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Almost every dentist is now a cosmetic dentist. All they have to do is to begin calling himself or herself a cosmetic dentist and just like magic they think they suddenly are cosmetic dentists. There are no requirements and no qualifications to do cosmetic dentistry. Some cosmetic dentists will stand next to a movie star, take a photo and then all of a sudden they are the dentists of the movie stars.

The key elements to choosing the best cosmetic dentists are the before and after photos of the cosmetic dentist’s work. Fortunately there are dentists that do elite cosmetic dentistry and have the before and after photos of porcelain laminates to prove their ability to deliver advanced cosmetic dentistry. The best veneers require no grinding of the healthy teeth and the veneers look incredibly natural.

No-Grinding Porcelain Veneers

 Before and After photo showing no-grinding porcelain veneers.

"I now have natural white teeth, far less tooth sensitivity, a fuller upper lip, and a wider smile - all without tooth grinding." - Lisa from Santa Monica, CA

The ultra thin porcelain laminates can be very difficult to handle and very difficult to get a natural translucency to the porcelain if the dentist lacks significant experience. The best way to find an advanced cosmetic dentist is to find a website that has many before and after photos of elite cosmetic dentistry that are untouched and unaltered. Choose your cosmetic dentist wisely and chances are that you will be thrilled rather than disappointed.

Bad Porcelain Veneers

This patient has seen "Hollywood porcelain veneers" that looked fake. Some of these patients are getting their thick white and bulky dental laminates replaced by Santa Monica cosmetic dentist Dr. Sam Muslin with new ultra thin laminates for a more natural looking Hollywood smile. It takes time to create a natural smile that “works” for your face and smile which is the reason why Dr. Muslin is one of the few advanced cosmetic dentists that works on the porcelain personally.

This patient wanted non-invasive porcelain veneers that looked natural. She understood the importance of choosing the best cosmetic dentist because she had experienced many patients that were unhappy with their dental laminates. She was able to see why each patient wanted the natural looking type of no grinding porcelain laminates and why they were unhappy with their laminates.

After seeing a lot of laminates that were thick, bulky and fake looking, she was determined not to make the same mistakes. Additionally, many of the unhappy patients with porcelain laminates had their natural teeth ground down. The were told by the cosmetic dentist of the stars that he or she would not grind down “much tooth structure” only to realize after the fact they their teeth were permanently compromised because all of the enamel was ground away.

Non invasive porcelain veneers mean no shots, no sedation, no grinding and no anesthesia and no temporaries are necessary. Non-invasive dentistry is painless dentistry that is safe and lasts longer because it is stronger but it takes more talent to treat with non-invasive in this dentist’s opinion. Painless no prep dentistry is better for your health.

Non Invasive Veneers by Santa Monica's Dr. Sam Muslin

 A closeup showing before and after non-invasive porcelain veneers.

"I now have natural white teeth with no grinding porcelain veneers, far less tooth sensitivity, a fuller upper lip, and a wider smile" all without tooth grinding. My upper teeth have veneers and all of my lower teeth are natural and I love how he matched the color, surface texture and translucency”.

Good Smiles now are Great Smiles

This patient is not your typical candidate for cosmetic dentistry. She already has a naturally beautiful smile and straight teeth after orthodontic treatment. Her bite is also balanced and comfortable so Lisa does not require dental care. However, she wanted to turn her good smile into a great smile, and fortunately, she knew just the right person for her advanced no grinding porcelain laminates. She did not want the Hollywood white porcelain laminates because they were too white and made the patients look phony or desperate. She thought the Hollywood smile laminates had too much white opacity and not enough translucency. She wanted white teeth with a perfect smile and her perfect laminates had to be natural looking, translucent like natural teeth and the no grinding type of porcelain veneer. The Hollywood smile type of laminate looked like refrigerator teeth to Lisa.

Lumineers® vs. Dr. Sam Muslin's Non Invasive Veneers

Porcelain laminates have been around for many years. Traditionally, porcelain laminates involve grinding on the natural tooth structure to make room for the porcelain. There has been a recent Lumineers® advertising campaign , since they advertise "pain free, no-drilling" porcelain laminates. Dr. Muslin's "pain free no drilling porcelain laminates" require no tooth structure to be removed. However, he has the ability to personally work with the ceramist and customize the patient's porcelain laminates to achieve results that appear very natural with a ceramic lab two blocks from his office. He works on the laminates personally to get the right shape and color for each of his patients. Dr. Muslin offers Lumineers® and veneers made from virtually any type of porcelain for those patients that request them. However, he recommends that the patient let him choose the type of porcelain that is best for the patient.

