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Slanted Teeth and Skew Smile Treated with Porcelain Veneers

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The photo below is an example of mild slanting teeth with her midline slanted to her left, and mildly crooked upper teeth. She wanted to present herself more professionally and also wanted to improve her health. The treatment was designed to remove the old dentistry, all tooth decay and replace it with the new high tech porcelain while saving all of the healthy tooth structure on her remaining teeth.

Slanting Teeth and Crooked Upper Teeth

Slanting Teeth: Before and After photo showing the outcome of this treatment for slanted teeth

This patient was able to get a wider smile and whiter teeth with an improvement in her bite in a very short period of time. She never liked how the front two teeth were different in size and how her teeth slanted while other teeth stuck out. A couple of other elements besides slanting teeth and short yellow teeth were that her back upper and lower teeth went up.

What she meant was, people could see too many lower teeth when she smiled which is typical of an older person. By improving her bite, the lower teeth were less prominent and her upper teeth became more prominent. Now she has the appearance of a younger more vibrant person because her bite is balanced to her face.

Thicker Lips and Straight Teeth

Most people have not idea that lips can look fuller and thicker with high tech dentistry. The ability to provide better facial support along with improving the bite of the patient is why so many people are willing to travel to Santa Monica California from all over the world to receive Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® anti-aging dentistry. This patient’s treatment also will prevent premature aging because of her improved facial support.

Premature Aging Treatment

She never understood that premature aging of the face is a direct result from the loss of tooth structure from erosion and war. The teeth are wearing down on the biting surfaces as well as eroding the front surfaces. The tooth enamel gets thinner with age and it also get more yellow in color. The best treatment to prevent premature aging is enamel enhancement with non-invasive porcelain veneers.

The porcelain veneers must be ultra thin, made of high-grade porcelain and hand carved by Dr. Muslin himself. He hand carves all of his patient’s porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges in order to develop their particular appearance and style to their smile.

Matched Porcelain Bridge and Porcelain Veneers!

Her wedding date was rapidly approaching and she wanted a beautiful smile for the big day. She disliked her bridge that looked fake and miss-matched and she felt that her teeth were too yellow. A whiter smile and a bridge that looked natural was what she hoped to achieve.

The most difficult part of esthetic dentistry is trying to match a porcelain bridge that will have thick porcelain with ultra thin no grinding porcelain veneers. From the photos you can see that it can be done because all of the teeth match perfectly.

Re-Proportioning Teeth for a Balanced Smile

After discussing her goals with Dr. Muslin he also recommended re-proportioning some of the teeth to achieve better-balanced bite. Her gum line was uneven and too low on some of her teeth, which left them looking too small.

Re-proportioning teeth can add symmetry to your smile that is more aesthetically appealing. She showed too many lower teeth and too few upper teeth. The goal of the treatment was to increase the presence of the upper teeth while decreasing the amount of lower teeth that show when she is speaking and smiling.

Preventing Premature Aging

How can a person prevent premature aging? By getting treatment that resembles a younger looking face. Older people show lower teeth and younger people show more upper teeth. The secret of preventing premature aging is to create the younger looking characteristics in an older patient.

Dr. Muslin has been highly successful is preventing premature aging with his younger patients and also highly successful in reversing the aging process in his older patients.

She decided to replace her bridge and re-proportion all of her upper teeth with no-prep, non-invasive porcelain veneers. This is pain-free dentistry at it's best! There were a few places where her gum line was too low on the tooth. As a consequence, those particular teeth appeared short and uneven.

To create a more level transition from the gum to the tooth, Dr. Muslin did a minor gum line balancing treatment that raised the height of the gum line. This made her smile less "gummy" and more symmetrical.

Slanted Smile Correction

After selecting a much whiter color for her upper teeth, her lower teeth had to be included in the treatment plan. Her lower teeth were already sized fairly well so she was able to leave them intact. To achieve a color match between the porcelain veneers on the upper teeth, the lower natural teeth received a custom bleaching system. This allowed her to keep her healthy lower teeth intact and still have a beautiful smile.

Slanted smile correction closeup - before and after

Slanted teeth give the smile a crooked look while causing a slanted smile. She received non-invasive cosmetic dentistry to create a better gum line, a wider smile and whiter teeth with a balanced bite.

In the photo on the left the teeth are out of balance, the gums are overgrown especially on her left side. The existing bridge on her right side, looks fake, her teeth are yellow and the midline is slanted to the left. The photo on the right shows the new bonded fixed bridge and no prep, no-grinding porcelain veneers.

In just two office visits, Dr Muslin completed gum treatment to even out her gum line, created a bridge that looked totally natural and veneers that whitened the rest of her upper teeth. The porcelain on the upper teeth and the color of the natural lower teeth are a great match. Her smile is now balanced and vibrant!

Dr. Muslin deeply appreciates this patient’s permission to show the results of his work. He is very honest with his before and after photos of his porcelain veneers as all of the photos are untouched and unaltered.

For those patients interested in fixing slating teeth, and for care that is exceptional, contact the office immediately for your consultation. As this patient said, “To get my dentistry done perfect in just two visits made the trip worth it because I wanted someone that knew what he was doing”.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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