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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 08/16/2022

Any cosmetic dentist can close the gap between the front teeth but they would cause a worse problem because the two front teeth would be too big. Her two front teeth are already too big even before trying to close the gap between her teeth. So if the cosmetic dentist replaced her two front porcelain crowns and closed the gap between her front teeth, the teeth would be even bigger.

The best cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica knows how to proportion the teeth to get the perfect smile. This is the best aesthetic dentistry because when the gap is closed, all of her teeth are balanced in size, shape and proportions.

This is why Dr. Sam Muslin treats patients from all over the world because his work is well known as the best cosmetic dentistry in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. When you consider how many dentists were hoping to be selected as LA’s Best Dentist, you can understand how much competition was present.

Restoring Lost Gum Between Teeth

 Gap between Front Teeth treated

The hardest part of her treatment was getting the porcelain crowns to fit her teeth absolutely perfectly in order to get the gum that was lost between her two front teeth to grow back. The gums can actually grow back but the dentistry has to be perfect.

Fixed Bridge

Any cosmetic dentist can make a fixed bridge but why does this dentist’s cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry look so natural? It is because he works on the porcelain of every one of his patients personally in order to get the best shape and fit to his cosmetic dentistry. He will actually go to the ceramic lab and personally create his aesthetic dentistry.

Recently he treated patients from Japan, Utah, Dallas, Seattle, England, Dubai and Spain. These patients do not want to have to do all of their work over again and do not want to waste their valuable time with aesthetic dentistry that is bad aesthetic dentistry.

They feel that traveling to see this dentist will actually save them a lot of time and get superior dental results. She has had several porcelain crowns and one fixed bridge, can you tell the difference? Probably not and this is an example of the best aesthetic dentistry possible, as it is the best cosmetic dentistry that creates the wide balanced smiles.

Gums Can Grow Back

This patient did not like the gap between her front teeth, the large size of her two front teeth, nor the dark lines on the porcelain bridge on her left side. Look how the teeth on her left side are tilted towards her tongue that result in a fake looking smile.

Black Lines at the Gums


Black lines at the gums are due to metal oxidation but with the new high tech porcelain bridges, the gums can look completely natural. In fact, the fact that the gums fit so well around her new all porcelain crowns and fixed porcelain bridges, is evidence that the fit is perfect between the porcelain and the teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

The new porcelain crowns had balanced the shapes and sizes of her teeth allowing the gum to grow back between her front teeth. She had lost her gingival papilla that created the dark triangle hole between her front teeth that trapped food when she ate. The baby boomer generation has far too many people with these holes between their teeth that trap food.

The best aesthetic dentistry matches the look of natural teeth and can also get the lost gingival papilla to grow back to completely eliminate the dark triangle hole between her teeth. Great aesthetic dentistry is all about the balance with every aspect of nature as the gums, the translucency of the porcelain and biologically compatible fit.

Wider Smiles are the Best Smiles

The porcelain bridge was replaced and reshaped to widen her smile. Notice the straighter angles of her teeth. The angles and shapes of the teeth combined with the gums growing back between the teeth create a wider smile without a defect. One little defect can leave the patient with a amateur smile or bad aesthetic dentistry.

All of her porcelain crowns have light translucency and natural surface texture to give her a little sparkle. This patient’s daughter insisted that her photos be placed on the Internet because she was so proud of her Mother’s appearance.

Unintentional Bad Esthetic Dentistry

Although her previous dentist tried very hard, she wanted a much better smile. The teeth had different shades and shapes. The gum receded between her front two teeth was lost, leaving a dark hole or a dark triangular space. The two center teeth were too big. Her teeth on the sides make her smile look narrow. Narrow smiles are really incomplete smiles.

She needed advanced neuromuscular dentistry to balance her bite, the jaw position and the smile. Neuromuscular dentistry is the treatment of the lower jaw position to treat TMJ type problems. Bad aesthetic dentistry contributes to TMJ pain and needs to be corrected with advanced neuromuscular dentistry that has been developed in the office of Dr. Sam Muslin.

He is one of the very few dentists using ultra low radiation jaw imaging equipment rather than CT Scan, which expose patients to far to much radiation unnecessarily. As his patient say, “He is worth traveling long distances to get this kind of care”.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

The shades and shapes are artistically balanced. The gum fills the space because the latest technology is utilized. There has to be a high level of coordination between the doctor, the doctor's staff and ceramist, to achieve a smile that revitalizes your entire appearance. This is what Dr. Muslin does best.

No gum surgery, no gum grafting, no stitches were necessary to get the gum to grow back because the gums will only grow back if the shape and the fit of the porcelain crowns, fixed bridges and porcelain veneers are perfect. Advanced cosmetic dentistry is the perfection of the smile.

Call for your appointment as this patient said, “He is worth the trip”.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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