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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 03/27/2023

TMJ Surgery – Is it my only Choice?

The reason that jaw surgery is not the right recommendation for this patient was that she has a mechanical problem with her bite. There is no need to cut her jaw or do TMJ surgery because with bite correction, her TMJ pain can go away without jaw joint surgery. When the mechanical problem is resolved the pain can disappear.

Most patients with TMJ issues have a mechanical problem with the position of the lower jaw. Jaw surgery is not the best solution because you cannot test for the success of jaw surgery. With the mechanical solution of bite correction using only this method, relief of typical symptoms of a misaligned jaw such jaw pain and discomfort can be tested before treatment to the teeth is started. TMJ surgery is not the only choice for the treatment of TMJ pain.

JawTrac® Patient Testimonial

There are many ways to treat TMJ type problems. After going through just about all of them, this patient was frustrated that they did not help her.

Headaches, TMJ Pain, Sleep Problems, Recessive Chin

She’s gone to multiple dentists for help with her headaches, TMJ pain, sleeping problems and recessive chin. She’s even seen TMJ specialists, neuromuscular dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, had trigger point injections and from all that nothing worked. Now, she was told that Jaw Surgery was her only solution, which is absolutely not true.

Trigger Point Injections, Night Guards, Orthotics, and Neuromuscular Dentists

All dentists have good intentions but are limited by their training. The reason that trigger point injections, night guards, orthotics and neuromuscular dentistry did not work is that they do not correct the source of the problem. As soon as the drugs wear off, she still has the same bite problems. As soon as the orthotic is removed, she still had a mechanical problem with the position of her lower jaw. Once the optimized jaw position is established using JawTrac®, she experienced instant relief. However, in order to correct the problem, her bite had to be corrected non-invasively without grinding down her healthy teeth using VENLAY® Restorations.

A misalligned jaw and a slight overbite before and after jaw alignment and bite optimization.

JawTrac® located the best jaw position for her and she was able to get instant pain relief after suffering from TMJ pain, jaw clicking and popping, and headaches for years. She is pain free for the first time in years without shots or drilling.

JawTrac® is Painless

When a patient has a small chin and an overbite, it is difficult to correct using braces or Invisalign® and even more difficult for the bite to stay corrected after years of treatment. Sometimes jaw surgery is recommended but, the results are unpredictable. Patients can suffer for years after surgery. Jaw surgery is not the only choice. With JawTrac®, there is a painless solution that can help small chins look larger and improve the facial profile along with solve health problems as headaches, clicking and popping jaws and relieve head and neck stress and tension.

JawTrac® Tests for Success

JawTrac®,is designed to relieve pain, improve the shape of the patient’s face and simulate overbite correction in order to prove that the Face Lift Dentistry® Method will work in advance of treatment. With JawTrac®, this patient experienced pain relief quickly without drugs or surgery after every other method failed. She tried just about all of them with other dentists and was so frustrated that she flew half way across the country just for a consultation with Dr. Sam Muslin.

Crooked Jaw Fix - Before and After

The photo on the left shows the effect of a crooked jaw on the bity. This was corrected in the after photo by aligning the jaw with non-surgical JawTrac Technology.

She has health problems because when she bites her teeth together, her bite and her jaw joints are misaligned resulting in wear facets and uneven edges. By using JawTrac® her jaw position was corrected without any pain and VENLAY® Restorations were bonded to correct her bite.

Painless Bite Correction

This patient did not have to have any of her healthy teeth ground down. She did not need dental injections or shots. She said, “I did not have to have my teeth ground down and I did not need jaw surgery, I experienced no pain because all I got were VENLAY® Restorations.

VENLAY® Restorations

After testing her bite with JawTrac®, the patient knew that this was the best possible bite correction treatment for her. She understood that after the testing phase that her life would improve because she felt so much better but she still needed bite correction with VENLAY® Restorations so she could solve her “mechanical problem” and get her jaw in the optimized position. Dentistry has never been able to correct bites so quickly, so easily and also painlessly using non-invasive VENLAY® Restorations that are built right over her existing healthy tooth enamel which remains intact.

Sam Muslin, DDS
Misaligned Jaw Correction
Listen to Dr. Sam Muslin discussing this case.

Non-Invasive Bite Correction

Why would a patient let a dental specialist or a cosmetic dentist grind down their healthy teeth? The answer is because they don’t know any better. Grinding down healthy teeth is the way the dental profession treats patients for bite correction because it is the way a full mouth reconstruction is being taught all over the world today. But, non-invasive bite correction is a reality today and it is more predictable than any other method because it is tested with JawTrac®, and completed with VENLAY® Restorations.

The Face Lift Dentistry® Method

The ability to build a bite that establishes the idea jaw position for each individual patient is the secret to success. If you can solve the mechanical problem then you can solve the health problem. There are three important elements and the first is JawTrac®. JawTrac® determines the position and tests the jaw position. The Second are the VENLAY® Restorations that require no tooth grinding that widen smiles, whiten teeth, lengthen teeth and make the teeth far less sensitive. One of the worst things a patient can do is to get their healthy teeth ground down to little pegs for porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers. VENLAY® Restorations make this treatment painless and with much less risk. The third element to non-invasive bite correction is the method to tie all of the critical elements together into one comprehensive treatment plan, which is the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

An Optimal Jaw Position for Enhanced Aesthetics and Better Facial Support

The photo on the left shows a crooked bite, worn yellow teeth, and an overbite. In the after photo on the right the entire face shows the outcome of moving her jaw to it's normal position without surgery.

Look at the difference in her face with a new jaw position. Her health improved, premature aging was prevented and her neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, clenching, grinding, sleep problems and breathing have all improved.

Dr. Sam Muslin sincerely thank this patient for allowing him to tell her story. She wanted to help more people know that comfort can be achieved non-invasively and non-surgically.

Bite Correction

The wording “bite correction” has a multitude of definitions among dentists so you need to be careful about what you are going to receive in terms of treatment. Dr. Muslin trademarked Face Lift Dentistry®, JawTrac® and VENLAY® Restorations to which have a specific treatment protocol in the coordinated treatment plan in order to protect patients from “other definitions of bite correction”.

Only One Face Lift Dentist®

There is only one dentist that can call himself a Face Lift Dentist® and he is protecting the definition of this treatment so he can properly and extensively train other dentists on the specific protocols, goals and methods required to get highly predictable success for their patients. If you want this treatment anytime in the next year or two, Santa Monica California is the only Face Lift Dentistry® facility in the world today.

Call the office to schedule an appointment. This is not inexpensive treatment like porcelain veneers or cosmetic dentistry, which do not correct bites, prevent premature aging or improve the jawline in most cases. Once you have been examined by Dr. Muslin, you and he will know a lot more about your treatment and you will experience the new shape to your face, facial profile and jaw position on your very first visit.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.