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TMD Pain and Anterior Open Bite Treatment

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 08/16/2022

In this case, all of the patient's orofacial pain was directly related to the open bite and misaligned jaws. Her pain was so severe that she was only “eating blended” foods because she could not chew food.

Open Bite Causes and Treatment for Facial and Jaw Pain

Orofacial Pain can be caused by TMD (jaw joint disfunction), Burning Mouth Syndrome, Dry Eye Disease, Maxillary Sinusitis, or traumatic injuries such as whiplash or cervicalgia, jaw joint, and muscle sprain or strain. This patient is suffering from TMD pain because her bite forces her jaw joints into an abnormal lower jaw position. JawTrac® technology was able to relocate her lower jaw into a healthy position without pain, force, surgery or braces. VENLAY® bite restorations were bonded to her healthy teeth in order to keep her lower jaw in that healthy JawTrac® position.

Anterior Open Bite

Only back teeth touching, anterior open bite

The patient is biting her teeth together but only her back teeth touch. She has as an Anterior Open Bite which means her front teeth cannot make contact. She cannot bite into a sandwich, or a pizza or an apple. She has so much TMJ pain that she cannot sleep very well.

Open Bite Complications

Patients can begin to have different types of problems such as mouth nerve pain, throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes because when just one tooth makes contact, it is being traumatized. She had so much facial pain that she could not eat any solid foods. Over the last 6 years, she experienced a variety of symptoms of facial neuralgia, neck pain, headaches, and even pain in the ear and jaw. Surprisingly, some patients do not experience any pain but cannot speak their words as clearly as a more normal bite.

Anterior Open Bite and TMD Pain Treated, No Surgery or Braces

With only one pair of molars touching she had trouble eating and a lot of pain. Both a functional and a converntional orthodontist agrevated her problems. Dr. Muslin fixed her openbite in a month without surgery or braces.

Digestion Problems with Open Bites

Patients cannot move their jaw in such a way as to be able to chew their foods thoroughly enough for proper digestion. Some experience ear pain due to the strain of improper chewing ability. This patient could not chew solid food so she was able to survive for 6 years on blended foods. She experienced weight loss, various forms of mouth nerve pain, nerve pain in the jaw and teeth, a form of facial neuralgia along with other nerves, muscle, and psychological issues that affected her and her family.

Open Bite Fixed without Surgery

A patient with an anterior openbite, before and after treatment.

Her eyes tell the entire story. She has the comfort that she has not experienced in many years. The pain and the dysfunctional jaw position she experienced has been relieved. She is biting her teeth together in both photos. The idea of living with the most ideal jaw position with the Face Lift Dentistry® method takes non-invasive treatment to a higher level with much less risk.

Can An Open Bite Cause Sleeping and Breathing Problems?

The answer is yes, open bites can actually decrease the physical size of the patient’s airway causing difficulty sleeping and breathing properly. The biggest problem with breathing problems is that the patient has a lower than normal level of oxygen in the blood while sleeping. Low blood oxygen contributes to stress on her internal organs. Patients with misaligned jaws, breathing problems and bad bites are aging faster from the inside of their bodies.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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