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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 03/05/2023

The reason that a chin appears small is that the bite forces the lower jaw back towards the ears. The jaw position and the bite cause the chin to look smaller due to posterior bite collapse. The chin is larger than it looks.

Small Chin and a Misaligned Jaw

The main cause of why the chin looks so small are overbites and bad bites. The best way to have a larger looking chin is to correct the bite with VENLAY® Bite Restorations which can reverse posterior bite collapse. But first, the jaw position needs to be located with JawTrac®. The chin and lower jaw will move to their natural position instead of the overbite position.

Recessed Jaw and Overbite Caused Posterior Bite Collapse

Crooked jaw, small chin, and overbite corrected - Before and After

In the Before-Photo, the patient’s jaw is forced back towards his ears due to his teeth and bite forcing his jaw into this position. When he bites his teeth together, his bite forces his jaw back and makes his chin look too small and his face looks too short. In the After-Photo, taken 5-years after treatment, his jaw remains realigned, and his chin in its natural position.

It is perfect! Dr. Muslin has transformed my life.

Why Does My Chin look so Small?

Most patients never experienced their ideal jaw position. Even if they had braces, jaw surgery or full mouth reconstructions, the jaw position may not be ideal. The chin looks small because the jaw position is pushed too far back.

Crooked Teeth, Overbite, And Small Chin

This patient received overbite, crooked teeth, and misaligned jaw treatment that have improved the quality of his health and appearance by transforming his life. All of his problems were diagnosed and treated with one comprehensive treatment. He received a non-invasive, non-surgical Bite correction and Jaw Realignment with VENLAY® Restorations and JawTrac®. Now breathing better, sleeping deeper, clearly looking, and feeling great have become his new reality as he is a new man.

Posterior Bite Collapse, Small Chins, and Short Faces

Misaligned jaws and posterior bite collapse is due to overbites. Overbites cause small looking chins, short faces, and TMJ functionality problems. When the patient has misaligned jaws, the chin is forced backward, and the lower jaw closes too far upwards. The treatment for the Face Lift Dentistry® Method is JawTrac® testing to align the lower and upper jaws, in order to improve the jaw position. The best part of this treatment is that you can improve your facial profile, breathing ability, sleeping ability, chin size, and reduce the TMJ problems and get the best possible cosmetic results with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

5-Years After Treatment

Porcelain Veneers cannot correct overbites or jaw alignment. However, VENLAY® Restorations were invented for overbite, underbite and jaw alignment corrections.

How Can VENLAY® Bite Restoration Solve Deep Overbites?

The VENLAY® bite restoration solves overbite problems by three-dimensionally positioning the lower jaw into a more forward position which opens up the airway. This method transforms your jaw position from a deep overbite position to a healthy bite position using VENLAY® Restorations. If your natural teeth are in an overbite position, the teeth and bite can make your chin look smaller.

What are the Health Benefits of Face Lift Dentistry®?

By improving the shape of your existing teeth, your jaw moves from a deep overbite position to a healthy bite position. There are a host of health benefits as a bigger airway, sleeping better, less head and neck strain, less TMJ pain and fewer headaches.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Correct Bites?

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile but it typically does not correct bites and it can and often does make your bite worse. Face Lift Dentistry® improves your entire face, facial profile and has health benefits that improve your life. One of the worst problems with cosmetic dentistry is that the dentist cuts down your healthy teeth. We need to begin thinking long term because the consequence of cutting down healthy teeth unnecessarily has bad long-term effects.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Correct Misaligned Jaws?

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, but it typically does not correct bites. Porcelain Veneers can make your bite worse. Face Lift Dentistry® improves your entire face, facial profile, correct bites and has health benefits that improve your life. One of the worst problems with cosmetic dentistry is that the dentist cuts down your healthy teeth. We need to begin thinking long term because of the consequence of cutting down healthy teeth unnecessarily. VENLAY® Bite Restorations do not cut down your healthy teeth.

How Do Recessed Chins Compromise Health?

This patient’s jaw is forced back towards his ears due to his teeth and bite forcing his jaw into this position. When he bites his teeth together, his bite forces his jaw back and makes his chin look too small and his face looks too short. The airway passage is smaller for most patients with recessed chins which compromises health with sleeping problems, sleep apnea and TMJ function. When the overbite was corrected using JawTrac®, his jaw repositioned anteriorly, his face now appears normal, his chin appears larger, and his airway and breathing ability improved significantly.

