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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 04/25/2024

Treating the impact of an open bite with the Face Lift Dentistry® solution - no surgery, no braces, and no harm to your healthy teeth.

Video Transcript

What is an open bite? An open bite is a dental situation where the teeth do not touch together - either in the front, or in the back.

As an example - this is somebody who has an open bite, and the teeth do not touch in the front. We call this an anterior open bite. The-- She cannot make these contact at all. The reverse of this would be someone who can bite their front teeth together, and there's a gap on the back teeth. And the gap on the back teeth - usually it's because of the tongue, the way they're swallowing. None of the back teeth touch, so they have a very difficult time chewing also.

So there's an anterior open bite, and a posterior open bite. And the problem with this, is - when you have an anterior bite, open bite - you have to talk with your tongue. Do you see how the tongue is right there? And the tongue, basically - is used to say the "s" sounds, and it's the "f," "fifty-fix," instead of "sixty-six." Speaking is a problem. Lot of them have TMJ pain. And they have swallowing problems. And they have sore jaws, and lower back pain and neck pain. Simply because their bite and their jaw joints are not aligned.

The secret to the highest level of dentistry today, is to get the bite coordinated with the jaw joints. It's impossible. So here's what dentistry suggests. For the last 46 years of my career, they suggest jaw surgery. Not suggest, they tell you, "Jaw surgery is your only choice of treatment." That is no longer true. With jaw surgery, they want to break this upper jaw, and break the lower jaw. Maybe cut a slit, maybe remove some bone? Whatever it is that they have to do to try to get the teeth closer. And then the orthodontist tries to align the teeth by moving the teeth.

Now think about it. Your jaw is healing. It can take quite a while - months, maybe a year or 2? And you're moving your teeth. I mean, like - what can go wrong with that treatment? Just about everything can go wrong with that treatment. You can have surgery problems. I see patients that have already had jaw surgery, and it didn't work.

So the point is, this is an anterior open bite. She cannot make any of these teeth touch. Only the teeth in the back touch. And the problem is, is eating. Usually these patients also have digestive problems. She's smiling. She's not smiling. I asked her to make a smile naturally. But I mean, to pull her - get her lips back, so we could see none of those teeth touch. She is biting her teeth together. None of them touch. She can't make them touch. She can't eat a sandwich. She can't bite into corn on the cob. None of that's going to happen.

But the problem is, is there's so much pain associated with it - in her case, that she's trying to get treatment. She's gone to neuromuscular dentists, CMJ specialists. She's gone to orthodontists. She's gone to acupuncture, chiropractors. She's bought nutrient supplements. She paid $10,000 for a night guard. She's had night guards. She's had splints. She's had orthotics. She found the website, and flew in.

Basically what happens, is - is when you have an open bite, and only your back teeth are touching - this is a problem. And so, we have a proven alternative to jaw surgery. We're going to show you something that'll be shocking. The advantages are incredible.

The-- This patient, has - biting her teeth together in this picture, and she's biting her teeth together in that picture. The difference is, is she received the Face Lift Dentistry treatment. And basically, it goes like this. We want to test for the ideal jaw position. You remember, earlier - I said, "We need to coordinate the jaw joints and the bite, in order to give patients pain relief for any type of bite problem they have."

It starts with JawTrac jaw appliance. I made her JawTrac jaw appliance. She was able to have even contact on both sides. She was comfortable for the first time - with no drugs, no surgery, no braces. It, just - it's an amazing treatment. And, so - once we've got the jaw position, we made porcelain that fits over each individual tooth - and it creates the new bite. So imagine your teeth aren't touching. We then create porcelain that fits over each individual teeth. It's thin. It's all done by hand. It's a very difficult process, but it works like a charm.

It's done in 5 weeks or less. You need-- I need 4 days to start. I need 4 days to finish. And I need 3 weeks in-between. The 3 weeks in-between, is that I will be designing all of your individual teeth, and all of the cusp positions and the color and the shapes and the angles - so that when your jaw closes in your new jaw position, everything lines up. Tough assignment. Works really well. This is all I do - pretty much all day, every day.

When she's biting her teeth together in both pictures, she now has comfort. She can chew. She can talk and speak her words more clearly. She is on my website. You will be able to listen to her talk to you before treatment. Watch closely. Listen to the "s" sounds. Most patients with open bites don't realize what they sound like, what they look like when they're talking, what they look like when they're eating. And she went - in 5 weeks' or less, to a normal bite position. Here's the miracle of it. None of her teeth were ground down. She didn't even get a shot. Not even a shot. Because this treatment is not painful.

