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Porcelain veneers without grinding are the best type of veneer because the patient will save their natural tooth structure. Using a non-invasive type of veneer preserves the health of the patient’s teeth. There are many different brands of non-invasive porcelain veneers and each one has their advantages and disadvantages. No one type of veneer is better because there are a wide variety of patient problems.

For the best porcelain veneers results, Dr. Muslin will use different brands on the same patient to get great looking smiles. Another issue about finding the best kind of porcelain veneers are the final shapes and light transmission. Dr. Muslin works on his veneers personally in order to get the best shapes and light transmission on his veneer dentistry. Typically, many cosmetic dentists are grinding off a lot of tooth structure in order to keep the veneer from being too thick or bulky.

 Tetracycline Stains and uneven teeth were corrected with porcelain veneers requiring no grinding.

Her treatment was done many years ago and the treatment took only 2 weeks. All of her teeth were treated with porcelain veneers without grinding. She said that her teeth looked so natural that everyone thought she looked better but nobody knew that she had her teeth fixed with veneers. She wanted to hide the color due to tetracycline stain.

A non-invasive technique would be a greater benefit to the patient if the porcelain veneers can look natural. This patient was treated with porcelain veneers without grinding but the most difficult part of her care was the big differences in the sizes of her teeth. When some teeth require a very thin porcelain veneer and another tooth requires a thick veneer because it is a small tooth, the teeth can end up looking very different in the intensity of color.

Today, the patients are more sophisticated and just about all of them have seen a friend that has had porcelain veneers that they do not like. Today’s patients want more than the thick fake looking veneers of the past. My suggestion is to find the best cosmetic dentist because fake looking smiles are no longer respected. Find the best cosmetic dentist rather than the best porcelain veneer.

Non-Invasive Treatment for Tetracycline Stains

This patient wanted a whiter and brighter smile but she also wanted it to look natural. When she came to our office she had extensive tetracycline staining and bad veneers on her canines that had turned black. She came to Dr. Muslin because she wanted a dentist that used the highest quality dental materials so that any future work would look natural and last a decade or more. She also had peg shaped lateral incisors that were much smaller than her other teeth. The tetracycline stain and the peg lateral incisors made her smile out of balance.

Gaps Between Teeth

She also did not like the broken edges or the gaps in her teeth. Dr. Muslin pointed out at her consultation that her smile was also very narrow and that her teeth were not sized proportionally. He explained to her that if she really wanted to take her smile to the next level, then making her smile wider and therefore fuller was the way to go. The spaces between her teeth combined with the gaps, tetracycline stain and small lateral incisors made this patient’s smile a challenge. Dr. Sam Muslin has over 30 years of experience and this much experience matters when the patient wants a high quality result that lasts.

Wider Smiles vs Narrow Smiles

Patients can also get a wider smile but they will need to have at least 10 porcelain veneers. In order to get a wider smile, more veneers are needed and most of the time these veneers can be the no-prep type of laminate. Most patient can have a wider smile by bonding directly to the enamel of the teeth without needles, shots or grinding.

Dr. Sam Muslin always studies his patient's entire face so that he can provide treatment options like widening the smile. These types of options and this level of consideration is what can be expected from an artistic standpoint. His priority is to deliver the most innovative health care while delivering the best aesthetic results for each patient. He finds that by working on the veneers for each of his patients, he can control the color, shapes and size balance for his patients.

Tetracycline Veneers

She was very specific that she wanted as little grinding as possible on her natural teeth and this type of treatment is called non-invasive dentistry. The difficult part for tetracycline veneers is hiding the dark color with a ultra thin veneer. The second most difficult part is to get the gums to fit between the teeth so there will be no dark space. The only way to get the gums to fit up between the teeth is to get a perfect fit between the tooth and the veneers. The fit must be perfect to get the gums to grow back. This patient has porcelain veneers on her upper teeth and still has natural lower teeth that were bleached.

 Tetracycline stained and uneven teeth treated with non-invasive porcelain veneers for a white balanced smile.

To make sure that the look stayed natural, all of restorations have translucencies, surface textures, and subtle shading. The shape of each tooth is custom designed by Dr. Muslin to match her facial features and to capture the anatomy of a natural tooth. This level of design consideration is what differentiates Dr. Muslin's work from other dentists. Her smile is full but still natural looking and it will last for many more years to come!

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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