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Dental Accident Treatment

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Fractured and Broken Teeth

 Teeth Broken Off at Gum Level - An Example of a Dental Accident

Two Teeth Broken Off at Gum Level

This patient knows all too well that a Dental accident can happen at anytime (even outside the front door of a friend's house). Anne fell down while walking, and as her face hit the pavement, she broke off two front teeth at the gum line. The tooth nerves were exposed and she had a bloody lip.

Root Canal Treatment

When the nerves of the teeth are exposed, the teeth and the nerves are infected instantly. The bacteria contaminate the nerves and only root canal treatment can save the remaining tooth structure. In this case, the roots of her teeth were solid and could be saved. Root canal treatment began immediately to remove the infected nerves, disinfect the teeth and rebuild the missing tooth structure.

This patient from Los Angeles had beautiful front teeth untill she accidentally fell and broke two teeth off when she hit the driveway. What she needed was both the best possible dental care and cosmetic dentistry to match her healthy teeth.

Exposed Tooth Nerves

 Exposed Tooth Nerves after Dental Accident

Nerves are exposed. Rootcanal treatment is necessary immediately. It took about an hour to complete rootcanals on both broken teeth.

Ceramic Posts and Build-Ups

 Implants using ceramic posts and crowns

The latest ceramic posts were bonded along with a tooth colored material to build up the teeth. It took about an hour to complete both teeth.

Once a root canal is completed on the broken teeth, a post can be placed inside the root (to provide added support and stability to the remaining tooth structure). The latest technology in dental posts involves the utilization of a tooth colored post, rather than a metal post. A metal post can make the tooth appear dark at the gum line, while a tooth colored post keeps the root structure a natural color. Dr. Muslin also uses a white build-up material that transmits light very well with porcelain crowns for a natural look and a perfect color match to the other teeth.

Plastic Temporary Crowns

 Temporary Plastic Crowns

The patient has plastic temporary crowns that were carved by hand on the spot and temporarily cemented while the ceramic crowns were being fabricated. Total treatment time was about 2 ½ hours.

The patient had the root canal treatment, posts and build-ups and temporary plastic crowns completed in just one visit. The plastic crowns were custom crafted by hand because the broken off tooth structure was lost after the accident. The patient was thrilled to have her teeth replaced so quickly.

10-Days Later


About 10 Days Later - Healing Well!

Permanent Porcelain Crowns


About 16 Days Later - Treatment Complete

Procera porcelain crowns with a zirconium core were the best choice for this patient to match the other natural teeth and porcelain crowns in her mouth. The new high tech ceramic crowns were bonded a couple weeks after the initial visit and the patient completely recovered. There have been no complications since the completion of treatment several years ago.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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