Understanding Dental Implants

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery

Dental Implants are designed to replace missing teeth. They are surgically inserted in the jaw bone much like a screw is inserted into wood. A dental implant actually replaces the missing tooth and does not rely on other teeth to support it. Implants can look perfectly natural, are very strong, are not temperature sensitive, do not decay and can last for many years. They are successful about 90% of the time.

Dental Implants

 Dental Implants to restore missing or broken teeth - before and after photo

Dental Implants used to replace missing teeth - before and after treatement

Implant Dentistry Replaces Missing Teeth

They replace the missing teeth by placing a titanium support in the patients jaw (you need enough bone) and then after it heals, a porcelain crown can be placed on it.

 Implant Dentistry Replaces Missing Teeth - Before and After

Dental Implant technology has gotten so refined and is very non- eventful. Most patients are back to work the next day.

Bone Preservation

When teeth are lost, bone is lost and continues to be lost of the patient's lifetime. Dental Implants preserve the jaw bone and keep it for the lifetime of the implant. As patients live longer the preservation of bone through Implant dentistry improves the cosmetic dental care and functional dynamics of chewing.

Teeth Or Implants In An Hour

Missing teeth can be replace in one hour in some patients if there is enough jaw bone and if the quality of the jaw bone is strong. The implant can be placed and the temporary acrylic crown can be cemented. The patient walks out of the office with a" tooth in an hour". Sometimes more than one can be placed and the patient can walk out with "teeth in an hour." If you are in the Los Angeles county, cosmetic dentistry can be achieved in a very short period of time.

Tooth Extraction And Immediate Implant Placement

A tooth can be extracted and if there is enough bone and enough strong bone, a dental implant can be placed immediately after the extraction of the tooth. In this case, bone can also be grafted at the same time an implant is placed as long as there is solid bone to hold the implant motionless. Implants cannot have micro movement while they heal. A temporary crown is placed on the implant and after a few months a porcelain crown can be placed.

Dental Jaw Bone Grafting

Dental Jaw bone grafting means that bone can be added to the jaw to thicken or heighten the bone so an implant can be placed in the future. Sometimes high tech dental implants cannot be placed because there is insufficient amounts of jaw bone. Once the bone graft heals, (about 5 months) the implant can be placed into the patient's jaw. Generally, because the bone was grafted, we have to wait for about 5 or 6 months for the healing before teeth can be attached.

Loose Dentures

Denture patients have the real solution to loose fitting dentures. The patient may bite on one side and the other side of the denture moves and if you laugh, look out, the dentures can come completely out of the patient's mouth. Dental Implants give dentures a snug tight fit and help mechanically secure the denture. Combine dental implants with a well fitting denture and the patient can achieve levels of comfort that exceed denture adhesives or denture creams as Fixodent, Poligrip, Miracle Grip, Cushion Grip and Sea-Bond.

Complete Jaw Rehabilitation

Patients can have multiple implants placed in their jaw at one time and after healing, porcelain crowns, or porcelain bridges or a combination of porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges can be placed on the implants. The cosmetic dental porcelain can stay in the patients mouth all of the time and can feel as natural as a full set of teeth. Dental implants add chewing power and confidence as the teeth can be made to stay in the patients mouth all of the time the same as natural teeth and can also be removable teeth for ease of dental hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry And Implant Engineering

The most important element in implant placement and design is the dentist. There are a lot of implant companies as Astra, Nobelpharma, Strumann, ITI, Noble Biocare, Branemark, Bicon, Lifecore Biomedical, Imtec, Mini Implants etc. Get a consultation, discuss your options and move forward with the best possible care for you. Treatment success does not depend on the equipment nor the implant system as much as success depends on the engineering and design skills, organization skills, technical skills and the experience level of the dentist.

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