How can the Dental FaceLift® Improve Health?

Unlike the Face Lift Dentistry® method, cosmetic dentistry has limited goals and is primarily focused on the smile and not on bite correction. Bite correction is far more complex and requires much greater expertise to deliver. With our method, a patient gets a Dental Facelift® using VENLAY® Bite Restoration with JawTrac® alignment and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method, without even getting a shot. The Dental FaceLift® had physical health benefits as better sleeping, breathing, self-confidence and less jaw stress and strain.

Overbite Corrected with the Face Lift Dentistry® method, using JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Before and After jaw alignment and small chin fixed.

This treatment uses JawTrac® to locate the right position for a misaligned jaw and VENLAY® Restorations can build the bite that holds the jaw position.

To treat his overbite with VENLAY® Restorations, JawTrac® repositioned his jaw. His face now appears proportional, his chin appears larger, and his airway and breathing ability improved significantly. The best part is that his healthy teeth were saved from the cosmetic dentist’s drill, and he got his bite corrected, which he knew would not have happened, at his local cosmetic or neuromuscular dentist. He flew in from Arkansas, and he says it was worth it.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Our patients keep telling us that their cosmetic dentist was very nice and said he or she said they were “very conservative” and they say, “I will not grind down very much tooth structure.” Then they give you anesthetic and cut down your healthy teeth. Many dentists claim a lot of things about how they will treat you or prep your teeth for treatment, saying they have a conservative approach– yet they will drill down your healthy teeth. Once they numb you and start drilling, it’s game over, and before you know it, you are left with teeth cut down to little pegs.

VENLAY® Restorations were invented and designed to be non-invasive, and require no surgery or surgical procedure whatsoever! This means no shots, no surgery, no drilling down healthy teeth. We see patients that are 70 years of age and have never had a filling. They don’t even need any anesthetic. We see younger teenage patients and patients in the 20’s and older that never had a filling and again, they don’t need a shot or any anesthetic because our method is nearly painless and much quicker than the other methods.

Facial Symmetry, Maximized Aesthetics, Bite Position and Jaw Function Based on Your Unique Skeletal Structure

Symmetry, aesthetics, bite position optimized - before and after treatment

Most patients don’t have a gum problem like this, but on his right side he needed gum treatment to balance the right and left side of his gum line. Dr. Muslin completes this treatment without stitches in about 30 minutes. The photo on the right was taken 5 years after the treatment was completed. Cosmetic dentistry cannot deliver this outcome.

Other dentists looked at my teeth and recommended jaw surgery and braces. Dr. Muslin looked at the entire structure of my face and solved the problems without braces or surgery. He is the Picasso of Dentistry!

This is the key difference. A cosmetic dentist can improve the smile, but not the jawline, and not the facial profile and not the bite. The VENLAY® Bite Correction is a much more complex method because in one treatment plan we can give an incredible smile, improve the entire shape of the face, improve the facial profile, relieve pain and stress yet give cosmetic dentistry beyond traditional cosmetic dentistry.

How Much Does VENLAY® Bite Correction Cost?

Most patients don’t realize how much more one patient would have to pay then another patient because of the condition of the teeth. We don’t want to quote a lower number, and then you come in needing all kinds of treatment. We don’t want to quote a higher number and turn off patients that would spend less.

What is the Average Cost? Please remember, this is not cosmetic dentistry and 8 porcelain veneers that leave you with the same face, same bite, and same profile. This is a treatment that does far more than normal cosmetic dentistry is designed to do. Our treatment is health care that addresses how long we are going to live by saving our healthy teeth from the dental drill, our jaws from being surgically altered, years and years of braces or clear retainers and all of the time lost with those treatments.

Please refer to What Is the Cost of Face Lift Dentistry® on our FAQ page for cost estimates.

How Long Does This Treatment Take?

Our method usually requires a consultation that helps you learn a lot about yourself and how your treatment can proceed. This takes about 10 to 20 minutes. If the patient moves forward for JawTrac® testing and records, we need 3 hours and you will get a written estimate. Then it is up to you to move forward and this takes two 5 day visits separated by three weeks for Dr. Muslin to custom design your VENLAY® Restorations, bond them and tune them to your normal functions.

Next Step

Calling our office and explaining your dental needs can help us give you some idea of cost. Just about everyone is a candidate for this method so booking a consultation with Dr. Muslin and his treatment staff is the best way to receive your treatment and cost options. We really need to see you in person for you to see your new face during the very first visit.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.