Basically, this is the website. So you might say, "Alright, I'm going to go to the website and look at her, or look at some other cases." And this is the home page. And you can recognize this. Naturally, we change it periodically. You can look at "Face Lift Dentistry," "JawTrac."

But here - "Before and after photo Gallery." It's also a before and after video gallery. Scroll down, and select "Open Bites." And you're going to start seeing other people that have been treated in my office. None of these patients were paid to do this. They did this, 'cause they wanted to do this. They did this - because they wanted to help you understand that you don't have to have jaw surgery to correct an open bite, in most cases.

This is a 66 year old woman. They were going to do a double jaw surgery on her. Do you know the risks of doing surgery on seniors, surgery that extensive? The results to the rest of their life, could be devastating. But she's very unhappy with where she is right now, because - or where she was - because she had to eat all of her food from a blender. Remember when I told you? And only the back teeth touch, and none of the front teeth touch - she has an anterior open bite. None of the teeth touch, so she can't function normally.

This is a problem. I mean, a physical problem. This is healthcare. Face Lift Dentistry is the ultimate level of dental healthcare. It's bite correction. In most cases, because it's real healthcare and not just cosmetic - it is tax deductible for most people. So take a look at all of these patients. They all did this for you. They all signed a release form. If you don't sign a release form and you get treated by me, none of your pictures will be seen by anybody. They will be hidden on my hard drives. I don't even put them on the Cloud, to protect the privacy of all of my patients.

But I want to sincerely thank this group, and there's more - that have let me put their pictures up. That have had open bites, and have been told that jaw surgery was their only choice, when actually it's not. In fact, there may be - this may be a vastly superior treatment to what jaw surgery can do, because it has way less risk to it.

This is the website. We have before and after photos. The name of the treatment is "Face Lift Dentistry." Because what Face Lift Dentistry has, is JawTrac. We're going to align that jaw position, then lay restorations. We're going to build porcelain over each individual tooth. You'll brush the same. This becomes your teeth. It stays. They're bonded right to your teeth. They become part of your teeth.

They're just like having a protective layer built over every one of your teeth. If you had a dentist take them off in 20 or 30 years, your teeth would have 20 or 30 years less wear. I mean, I don't know what technology will have 20 or 30 years from now - but I'm imagining it's going to be pretty darn good.

Basically, here's another patient. And patients ask, "What does Face Lift Dentistry cost?" Well - to a lot of budgets, it's costly. And, so - to do all 28 teeth, and make a custom restoration for all 28 teeth - and have all of those restorations designed. Where, when the patient closes in the jaw position that's harmonious with their jaw joints - they get a nice big, wide smile. And that's what she wanted. She wanted a big, wide smile. She has wide lips, and so it works really well for her. She was getting headaches every day. She flew in from an-- Across - all the way across the country, to get her open bite corrected using JawTrac VENLAY Restorations - with the Face Lift Dentistry method.

The fee is 70 to 80 thousand dollars. And I understand that that's expensive. But try to make 28 individual restorations. Design them in such a way that they close on the new jaw position. It works amazingly well for other types of bites. Underbites, over bites, cross bites. And if you want anti-aging dentistry, this is absolutely knockout care. Because you don't have to have your teeth drilled down to little pegs.

Call the office. That's the best way to get started. Call the office. Talk to us. Ask your questions. We can't do a whole lot by email, but email works really well. Even better yet - call the office, and get our cell phone. If you want to send us pictures and a short little video of yourself - boy, does that help. I can look at the pictures. I can see you talking with a short video. It only needs to be 20 seconds long. You can show me your profile. We will get the idea of, what - the types of needs that you have.

If you have close up pictures of your teeth, that would be good. Better yet - go to your dentist, take your cell phone, put a full set of X-rays that they took of you on their computer screen. And with your cell phone, take 6, 6, and 6. One picture of 6 X-rays. Next picture of 6 X-rays. I can-- Or, if you have a Panorex, I could see the Panorex - send that to me. That way I can see how much bone do you have? How many cavities did you have, how many fillings? Did you already have porcelain veneers?

This method works on just about everybody. Even if you had all your teeth grind down, ground down to little pegs and you have crowns - it works great. Even if you had porcelain veneers on the top 10 and bottom 10 teeth. We have to remove them, but it works great. Even if you had a bunch of fillings, no problem. If you've already had jaw surgery and braces, and are unhappy with the results - it works.

This is the best way for you to finally get the jaw and the jaw joints aligned - along with facial support, lip support, wide smiles, the angles of the teeth. This is the best way to get what you've already dreamed of having, and you can get it quickly and easily - faster. And it happens to last as long, or longer than any other method.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.