deformity of an open bite. Braces are also part of the surgical treatment. The jaw surgery can get the open closed and then braces are needed to move the teeth and complete the treatment. Unfortunately, healing does not always go as predicted and it can take months out of a person's life, even if things go well. Fixing an open bite without jaw surgery is highly predictable and has a very low risk.

Open Bite Correction after Jaw Surgery Failed

The best news for many jaw surgery patients is that their open bite can still be corrected after jaw surgery fails! This non-invasive method may seem hard to believe or too good to be true but all of the photos and videos in this website are the ultimate testimonials of the speed, safety and predictability of this method.

Non-Surgical Open Bite Correction

Photo showing Open Bite Correction without surgery, correcting the open bite without leaving a gap between the front teeth.

After non-surgical anterior open bite correction. She eats normally, speaks normally and has a bright new outlook on life.

Open Bite Correction with Veneers

Open bite correction with veneers is not possible. It can camouflage the open bite a little, but structurally the patient is still physically compromised. The neck and jaw pains would not be gone as no physical jaw and bite correction took place.

Open Bite Corrected without Jaw Surgery

There is a method designed to fix an open bite without jaw surgery developed by Dr. Sam Muslin. He has over 20 years of experience treating his patients with braces, is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and was again chosen LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist. He developed his method after seeing the risks and the disappointments from some jaw surgery procedures. Patients have suffered, missed months of work, have had bite problems after jaw surgery and spent many hours going to the dentist to get their braces adjusted.

This method can fix an open bite quickly and can be tested before treatment to the teeth begins. Dr. Muslin prefers to fix an open bite before the patient has had braces treatment as the teeth will be more stable and without having been moved around with braces. However, Dr. Muslin has helped many patients who's open bites were unsuccessfully treated with braces and jaw surgery. He refers to his treatment as the “future of non-invasive bite correction”.

How to Fix an Open Bite Without Jaw Surgery?

Instead of cutting the lower and upper jaws to physically move them with all of the nerves, arteries, veins, muscles, and tendons attached or unattached, Dr. Muslin determines the jaw position that corrects the open bite without jaw surgery using JawTrac®. Once he knows where the jaw should be, he tests this position, so both he and the patient understand what the outcome will be. This is a non-invasive and a non-surgical method on how to fix an open bite. The bite and teeth are corrected using VENLAY® Restorations rather than the jaw being cut.

JawTrac® and Non-Surgical Open Bite Correction

The secret is the ability to know where the jaw should be located and the testing processes is designed to locate that position and build the bite to improve the shape of the patient’s face, profile and help solve health problems. JawTrac® and non surgical open bite correction is the secret to this exclusive non-invasive open bite correction method.

VENLAY® Restorations and Non-Surgical Open Bite Correction

Instead of cutting down the upper and lower jaws with all of the risks, pain and possible permanent damage, the VENLAY® Restorations are the non-surgical open bite correction vehicle that alters the shapes of the teeth using a high tech bonding method, jaw simulator and 3D design technique that corrects the bite. Once the jaw position is located, the teeth need to be redesigned in order to correct the bite.

Non-Invasive Open Bite Correction

This is the ideal open bite treatment for adults because they do not have the time to be hospitalized and take the risk of the surgery. Open bite correction in adults can be completed in just a few days-weeks rather than years. How to correct an open bite can vary from patient to patient but on the first trip to the office, stay about three days, go home and wait three weeks for the VENLAY® Restorations to be constructed and then return for 3 or 4 days to complete the treatment. Non-Invasive open bite correction is a reality today and all of the patients on this website are documented examples. Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks each one of the patients on this website that have given their permission to show the results of his work.

New Face with Anterior Open Bite Fix

Before and After photo showing Open Bite Correction without Surgery or Braces.

When a dentist can improve the shape of the patient’s face using this method, self-confidence and physical health benefits transform the quality of life.

Neck Pain, Facial Pain, Speaking Problems

He says, “jaw surgery can be the best choice in some circumstance, but it is being done far too often when it is not necessary.” In defense of these oral surgeons and orthodontists, they do not understand Dr. Muslin’s method at this time. Teaching it will be a full time job and at present, Dr. Muslin feels that perfecting his method with all of the bad bites that he treats as overbite correction, underbite correction, TMJ problems, facial pain, neck pain, premature aging, clenching, grinding, jaw clicking and popping need to be presented in an organized manner. Dentists that adopt the Face Lift Dentistry® method are going to have to be highly skilled in all areas of dentistry. When neck pain, facial pain and speak problems are corrected, lives are changed.

A Natural Jaw Position and Open Bite Fixed

Before and After Open Bite Correction and a Natural JAw Position

When a dentist can improve the shape of the patient’s face using this method, self-confidence and physical health benefits transform the quality of life.

Dr. Muslin sincerely thinks this patient for allowing him to show the work the “new age of dentistry using “the Face Lift Dentistry® method. He understands that she wants to help people and he deeply appreciates her permission.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

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