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Narrow bites can be “fixed” or widened with veneers by adding to the outside surfaces of the teeth. Dr. Muslin studied her facial dynamics and the arch width of her teeth in order to design a wider smile.

He wanted to improve her lip support and the support to her cheeks while matching the natural teeth on the lower to the veneers done on only 4 lower teeth. It is very difficult to match all of the lower teeth to just 4 porcelain veneers but this dentist personally works on the porcelain veneers in the ceramic lab for every one of his patients. He says, “The results are worth the extra time”.

Widening the Smile with Dental Veneers

The before after photos show improved lip and cheek support as a result of dental veneers resulting in a wider smile.

Before and After Dental Veneers: With overgrown gums treated in one visit and the veneers bonded on the second visit, this patient saved a lot of time going to other dentists. Dr. Muslin’s practice has a focus on complex adult dentistry and saves his patients unnecessary visits.

Facial Dynamics and Arch Width

One of the most important factors to widening her smile with dental veneers was to reshape the gums on her narrow smile. The gum line on the side of her mouth was overgrown making her bicuspid teeth look far too small. If the best cosmetic dentist missed this one fact, the results of the treatment would not be nearly as complete. It the cosmetic dentist did not study the facial dynamics and arch width for the patient, the porcelain veneers would look too short.

In just one visit, Dr. Sam Muslin reshaped the gums on the side teeth and took the impression to make her new porcelain veneers. On the second visit, all of the work was bonded into place for the 10 upper teeth and the 4 lower teeth. The ability to treat the teeth with dental veneers and do the gum surgery in just one visit saved the patient a lot of time and dental visits to a gum specialist.

On the second visit, the dental veneers were bonded using his super strong bonding technique that greatly reduces the frequency of broken porcelain. The convenience of being treated in just two visits was a major factor for this patient. She required no pain medication nor did she need stitches.

Overgrown Gums and Veneers

Patients occasionally present multiple issues that can be resolved by a combination of surgical and mechanical solutions. Her lips, length of face and overall balance of her facial features are excellent. Only the teeth are out of coordination with the wonderful facial features. The width of her upper arch and the length of her bicuspid teeth need enhancing to establish the full balanced smile necessary to augment her lips. The two central incisors are out of balance with the rest of her teeth. They look too big.

Instant Braces with Light Grinding on Teeth

A closeup showing the outcome of dental veneer treatment to widen a smaile and address crooked teeth and overgrown gums.

Improved lip support and facial support while trying to make the right side a little different than the left side in order to give her a natural result. The overgrown gums have been treated and the crooked teeth straightened. Treatment was completed in 3 weeks with only light grinding.

Midline Treatment with Veneers

The goal of treatment is to plan the least amount of care necessary to obtain the maximum benefit. Non-invasive porcelain veneers were able to add the width to her smile and give this patient teeth that coordinate with the rest of her naturally balanced facial features. Non-invasive porcelain veneers do not require grinding on her natural teeth. The key issue is the length of her bicuspid teeth are short because of the over growth of her attached gingiva. Surgical procedures with a dental laser are successful in this area however there are other methods more effective than the dental laser. After the gums were re-contoured and the teeth appeared longer the porcelain veneers were bonded. The midline was improved and the sizes of her teeth were balanced.

Improved Lip Support and Veneers

The dental veneers can hold the tissue higher and avoid a relapse of the gum growth by giving the teeth a more natural slant toward her cheeks. By reshaping the teeth with porcelain veneers the gums will not overgrow again. With a wider smile, she has improved support for her lips and cheeks. She has a fuller smile and the teeth are dynamically balanced to her face.

Porcelain Crowns Vs Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dentists have a difficult time with balancing the color between a porcelain crown and porcelain veneer. Cosmetic Dentistry has to be able to get both teeth to look alike in all types of different lighting. The patient has a porcelain crown on one central incisor and a porcelain veneer on the other. The cosmetic dentist has to be able to balance the optic characteristics of the light translucency in order to make two very different restorations look exactly the same.

Matching Natural Teeth to Veneers

With an upper arch that appears wider, the teeth fill the space that her lips require. The lips of the patient frame the smile and if the teeth are too short or too narrow, the smile will fail to compliment her face. There are different types of smile makeovers that enhance different lengths and thickness of the lips. To save money, only four lower front teeth had porcelain veneers because most of the lower teeth do not show very much. During speaking and smiling, the lower 4 front teeth showed the most so the treatment was limited but highly effective.

The Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved to new levels of care. Bonding porcelain veneers is not enough. The artistic, three-dimensional cosmetic dentist has to be able to visualize the entire face and be able to deliver the high level of care that is demanded by today’s patients. The level of quality and acceptable standards of care has dramatically risen.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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