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Dental Papilla Loss

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With time, baby boomers begin to develop the “dark triangle” between their teeth. This “dark triangle” is actually a loss of the gum papilla between the teeth. The gum between the teeth is missing. The reason the dark spaces between the teeth occur is because of age, or tooth pick use.

Dark Spaces, Missing Papilla, Black Triangle Between Teeth


Gums can grown back between the teeth if the high tech dentistry is shaped perfectly and if bonded perfectly. The perfect dentistry is a requirement for the gums to grown back and cover the dreaded black triangle between the teeth.

This patient wanted a smile that highlighted beautiful white teeth and try to grow back the missing tissue between her teeth. On top of showing too much of the gum, several of her teeth were broken off, chipped, and angled oddly. Notice the dark spaces between her teeth where the gums are noticeably missing. This condition is known as loss of papilla.

The loss of the dental papilla can be a real health concern because every time you eat food lodges in the area. Graphing the papilla to fill the gap is an incredibly difficult procedure that very few doctors can do successfully. As was previously mentioned, in order to get the gums to grow back, the fit of the porcelain crowns must be perfect and the shape of the porcelain crowns must also be perfect.

There must not be any irritation from bad fitting porcelain crowns. Bad porcelain crowns will actually cause the gums to move even further away.

The Dreaded Black Triangle Between Teeth

A toothpick that is pushed between the teeth will actually smash the delicate piece of gum that fits up between the teeth creating the “black triangle” (dental papilla), or the dark space between the teeth. Gum recession can also be the source of the “black space between the teeth” problem due to the position of the teeth, braces or orthodontics or clenching and grinding of the teeth.

Some patients use something called a proxy brush to clean between their teeth that not only brushes away the dental papilla but also brushes away a little bit of tooth structure over the years. Baby boomers like the feel of the proxy brush, which is a little brush, used to brush between the teeth but they don’t like the damage that it does.

Most baby boomers don’t even know that they may be the source of the “dark spaces between the teeth” problem. (Learn more about anti-aging and Baby Boomer Cosmetic Dentistry.)

Black Triangles and Gaps Between Teeth- Before and After Treatment


The holes between her teeth trap food that is very unsightly when the patient Is at dinner and talking. Most baby boomers do not even realize that the food Is trapped in the dark triangles created by the missing papilla.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Some of the chips and breaks in her teeth were caused by years of grinding or bruxism. This condition can lead to headaches, migraines, jaw popping and TMJ pain. The more we grind our teeth, the shorter the teeth become which increases the likelihood of jaw problems.

Dr. Muslin has specialized imaging technology to diagnose and treat his neuromuscular patients. His unique neuromuscular dentistry technique utilizes ultra low radiation imaging that is hundreds of times less radiation than a CT Scan. His skill set is centered in relieving jaw issues by modifying your bite or occlusion through just physical changes to the teeth and the position of the lower jaw. He uses a complex tomography to study the jaw joint at the various positions such as at rest, wide open, and under biting pressure.

Once he understands how your jaw is performing relative to the position of your teeth he can create the neuromuscular bite that is ideal for each person. This version of neuromuscular dentistry is predictable and Dr. Sam Muslin has more before and after full face, untouched and unaltered patients on the Internet than any cosmetic dentist we have seen so face. Dr. Muslin was awarded LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist for 2012. To be chosen the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is quite the award because it includes, Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Malibu and Brentwood.

Sensitive Teeth

In addition to her bite balance issues this patient also had very sensitive teeth that forced her to avoid foods that were too cold or too hot. Many people suffer from generalized hot and cold sensitivity but there is nothing wrong with their teeth from a health standpoint.

Even though health is not an issue, from a lifestyle standpoint, the temperature sensitivity can be a real burden. Dr. Muslin has treated generalized temperature sensitivity with great success by using a thin layer of porcelain as a protective layer. When he puts the porcelain into place he uses an exclusive bonding agent which also minimizes tooth sensitivity.

Dr. Muslin treats patients that fly in from all over the world and from all over the United States to receive is unbelievably fast, well organized neuromuscular full mouth reconstruction treatment that is combined with his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® procedure.

Gums can Grow Back!

In order to decrease the visibility of her gums in some places and get the gum to grow back in other places, Dr. Muslin treated, lifted, and reshaped them to accept the new porcelain crowns shaped for gum growth.

Some of her teeth received porcelain crowns and others received porcelain veneers all of which were sized to a perfect fit. As you can see healthy gums grew back between the porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers to fill in the dark triangle holes.

All of the dark spaces that were present because of the missing gums were eliminated. This is because Dr. Muslin perfectly coordinated the shape of the gum during treatment with the shape of the porcelain that was being made.

Natural Looking Porcelain Veneers

To make her teeth look as natural as possible the length, shape, and color was designed specifically for her. Many dentists do not take the time or have the artistic ability to make all of these critical design decisions specifically for each individual patient.

Dr. Muslin has the eye of an artist so he works on every design himself with his lab ceramist. Dr. Muslin personally will work on every single porcelain veneer before they are finished in order to create the best cosmetic dentistry for his patients.

Considering all of the challenges related to her gums the final result was a remarkable success. Her smile was transformed but it is still natural and believable. She said, “This may be one of the best cosmetic dentists anywhere and I was thrilled to make the trip for this kind of quality."

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