Porcelain Veneers for Wider Smiles

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery

For any patient that is considering cosmetic dentistry and especially porcelain veneers the main choice you need to make is the dentist. Now some dentists advertize with photos of models, beautifully people touched up with photo shop or with videos that they rented.

The size of each photo needs to match, and the before photos should not look like they just got out of rehab and the after photo is touched up so they look like they are going to a formal dinner. Porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates need to be customize to you. Your skin, hair, lips thickness and the proportions of your teeth need to be considered or else you are not going to be happy. The number one complaint is bad porcelain veneers, so do not be an unhappy patient. Choose your cosmetic dentist wisely.

No-Prep Veneers and a Wider Smile

No-drilling ultra-thin porcelain veneer treatment showing a wider smile in the after photo.

I wanted a great smile and did not want to have my teeth ground down.  I could have gotten it done for much less money but I would have never looked this good with that cosmetic dentist's.

Porcelain Laminates

She was looking at a photograph of herself with a group of friends and instantly decided that this was the last photo she would take with her teeth looking like they did. She saw tooth discoloration because of a bad veneer and her entire smile was too narrow. Dr. Muslin showed her that her bicuspid teeth were very short because the gum had overgrown. He explained to her that this is a fine point that very few cosmetic dentists would ever even notice. However, these are the small details that make the difference between an okay result and an amazing result.

Reversing a Narrow Smile with Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

The only way to choose a cosmetic dentist to do your porcelain veneers is to see their work. You need to see untouched and unaltered before and after photos with the expressions matching.

Gummy Smiles – Too Much Gum Shows

Dr. Muslin began by preparing the teeth without grinding on any of the natural tooth enamel. He did microsurgery on her gums using his specialized technique, which did not require any stitches or any days off from work. This microsurgery was necessary to lift and reshaped the gums that were too long so that when the veneers and crowns were placed there would be less gum tissue showing in her smile. Dr. Muslin custom designs his veneers and crowns to perfectly merge with the gum line for a totally natural look.

Ultra-Thin Custom Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Muslin designed the porcelain veneers to widen her smile and to support her face structure. The dark shadows that were once in the corners of her mouth are now eliminated. You will also notice that all of her teeth are slightly longer. This custom re-sizing of each tooth is what makes her smile even more vibrant. The shape of each tooth is selected to compliment her facial features and both sides of her smile still have subtle differences. Dr. Muslin always incorporates these subtle differences in his designs so that both sides of the mouth have slightly different characteristics that come together to complement one another.

Widening the Smile with Non Invasive Veneers

A close-up photo showing a bad discolored veneer, a narrow smaile and gum thickening.

Her smile was narrow with some gum thickening, contributing to a gummy smile. A discolored bad veneer from her previous cosmetic dentist spoils her smile.

A Wider Smile with Perfect Color and Texture Match

The narrow smile is now corrected and the non-invasive ultra thin veneers are perfectly matched in color and texture to her natural lower teeth.

Notice the perfect color and texture match between the upper non-invasive porcelain veneers and the natural lower teeth.

Matching Porcelain Veneers to Natural Teeth

It is incredibly difficult to perfectly match the color of the porcelain on the upper teeth and the color of the natural enamel of the lower teeth. Also notice that the translucency levels and surface textures between the upper porcelain and the lower natural enamel is exactly the same. Dr. Muslin spends a great deal of time with his lab ceramist to assure that every aspect of the porcelain mimics that of the patient’s natural enamel. Coordinating all of these details is why Dr. Muslin's patients have a much more natural and believable result.

She was thrilled with her finished look and not dreading taking photos anymore! These photos prove that VENLAY® Restorations, a special type of prepless veneers, widen smiles.

Treating Gaps or Spaces between Teeth with Non-Invasive VENLAY® Restorations

A before and after picture showing a patient treated with non-invasive porcelain veneers to remove gaps and spaces between his teeth.

The gaps between his teeth required porcelain veneers but he was not going to take a chance.  He flew in from South America to Santa Monica California to get the smile perfect.

Porcelain veneers can close the gaps or spaces between the teeth but the dentist must understand how to get the teeth properly proportioned to the patients face. When porcelain veneers are made to close the gaps between the teeth, the new smile can look out of proportion or too large. The cosmetic dentist must understand that each tooth must be proportioned to match the teeth on the sides. Cosmetic dentistry can actually create bad porcelain veneers, which is one of the biggest problems in dentistry today. The porcelain veneers placed on his upper teeth match the translucency of his lower teeth in all lighting.

Treating Gaps and Spaces with Non Invasive Porcelain Veneers

Closeup pictures showing hoe effective gaps and spaces can be treated with non-invasive porcelain veneers.

“My upper teeth had spaces and were a little bit crooked. I do not know how he made it look so good but none of my teeth had to be ground down so this doctor saved my teeth”.

Even though this young man is not concerned about cosmetics, he felt like the gaps between his teeth were bothering him, as he just wanted a normal smile. Dr. Sam Muslin worked with his ceramist with this patient as he does with all of his patients. He uses a large flat screen with the patient photos and study models so he can measure and design the shape of each tooth. Then he will grind the shapes to match the patients face in order to develop a masculine appearance for this patient.

Perfect Porcelain Veneers

The picture shows a patient treated by Sam Muslin DDS with non-invasive ultra thin porcelain veneers for the most perfect porcelain veneer outcome available.

“My smile was already good but why settle for good when you can have great? Besides, none of my teeth needed drilling at all. Dr. Muslin was able to make my porcelain veneers right over my existing teeth”.

The goal of perfect porcelain veneers is to create a wider smile, balance the sizes of the patient’s teeth and make the teeth permanently whiter. She glows when she is smiling and her teeth are much less sensitive. The most difficult part of treating a patient with a good smile is that the dentist better know how to take that good smile to the next level.

Tetracycline Stained Teeth and Crooked Teeth

Patient with Tetracycline stained teeth before and after treatment with non-invasive veneers.

“I had tetracycline stain and crooked teeth. I had no idea that my teeth could look so elegant and feel so smooth. Porcelain veneers were able to hide the tetracycline stain, give me straight teeth and improve the shapes”

Crooked teeth with gaps can be a big distraction to a smile and she was looking for the best cosmetic dentist. She also did not want porcelain crowns as her other cosmetic dentists wanted to grind down her natural teeth for porcelain crowns . When she asked about porcelain veneers, the other cosmetic dentists said they still had to do some drilling on her natural teeth. She decided to have the work done with a cosmetic dentist that had extensive experience with Asian people and tetracycline stain. She wanted whiter teeth and a wider smile and did not want her teeth ground down unless she had no other choice.

Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Muslin explained that grinding down the teeth with tetracycline stain is not a good idea because tetracycline stain gets darker inside the teeth. He actually recommends non-invasive porcelain veneers to hide the tetracycline stain better.

Porcelain Veneers for Seniors

A senior patient smiles before and after non-invasive porcelain veneers were bonded to his teeth.

“My teeth were so worn and jagged and kept chipping at the edges. It was great to get brand new porcelain laminates bonded to my old teeth. The porcelain veneers made my appearance a little more agreeable”.

Dr. Sam Muslin deeply appreciates all of his patients that have given him written permission to show their untouched and unaltered before and after photos on his websites. He considers this as the ultimate testimonial and he sincerely and humbly thanks them all.

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Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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