How to Get a Wider Smile

"Wow!" She always thought her upper lip was too thin and never dreamed that dental care could make her "upper lip fuller" without surgery, stitches, without injections or pain. Lisa was very excited to have painless dentistry. Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD (Master of the Academy of General Dentistry) explained that the laminates would be better angled than her natural teeth and would get better lip support, therefore giving her a "fuller upper lip" and slightly longer teeth. Additionally, he would be adding the laminates to her side teeth to give her a wider smile and make all of the teeth much less sensitive to temperature. Lisa said, “You mean I will get a wider smile with veneers, a fuller lip and my teeth will be much less sensitive to ice cream? Sign me up”!

VENLAY® Restorations Have Even More Potential

Some patients want the widest smile possible and need their bite corrected. Patients with overbites have small chins and short round faces. These patients do not sleep as well, breath as well and typically have TMJ problems. The latest and greatest way to correct the bad overbite without braces or surgery is with VENLAY® overbite correction restorations. Patients are flying in from all over the world to get this level of care that goes beyond cosmetic dentistry, beyond anti-aging dentistry by correcting the bite, improving the patient’s facial profile, giving them straight white teeth, widening the smile beyond porcelain veneers and give the patient the best facial proportions without grinding down healthy teeth. It is non-invasive overbite correction in only two weeks. Dr. Muslin believes that this is the anti-aging dentistry of the future because of its no prep VENLAY® Restorations and his Face Lift Dentistry® method can transform the patient’s faces.

Premature Aging Prevention

In order to prevent premature aging the non-invasive porcelain veneers can be angled and shaped to support the face and cheeks. This level of care requires extensive training to get it right because if the laminates are at the wrong angles, the patient will no be able to speak clearly. Have you ever watched older people slur their words because their teeth are too short and their bite has collapsed? Most of the time we think they are just old but the real problem is their teeth. The reverse happens with dental laminates when a patient has laminates placed with the wrong shapes and wrong angles. The bad porcelain laminates will actually cause the patient’s speech to be “slurry” sounding.

To prevent premature aging, the porcelain laminates must be angled, lengthened and shaped by the elite and advanced cosmetic dentist.

Reversing Aging Requires More Than Porcelain Veneers

Patients with overbites and under bites age more quickly because of the misaligned teeth. Typical anti-aging dentistry involves grinding down healthy teeth for porcelain veneers and most of the time, the bite corrected they get does not improve the jaw position, the facial profile or the proportions of the face. Be careful, and understand that anti-aging dentistry will vary widely between dental offices. The advantage of Face Lift Dentistry® age reversing treatment is that the method is standardized.

How to Desensitize Sensitive Teeth

Her teeth were sensitive to cold. When snow skiing, she found it uncomfortable breathing through her mouth. She never realized that the no grinding porcelain laminates could actually make her teeth MUCH LESS SENSITIVE. He explained that the extra layer of custom made porcelain was bonded to her teeth and gave her additional thermal protection that reduced tooth sensitivity with a veneer.

The exclusive bonding technique by Dr. Muslin utilizes a powerful tooth desensitizer that combines with his bonding method that makes his laminates have a wonderful desensitizing affect. His patients rarely have tooth sensitivity after porcelain laminates, porcelain crowns, or fillings because of his specialized bonding technique.

The procedure was painless and Lisa said, "I can eat ice cream without sensitivity and go snow skiing and breathe the cold air through my mouth in total comfort." Her quality of life is improved because her teeth are so much less sensitive.

The Perfect Smile

The perfect smile has natural looking white teeth that were treated with the most natural looking laminates. The way to get perfect veneers is to find an elite cosmetic dentist with the before and after photos to prove it. Dr. Sam Muslin was honored as LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist several years in a row because of his advanced cosmetic dentistry photography of his treatment. He was able to show his work rather than just talk or make bold statements.

As the committee that gave his the award said, “Dr. Muslin, you have raised the bar so high that you made it difficult for the other dentists to compete for this award”.

Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD features all untouched and unaltered before and after photography of his work throughout this website and all of the treatment is completed personally by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD of Santa Monica, California. On this patient there were, ten upper teeth treated with "no grinding porcelain veneers". The lower teeth are completely natural healthy teeth as no veneers were placed on the lower teeth.

The perfect smile required a perfect color match between natural lower teeth and porcelain veneered upper teeth, which is a difficult task with all of the different types of lighting. As an example, in sunlight, laminates must absorb light just like her natural teeth and yet in the moonlight, they must reflect light just like natural teeth in order to achieve advanced cosmetic dentistry.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, anti-aging dentistry, age reversing dentistry or the ultimate level of care Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® you can call the office to discuss your particular issues with his treatment coordinators at (310) 829-6796

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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