Face Lift Dentistry® Explained

Face Lift Dentistry® And The Dental Face Lift® Are Registered Trademarks Of Sam Muslin DDS

What is Facelift Dentistry?

Face Lift Dentistry®, is a unique non-surgical and non-invasive method used to bring optimum dental health with improved TMJ functionality and a rejuvenated look to a patient's face and jaw through state-of-the-art teeth restoration and bite correction. This exclusive anti-aging dentistry method was invented by Dr. Sam Muslin to improve the shape of your face, correct overbites, improve your facial profile and jawline, and correct underbites and bad bites non-invasively, quicker, and safer than other methods. It is a unique, comprehensive single treatment method.

Face Lift Dentistry® Explained

Presented by Dr. Sam Muslin - Jun 2021

The Meaning and Quality of Face Lift Dentistry®

Patient #0723 Review - Mar 2012

Dr. Muslin has treated patients after jaw surgery and braces failed. He has treated patients with straight teeth yet had a misaligned jaw. Younger patients and mature patients have all benefited from his non-surgical, non-invasive VENLAY® Restorations with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

The Importance of the Correct Jaw Position

The quality of life is directly related to the importance of the correct jaw position. A properly functioning TMJ, jaw position, and bite are related to how fast you age, the shape of your face, sleeping problems, jawline or chin sizes, clenching and grinding teeth and your airway passage. We are living longer, so an optimally functioning TMJ and bite help us live with less pain, better breathing, and have a younger more vibrant appearance.

Are You Cosmetically Compromised?

Less than 5% of the population has the ideal jaw position so like it or not, the rest of us are physically, mentally and cosmetically compromised. If you have an overbite, your chin usually looks small, and the shape of your face is round like that of an older person. If you have an underbite, your chin looks large, and you have a protruding chin. The secret to improving your facial profile with an overbite or underbite is the JawTrac® jaw position. Face Lift Dentistry® is the future of bite correction as it “maximizes” your health, your appearance, your bite, jawline, chin size and reverses the effects of premature aging.

Can Face Lift Dentistry® give you a Non-Surgical Facelift?

The Face Lift Dentistry® method with VENLAY® Restorations gives you a non-surgical face-lift as it improves your jawline and jaw position by correcting the bite with improved physical functionality. The cosmetic benefits to the jawline and facial proportions are enormous as people with the ideal jaw position appear healthier and more vibrant than those with bad bites. The VENLAY® Restoration is bonded to your individual natural teeth, and they can provide cosmetic benefits that porcelain veneers cannot. VENLAY®Restorations support your face and lips. They improve your facial profile and reduce that premature aging by providing solid structure that supports your entire face. You can’t do this with porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry.

Chin Size Improvement and Profile Improvement

Before and After Face Lift Dentistry, showing a patient with chin size and side profile improvement.

In the before photo, she has a narrow smile and an overbite that causes head, neck and facial strain. In the after photo on the right, she has a wider smile, better facial support, overbite correction, and less jaw strain and headaches. She looks better and she feels better.

Face Lift Dentistry® is the premium anti-aging dentistry method used to bring optimum dental health and a rejuvenated appearance to a patient's face and jaw through advanced non-invasive bite reconstruction. Candidates for this treatment have prematurely aging faces, weak facial profiles, misaligned jaws, uneven bites, and they want to be a younger person.

Doctors are advertising the “non-surgical facelift,” but they are in reality injecting your face with facial fillers that can have a negative long-term effect on your face and skin. With this method, patients can have solid facial support from their teeth and bite. You cannot improve the shape of your face with facial fillers as much as with this exclusive bite correction method.

Non-Surgical Face-Lift without Cosmetic Injectables or Fillers

Before and After photo showing the outcome of a facelift without surgery, cosmetic injectables or fillers.

Patients with straight teeth and deep overbites have short round faces. They will age prematurely and experience facial collapse all due to a bad bite. This patient received bite correction treatment that was literally painless because all of her natural teeth are still intact.

Once the teeth are restored to the proper position, the bite acts in harmony with the jaw for the first time in the patient’s life. When the bite is not in harmony within the jaw, headaches, sleeping problems, aging and neck tension are the result.

The effects of facial collapse are reversed because the bite was corrected and the jaw position is “optimized.” Traditional methods are invasive, are risky and traumatize the jaw when you spend hours in the dental chair getting your teeth drilled down to little pegs. Many of these patients need root canals and have sensitive teeth and cannot chew when it could have all been avoided. She looks years younger with the non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry®.

