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Headaches, Facial Tension and TMJ Correction

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Reviewed by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 01/31/2020

Jaw Clenching Treated by Correcting the TMJ

The cutting edge field of high-tech bite correction dentistry is making huge strides to minimize if not eliminate TMJ symptoms without surgery by correcting the bite. It may sound hard to believe that your bite position which, is the way that your teeth fit together, can be the source of your TMJ pain but it is actually quite common. Whether you experience muscle pain, muscle tiredness, tension in your face, headaches, or chronic clenching, these could be the side effects of a less than ideal bite position. It is now possible without surgery or grinding down your good teeth to correct and idealize your bite position. When a bite position is designed around your anatomy your TMJ can work harmoniously with your bite for the first time in your life.

Jaw Clenching treated by correcting the TMJ. Before After picture.

Before undergoing the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment she had constant tightness in her jaw and she clenched her jaw almost all of the time. She also had a narrow smile and short teeth that barely showed up when she smiled. Now her smile is full and her face and jaw can relax because they are in an ideal bite position for the first time in her life.

For over 30 years Dr. Sam Muslin has been focusing on bite correction dentistry and the remarkable results that can be achieved. While the health improvements that his patients experience are remarkable the anti-aging results are truly unprecedented. After spending years studying the functional and aesthetic changes taking place for his patients he developed and trademarked the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. This treatment is challenging the field of dentistry by resolving TMJ symptoms quickly while at the same time idealizing facial shapes and proportions for a more youthful appearance.

No More Headaches and Jaw Pain

TMJ Correction

Besides getting improved health with tension and pain reduction, she also has teeth that are permanently whiter, a jaw position that will help her look younger for the rest of her life.

Over the years several dentists told Dr. Muslin’s patient below that she has “bite issues” and they recommended surgery. She chose not to go the surgery route. She admits that she felt tightness in her jaw and tension in her face almost all of the time. Then about one year ago she notices that her hair is falling out. The hair specialist told her that her jaw and facial muscles are so strong that they are actually tightening her scalp to the point that her hair follicles are being strangled. To resolve the issue, she began a message therapy series for her scalp and also had the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment by Dr. Muslin.

Benefits of Bite Correction

Just a few days after the treatment she told Dr. Muslin that “the tension in my face is gone”. She says that her face and jaw now feel relaxed and that she never realized how much of the time she used to spend with her jaw clenched. The treatment she underwent idealized her bite and jaw position. This allowed her jaw and facial muscles the opportunity to relax and function correctly for the first time in years. Now her bite and jaw position work with her musculature for efficiency and comfort. But, the cosmetic benefits of her new facial support and having natural looking teeth that are permanently whiter are a self-esteem booster.

Chewing Better & Looking Younger

When it comes to chewing we tend to take it at face value. Rarely do we think about our chewing motion and analyze the power or efficiency of our bite. It is just one of those things that we accept as it is. Even if there is something wrong it is quite common to ignore the problem or blame it on something other than our bite position. The only way to chew thoroughly and comfortably is to have and good jaw and bite position where the two are working in tandem with one another. When any part of the chewing system is out of synch, it can lead to many symptoms that are rarely attributed to the actual problem of a bad bite.

Sometimes bad bites subconsciously and consciously force us to stop chewing our food thoroughly. When it is difficult or painful to close your teeth together we simply get by with chewing as little as possible. This in turn introduces partially broken down food into our digestive tract asking it to do the work that our bite should have done. Overtime digestive issues such as acid reflux can occur as your body struggles to digest unprocessed food.

Overbite Correction – Slows Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down The Aging Process

She had facial tension and neck pain that she has had all of her life. All of her healthy teeth were saved with no grinding required. She now has a wider smile, her bite corrected, less head and neck tension and natural looking teeth.

In other cases our TMJ muscles are over compensating for our bad bite and we over chew our food. Our bodies have a remarkable way of self-healing and problem solving. When the way that our teeth meet together is inefficient, our bodies will respond by increasing the muscle size and strength around our TMJ. In other words our jaw muscles will do everything they can to force our teeth to meet so that we can chew. By repeatedly forcing our bite into an unhealthy position we can begin to experience muscles tightness, pain, and fatigue. Dr. Muslin’s patient featured on this page reflected back on how she was eating before treatment compared to how she eats today by saying, “I was chewing my food to death and now I am just chewing my food”.

Grinding and Clenching Teeth

When we sleep, all of us do some amount of clenching and grinding and this is normal. When this nighttime reflex progresses over time it can lead to enamel erosion, short or worn down teeth, root exposure, tooth mobility and more. A custom-made night guard by a dentist is a great way to stop the damage. While a night guard does not necessarily stop you from clenching and grinding altogether, it does keep your teeth from making contact with one another. Most of the damage will be done to the night guard rather than your teeth.

Anytime that your bite position is off it can lead to increased clenching or grinding. Then the more clenching and grinding that we do, the more we wear down our bite unevenly. The situation tends to get worse and worse overtime causing tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, muscle tightness, headaches and more. From a cosmetic standpoint as teeth are worn down than can start to look yellow or grey in color. The edges of your teeth may be chipped and uneven or they will look sawed off. As teeth shorten they start to disappear from your smile because they are so small and this makes you look old.

Feeling Younger is Far Better than just Looking Younger

Patients fly in from all over the world to get this treatment because it is remarkably fast and the natural teeth are not ground down. With this new high tech VENLAY® restorations the patient will always look younger and prevent premature aging. No form of braces or clear retainers can improve the shape of the teeth, the color of the teeth or make them less sensitive like Dr. Sam Muslin’s treatment. These patients are getting a smile that can surpass traditional cosmetic dentistry. The treatment helps patients look younger, feel younger and can revers years of aging.

Aesthetic Value of TMJ Correction

Aesthetic value of TMJ correction - Before and After

One of her deepest fears in doing the bite correction treatment is that she would look worse than she did before the treatment. Like all of Dr. Muslin’s patients she got to try in and walk around with her new look in place before anything went in permanently. Only after she approved the look and was totally happy did Dr. Muslin bond everything into place.

After spending years clenching her jaw her teeth were worn down and chipped. Parts of here teeth are worn so thin that they look grey in places and yellow in others. Even though her teeth are not looking as good as they once did and they no longer create a healthy bite they are still good teeth. Meaning, there is absolutely no reason to grind down what is left of her teeth to correct her bite. Her teeth are already too short and it would be a tragedy to shorten them anymore. This is why she chose the noninvasive treatment Face Lift Dentistry®.

Face Lift Dentistry® Treatment

There is nothing better than bringing together the best of both worlds…health and cosmetics…and this is a core value of Face Lift Dentistry®. By creating the most ideal bite and jaw position for TMJ comfort and chewing efficiency the health of your entire body improves. At the same time the bite and jaw re-positioning can yield unprecedented anti-aging results. A weak lower jaw and chin can become stronger. A short round face can be elongated for a softer and more youthful oval shape. Fine lines around small lips become supported for fullness. So much can be accomplished from a facial standpoint all without surgery or fillers.

The entire treatment is without any recovery time because your teeth are not being ground down. You can have the smile and jaw comfort that you have always wanted without making a sacrifice to the health of your teeth. If you have any specific health or cosmetic goals in mind give the office a call to learn more or to schedule a consultation exam with Dr. Muslin.

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