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Misaligned Jaw: JawTrac® Alignment

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A Misaligned Jaw Affects your Health

Very few adults have an optimal jaw position. When the jaw is out of alignment, your physical health is compromised. Patients with a misaligned jaw can suffer from headaches, neck and jaw pain, jaw locking and dislocation, clenching and grinding, TMJ problems, head and neck stress and facial collapse - all which contribute to premature aging.

Patient Testimonial

Jaw Alignment and Bite Correction without Surgery

This patient suffered from an array of TMJ symptoms and poor jaw alignment which stopped her from bringing her teeth together and eventually led to frequent jaw dislocation which caused her jaw to "pop out." Several dentists claimed her only option was realignment surgery. Fortunately she discovered a treatment option that requires no surgery, braces, or even drilling and grinding of her teeth. Watch this video and hear her testimonial.

The Optimal Lower Jaw Position

The question is: Where is the “optimal” position of the lower jaw? Dentistry has tried various technologies to determine the jaw position by using computers, electrodes on the muscles, tens units, guessing, experimenting with temporary teeth, etc. The results have been marginal. JawTrac® is the proven solution for locating the optimal position in real time. A test appliance allows you to see and experience a healthy position before treatment commences. With JawTrac® simulation, patients experience the feel of their best jaw position, mostly with instant relief from TMJ-induced pain, clicking, popping and locking.

The Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw can look normal and yet be misaligned because the patient is experiencing symptoms such as snoring, speaking clearly, premature aging and facial collapse. Both young people and older people can have facial collapse when the bite and jaw are not aligned.

Misaligned Jaw Problems

Jaw Alignment Problems and Facial Affects.

There are health problems and appearance problems with a misaligned jaw. The process is so gradual that patients don’t even know what is happening until it becomes severe.

Jaw Alignment without Surgery

Jaw misalignment is corrected fairly quickly with a high tech dentistry method. Today, surgery is no longer necessary as corrective jaw adjustment is completed with a bite correction method using JawTrac®. Once the jaw position is established, the patient can return to a younger face, clearer speaking ability, sleeping better and chewing better which improves digestion. The appearance speaks for itself. This patient had jaw alignment without surgery and we thank him for letting us show the actual results of this method.

Misaligned Jaw Corrected Without Surgery

The same patient after jaw realignment and bite correction.

Jaw alignment without surgery. All of the photos on this website are unaltered and untouched. This is an actual result of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method, using VENLAY® Restorations and the jaw positioning method discussed earlier.

Jaw Alignment Headaches

When lower teeth don’t meet comfortably with the upper teeth, headaches and jaw pain can occur. Most patients say they have “sinus headaches”, but most of them really have jaw alignment headaches. The only reason a patient thinks they have sinus headaches is because they never experienced the relief of having a misaligned jaw treated with one of the best methods available today.

Misaligned Jaw and Underbite Correction

Jaw Surgery Alternative - Patient Testimonial

Underbite Correction using JawTrac® was successful locating the “optimal” jaw position that stopped her headaches. Bite correction was completed in only 3 weeks using VENLAY® restorations and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. Patients with underbites don’t need porcelain veneers because veneers do not improve the alignment of the jaw. VENLAY® Restorations are only utilized with alignment of the lower jaw which is what allowed the shape of this patient’s face to improve.

Why JawTrac®?

After trying virtually every method during his 40-year career including the latest electromyography jaw tracking equipment and taking advanced education on using them, he found the results to be unpredictable. Dr. Muslin said: “the Dentists are relying on a computer to show them the ideal jaw location which is not a good idea as the measurements and outcome are highly unpredictable.”

Dr. Muslin continues to see patients that have had full bite reconstructions, orthodontics, jaw surgeries, bad bites, face lifts, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, porcelain veneers, anti-aging dentistry, trigger point injections, opening the vertical dimension and unhappy patients with bite corrections that have failed, all because of one simple reason: the “optimal” jaw position was never achieved..