Anti-Aging Dentistry that Reverses Facial Collapse

Facial collapse reversed, showing an enhanced and radiant more youthful face - before and after dental facelift treatment

This is a true non-surgical face-lift and the photos are untouched and unaltered. This patient’s facial collapse and the shape of his face have been transformed into that of a much younger person.

Getting anti-aging dentistry that reverses facial collapse improves the quality of your “first impression.” Faces get shorter with age because the bite wears down that causes the face to get shorter. The chin looks smaller, and his face looks older because of the uneven bite, misaligned jaws, and overbite. The Face Lift Dentistry® Method “optimizes” the patients face and jaw to help men get the masculine chiseled chin that they should have always had. Chin implants harm your health and can be very painful. Anti-aging dentistry using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method reverses facial collapse and “optimized” his patients from every aspect including their health and appearance without jaw surgery.

I would rather get on a plane to see Dr. Muslin for the right treatment than make another mistake with a local dentist only to have to do the treatment done all over again.

Anti-Aging Dentistry and the Face Lift Dentistry Method

Today just about all dentists think they are anti-aging dentists and many advertise their cosmetic dentistry as anti-aging dentistry. However, none of them have the technology and skills to provide the non-invasive and non-surgical bite correction method which makes anti-aging dentistry with the Face Lift Dentistry® method one of the greatest advancements in non-invasive bite correction treatment available today. It is good for your health and amazing for your appearance.

The Dental Facelift with deep overbite correction restored his collapsed bite resulting in a balanced younger looking face.

What makes older people look older than they should? It is a deep overbite that has worn down over the years. This patient flew in from the Bahamas to receive Anti-Aging Dentistry with this exclusive method. Plane flights are much easier than the old-school dentistry.

The Miracle of the Face Lift Dentistry Method

When you think of dentistry, you think of pain, shots, jaw surgery, braces and drilling. But the miracle of the Face Lift Dentistry® method is that the following patient never needed a shot, no filing down her natural teeth, no braces and she received underbite correction without jaw surgery in just a matter of weeks rather than years with the old risky surgical method. Imagine having the right bite for your face and beautiful white teeth that surpasses porcelain veneers and traditional cosmetic dentistry. This is the new age of high tech dentistry that saves your teeth, harmonizes your bite to your TMJ and transforms you appearance.

Facial Profile Improvement with Underbite Correction

Many patients can have a profile improvement with underbite correction using jaw surgery and braces or they can also get their bite corrected using this non-surgical method. Facial profile improvement with underbite correction using this method does what porcelain veneers can’t.

Facial profile transfromation after non-surgical underbite correction with the Face Lift Dentistry method. Before and after photo.

She flew in from New Jersey with her Grandmother that said to her “there is no way he can correct your underbite without surgery.” But, we give the grandmother credit, she flew in with an open mind.

Veneers cannot help your facial profile or correct your underbite. To improve your facial profile non-invasively without surgery, we use non-surgical VENLAY® Restorations, JawTrac®, and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Who is a Candidate for Face Lift Dentistry?

If you are older than 14 years of age, then you are most likely a candidate. Mature patients love this method because it is far less painful, has less risk and is much easier and faster to receive. Why? Because the miracle of this method is that none of your healthy teeth have to be ground down into little pegs. The treatment is much faster and much less painful, and the VENLAY® Restorations are exceptionally strong. Younger patients can now have overbite, underbite or misaligned bite correction without the risks of jaw surgery, followed by years of braces and the risks and pain of having all of their teeth filed down for veneers.

Who is a candidate for Face Lift Dentistry®? It can be answered with two words, "almost everyone" because it may be the safest and most predictable anti-aging dentistry treatment, bite correction treatment, TMJ treatment and cosmetic dentistry combined into a single comprehensive non-invasive method.

Facial Collapse Reversal

Everyone has an ideal bite position, but very few people have it. The ability to find your ideal position is with the Face Lift Dentistry® method using JawTrac ™ which tests your new jaw position before any work is done to your teeth. The Dental Face Lift® explained is a technological breakthrough that accomplishes bite correction treatment and facial collapse reversal without jaw surgery, without braces and the most important aspect is that none of your healthy teeth are ground down.

The Most Advanced Dentistry is Non-Invasive Dentistry

The most advanced dentistry is non-invasive dentistry because it combines cosmetic dentistry with functionality improvements. Most cosmetic dentistry is just porcelain veneers that cannot get results like the non-invasive treatment below.

