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Correcting the Overbite with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery 

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One of the single most prominent developments in dentistry is that a patient can have a significant improvement in his or her facial profile in just a matter of a couple weeks. When having a small chin, most people would think that they need a chin implant surgery to make their chin look bigger. But, in most cases, the patient’s chin is actually normal in size. It is the position of the chin caused by a deep overbite that makes the normal sized chin appear significantly smaller or weaker. The small looking chin is reversed by repositioning the jaw without surgery and the patient’s bad bite is also reversed. She not only has a much better facial profile but her health has also improved.

Reposition the Jaw without Surgery

Before anf after the overbite was corrected. The shape of the face was improved by moving the jaw position forward - without surgery.

The health of the patient improved because her jaw was immediately and ideally positioned in harmony with the TMJ. This new jaw position also gave her great relief in head and neck stress. Her headaches are almost completely gone by using Face Lift Dentistry® and VENLAY® restorations.

Improve the Shape of Your Face

How many people understand that the shape of your face is directly related to your bite and jaw position? How many people know that a stronger looking chin and improved facial profile is possible without surgery?

Video Update: This Video was Taken 3-Years After Treatment

video Small Chins and Facial Profile Corrected with VENLAY<sup>®</sup> Restorations

Jaw Surgery Alternative to overbite correction can now improve your facial profile in just a couple of weeks without grinding down the teeth. Patients with overbites and small looking chins actually have a normal sized lower jaw that only look small because of it’s position caused by the overbite. Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® restorations with his Face Lift Dentistry® method can increase the appearance of the size of the chin, without surgery and augment your natural facial features by optimizing the bite to your facial features. The jaw and small chin are now larger looking and the overbite was corrected along with a much improved facial profile. This patient’s video was taken 3 years after the treatment was completed.

The benefits of Face Lift Dentistry® give the patient permanent facial support and a harmonious jaw, bite and facial relationship without harming the natural tooth structure. Dr. Sam Muslin believes that saving the healthy tooth structure is vital for the long-term health of his patients. He says, “We are living a lot longer and the technology is here to reverse years of aging, preserve the healthy tooth structure and improve our health by reducing tension and stress along with a more vibrant appearance”. His “patent pending” treatment method, in his opinion, will revolutionize how people are treated in the future.

Overbite Correction Alternative to Jaw Surgery

Patients are searching for websites in order to understand their choices of treatment. Most patients with underbites or overbites are given jaw surgery and braces as their only option. There is an alternative to jaw surgery that is not only quicker and safer but also could achieve esthetic results that are not possible with jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery and braces. You cannot change the sizes of the teeth and have permanently whiter teeth with braces. You cannot improve the shapes of the teeth with braces.

Braces treatment takes a year or two while Face Lift Dentistry® treatment takes only two weeks. The alternative to jaw surgery is ideal for those patients that have rejected surgery, or had the surgery with compromised results. Patients can now improve their existing dental condition by getting the jaw position optimized along with the best esthetics possible easily and quickly.

Improve the Facial Profile, a Weak or Small Chin, without a Chin Implant

The idea that your chin could look much larger with a bite correction escapes most dental practitioners and their patients. The idea that the jaw is a normal size but looks small because of its position is also not well understood.

Dr. Sam Muslin’s work clearly proves that dramatic improvements in the facial profile can be achieved without braces and jaw surgery in just a week or two. The treatment is truly a remarkable advancement in the quality of life of his patients.

Bad Bite - Old Face

If the patient has a bad bite, they generally have more facial wrinkles and age more rapidly. Bad bites contribute to facial collapse and there is no reason to have a bad bite with the bite correction methods today. The treatment requires the removal of old dental fillings and old dental crowns and replacing them with a matched set for the first time in the patient’s life. Old faces can be transformed to younger faces and younger faces can prevent premature aging.

Dr. Sam Muslin treats patients from all over the United States, Canada, and South American and from other parts of the world. He has transformed faces and improved health. He does not think of himself as only a cosmetic dentist because that level of care is “superficial” in his opinion. He wants to improve your entire face with his Face Lift Dentistry®. Call for your appointment.

Sleep Problems

The older patients are having problems speaking clearly, sleeping soundly and chewing their food efficiently because of their jaw position and bite. Most of them have no idea that their problems sleeping are a result of an overbite and the lack of tongue space.

Most people think that this is part of the aging process but it no longer has to be a normal part of aging. We now have the ability to reverse part of the aging process and gain facial support and a more vibrant healthy appearance.

Reversing Aging for Seniors

Reversing the aging process is much easier than ever before. It is expensive but worth the cost. These patients sleep better for the rest of their lives and also speak their words more clearly.

Too many seniors struggle speaking but have struggled for so long that they don’t know how they sound. The aging process does not have to be a rapid deteriorating process. The aging process can be reversed as sometimes 10 to 15 years can be removed from the patients face with Face Lift Dentistry®.

The idea is to give the lips, cheeks and face permanent support and lengthen the teeth and correct the angles of the teeth for clear speech. These patients begin sleeping better with less snoring and less waking up at night. The seniors tell us that “I’m sleeping better and no longer wake up as much but the best part is that my friends all look much older than me”.

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