JawTrac® is the most predictable method for locating the best jaw position, and it has enormous cosmetic benefits when combined with the Face Lift Dentistry® method because the dentist can see the best position and then test this position in advance of treatment.

Misaligned Jaw and Overbite Correction

Before and After Overbite Jaw Correction without Surgery

Enormous cosmetic improvements to the small chin size with Overbite Correction using JawTrac® because it improved her facial profile in just two weeks without surgery and without grinding down her healthy teeth. She says it all in this 30 second video taken of her, three years after the overbite correction treatment was completed using JawTrac® and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

The Misaligned Jaw & Small Chins

She has a chin that looks small because of the misaligned lower jaw. The size of her chin is normal. The size of her lower jaw is normal. She was told she needs surgery because surgery is the only treatment the specialists knew. If you see an orthodontist you get braces and maybe jaw surgery. But, If you see a Face Lift Dentist® and there is only one at the present time, you have a chance of getting your misaligned jaw and small chin aligned without jaw surgery, without braces, without porcelain veneers and without grinding down your healthy teeth. We keep getting comments that it sounds too good to be true, but these are actual results, and the best possible testimonials you will ever see because the patients are talking directly to you.

Jaw Adjustment

Patients have gotten a lot of treatments as jaw adjustments and bite adjustments and equilibration but none of these actually establish the position of the lower jaw to correct an uneven bite or misaligned jaws.

Video: Patient Testimonial

Jaw Surgery Alternative to Correct an Open Bite and Underbite

When a patients has an underbite, open bite and jaw pain, the most ideal treatment is to correct his jaw alignment without surgery using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.  

Bite Realignment And JawTrac®

Most dentists that have problems with patients whom they have treated for bite realignment did not get the correct jaw position to achieve proper jaw alignment. Many of these dentists grind down healthy teeth for porcelain crowns which cause sensitive teeth and pain. This can be totally avoided with VENLAY® Restorations.

The key to treatment for any doctor is to “not harm your patient.” Even so, cosmetic dentists, prosthodontists and anti-aging dentists will grind down healthy teeth and hope they find the optimal jaw position while the patient wears temporaries. What are the odds that a dentist can guess and grind his way to finding proper jaw alignment? Jaw and bite alignment with JawTrac® make the treatment non-invasive, much less painful, saves your teeth and is more predictable with fewer problems after the treatment has been completed.

JawTrac® jaw alignment with VENLAY® Restorations and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method offer a pain-free and non-invasive way to achieve a healthy bite without surgery or braces.

Dr. Sam Muslin

Video: Looking Younger with Jaw Alignment

Looking younger with a healthy jaw position.

JawTrac® is about reversing years of aging by improve the shape of the patient’s face along with supporting her lips and giving each patient the jawline that reverses years of aging. This patient has had a lot of dentistry in her lifetime and lives in Arizona. She questions if it is worth flying to California and then explains why.

Bite Correction and JawTrac®

Most dentists have their own definition of bite correction. It could mean almost any dental treatment. Some dentists would argue that a porcelain veneer makeover qualifies as Bite Correction. Others may have treated a patient for a bite adjustment and then call this Bite Correction. Prominent Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists advertise bite correction which entails grinding down the patient’s healthy teeth to place crowns. These approaches are simply wrong and mostly aggravates a misaligned jaw problem.

By following these approaches to bite correction, dentists are doing enormous damage to the patient’s health by grinding down healthy teeth. Most often these patients are so uncomfortable after treatment that they don’t know where to bite.

Bite correction treatment needs to be non-invasive, much less painful, and the dentist needs to have a predictable method for locating the ideal jaw position. Bite Correction with JawTrac® is the non-invasive solution with a predictable jaw alignment and jaw position process. Bite Correction with JawTrac® locates the optimal jaw position painlessly and by placing custom made non-invasive VENLAY® Restorations (which do not require grinding down healthy teeth) the optimal jaw position and bite correction can be achieved.

Sam Muslin, DDS

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