The photo shows a wider smile and younger face after a non-surgical facelift with the Face Lift Dentistry method

She wanted a wider smile and a younger face. It only took a few weeks, and the results are clear

Can Any Dentist Provide Face Lift Dentistry Treatment?

There is only one dentist in the world using this method and he is the one that invented this method. Patients have been flying in from all over the world for many years to receive this treatment mainly because it is non-invasive and highly predictable compared to any other choices. Can any dentist treat with Face Lift Dentistry®? The answer is "no."

Treatment for Misaligned Jaws

The ability to align a patient’s jaws non-surgically and non-invasively is hard to understand. How did Dr. Muslin do it? We keep getting asked this question over and over and once you see how it is done using your own face in Dr. Muslin’s office, you will clearly understand it. Treatment for misaligned jaws can take advantage of multiple technologies at one time.

Face Lift Dentistry jaw repositioning and overbite correction - before and after photo

His chin appears larger in the after photo because it really is larger than the before photo. The reason is the jaw position and bite that make his chin appear smaller than reality. He already has 20 porcelain veneers in the before photo so we know that veneers cannot improve your facial profile.

TMJ Pain Relief and Reverse Facial Collapse Non-Surgically

Sometimes with the best of intentions, the dentist causes the problem. Once the patient experiences pain from dentistry and nobody can solve it in her town, they begin to look for care somewhere else. She flew in from the east coast all the way to the west coast to get TMJ pain relief and the reversal of facial collapse non-surgically.

TMJ problems and jaw stress resolved with the non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry method

Treatment with Facelift Dentistry® is a highly technical area of dentistry that covers every element of dental health care and cosmetic dentistry possible. The Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is a vital element in the quality and the comfort of the patient and this method has given patients pain relief very quickly. The jaw joint, headaches, clicking and popping must be addressed in providing Face Lift Dentistry® method. There is a course being formulated to teach this method to dentists all over the world. But, at this time the only place that this method is available is Santa Monica California.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® and The Baby Boomer Breakthrough

Most of us are going to live much longer than any previous generation. Unfortunately, we are physically compromised because of our bites. Out jaws are not in the ideal position to function with the tongue, jaw joints and as our teeth wear down, our faces collapse. Face Lift Dentistry® is the Baby Boomer Breakthrough because we can now have the healthiest jaw position and save our teeth at the same time. We will also benefit physically because we will eat, chew, sleep and feel better. But, the cosmetic benefits of a younger appearance that will set us apart from our old looking pears makes this one of the most effective methods.

Improved Quality of Life for Baby Boomers

An optimized jaw position corrected his overbite - before and after treatment with the Face Lift Dentistry method.

The non-surgical Dental Facelift® is a Baby Boomer Breakthrough that can vastly improve their quality of life. Optimizing the jaw position to the patient’s facial structure maximizes dental Health. This patient had an overbite, crooked teeth, and clicking jaw joints and had premature aging.

The breakthrough by Dr. Sam Muslin in the development of this technique evolved after advanced training in orthodontics, orthopedics, prosthetics, dental implants and bite reconstruction training and over 35 years of experience. He felt that dentistry could go to another level and he thanks all of these patients for permitting him to show their faces and the results of his work. This is anti-aging dentistry and reversed the effects of the aging process by idealizing the jaw position to his facial structures.

Will I Look Younger? Reversing the Effects of Aging

The following patient knew that porcelain veneers could not improve the shape of her face even though she is a beautiful woman with straight teeth. She will look younger by reversing the effects of aging with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method because it utilizes her natural aesthetic potential and maximizes it. All of us could gain a significant improvement when our biologic potential is maximized from every possible angle.

Looking Younger with a Face Lift without Surgery

The before-after Face Lift Dentistry photo shows a more youthful outcome and a perfectly balanced face.

When the teeth wear down, the face gets shorter. She has straight teeth and most dentists would tell her she has a great bite. Dr. Muslin told her that her bite could be improved along with the shape of her face.

The Shape of Your Face is Most Important

A Facelift Dentistry® makeover lifts the lips and supports the cheeks. It reduces the Sunken Face Look or the Collapsed Face look. All of the old dentistry is replaced with new matching porcelain using the non-invasive Face Lift Dentistry® method while all of the healthy teeth get VENLAY® Restorations. The very first step is using JawTrac® to determine the new shape to your face, new bite and new jaw position.

The Lips are supported when the teeth are restored at the right lengths and angles. The teeth support the Lips giving the patient fuller lips. Face Lift Dentistry® helps the patient realize that the shape of your face is most important The shape of her face is that of a younger person because she has the best possible jaw position and her bite was developed to accomplish it. Most of the old dental work, old amalgam fillings, semi-precious crowns or non-precious metal crowns, porcelain veneers are removed. The black lines on the crowns are replaced with natural porcelain crown margins. The health of the patient is improved by removing old dental work is improved.

Face Lift Dentistry® is especially beneficial if multiple dental issues exist that need to be treated. For example:

  • Collapsed face
  • Non-Surgical Under Bite Correction
  • A bad bite
  • Misaligned Jaw
  • Anti-Aging Dentistry
  • Overbite Correction – no braces, no surgery, no Invisalign®
  • Clicking Jaw Joints
  • TMJ pain
  • Premature Aging
  • Cannot see upper teeth
  • Worn Down Teeth
  • Uneven Bites
  • Neck, head, jaw or tooth pain
  • Missing teeth
  • Extensive dental work that does not match
  • Broken or worn down teeth that no longer support your lips
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Short Teeth and Bite Erosion
  • Facial disharmony
  • After Jaw Surgery and Braces Failed
  • Patients with straight teeth but misaligned bites
  • Mature Patients
  • Young Patients

This is NOT Face Lift Dentistry:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers
  • Cutting, Grinding, or Drilling Down Teeth
  • Braces and Jaw Surgery
  • Neuromuscular Dentistry

This IS Face Lift Dentistry®:

  • Reversing the Effects of Aging
  • A Healthy Jaw Position
  • No Grinding, Filing, or Drilling Down Healthy Teeth

Worn Down Teeth

One hidden factor that may also influence the decision to undergo this procedure is tooth wear. Facial collapse can be caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) but it can also result form normal wear and tear over the years. Every year of your life your teeth naturally shorten from everyday use.

As the teeth wear down, the face can shorten. This can cause wrinkles; thin lips and a face that appears collapsed or squished. The shortening of your teeth can make your entire face appear out of harmony. It can also make you look much older than your actual age. Face Lift Dentistry® takes care of all of these issues in one well-coordinated treatment procedure.

Bruxism Leads to Facial Collapse

The effect of tooth grinding or bruxism cause facial collapse as can be seen in ths before and after treatment photos

Some patients have not already experienced tooth wear but rather their teeth were too short for their face and jaw from the start. When the teeth are already too short your face and profile will pay the price.

The Difference Between Face Lift Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Muslin also does cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns or teeth whitening for his patients. All patients do not need to have Face Lift Dentistry®, so how do you know what is right for you? If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, then make sure that you are addressing the health and cosmetic issues that motivated you to consider a change. Far too many patients make the mistake of having their work done by a cosmetic dentist and their faces stayed the same.

When Cosmetic Dentistry is not Enough

A Dental Facelift - before and after

Sometimes the Face Lift Dentistry innovation would be a better long-term solution over standard cosmetic solutions. If all of your teeth are worn down and short, cosmetic dentistry really cannot help you. The better solution in this situation would be to use Face Lift Dentistry to restore all of the teeth to the proper height so that the face can be “optimized.” The results will give you better facial shape and proper jaw alignment.

The Non-Surgical Face Lift with Health Benefits

  • Body Health: When the jaw and teeth are functioning in harmony the body experiences less strain on the neck and head areas. Patients report fewer headaches, less jaw tension and pain, and less tooth grinding caused by tension. In addition, any on going or chronic infections resulting from past dentistry are eliminated.
  • Emotional Health: When patients know they look their best and when they also feel physically better, their emotional health and physical health are improved. People are reluctant to pursue opportunities, attend social functions and interact fully when they feel like they do not look good. They are even more unlikely to engage in everything life has to offer when they are suffering from chronic infections and secondary health complications. It undermines their confidence. All of that disappears (note the patient comments on Dr. Muslin's site) with Face Lift Dentistry®. The patient's sense of wellbeing is restored and he or she beams with confidence again.
  • Physical Health: A better term for this might be appearance. Patients benefit physically by this treatment because it helps our patients breath better, sleep better, feel better with less tension in the head and neck region. Face Lift Dentistry® does wonderful things for the way the patient looks but it does more for how a patient feels.
Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.