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Broken Teeth

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Many people have broken teeth and have spent a lot of money getting their teeth fixed with one dentist or another dentist. This patient just spent thousands of dollars only to have the restorative dentistry fail within a year. He was very unhappy with the dentists in Tennessee that working on him so he went to Texas and the results were the same. He was visiting Santa Monica California, found Dr. Muslin and the rest is history.

In just two visits, all of the bad cosmetic dentistry, porcelain crowns, fillings and posts were removed and new healthy, matching dentistry took its place. Dr. Muslin works on all of his advanced cosmetic dentistry in the ceramic lab personally.

His personal attention to detail allows him to produce matching, high quality before and after photos of his porcelain crowns and porcelain veneer results. He says, “if your dentist does not have accurately matched expressions, quality and sizes of his before and after photos, then he or she is hiding bad dentistry”.

Broken Teeth Restored in Two Visits

 Broken Teeth - Treated in 2 Visites. Before anf After photo.

Before and After: Broken teeth can be restored very quickly in just two visits. Once the treatment is complete, the health of the patient and the quality of life for the patient is improved. As this patient said, “the long trip to Dr. Muslin was worth it”.

“I want to smile again, it’s as simple as that”!  After years of dental issues he flew to Los Angeles to find the best cosmetic dentistry.  He had already been through several botched attempts to repair his teeth leaving him with painful hot and cold sensitivity throughout his mouth.  His oral health issues were extensive as he suffered with broken teeth, missing teeth, and a generalized gum infection.  He told us that he avoided brushing and flossing because when he did “pieces of my teeth fall off”.

 Close-up of broken teeth before and after treatment

The lower teeth were shaped to help them look more even and the new upper porcelain crowns fit so perfectly that they gums grew back between the teeth.

Improving his oral hygiene routine at home was of critical importance.  Dr. Muslin explained that the long-term success of the cosmetic results hinges upon his ability to maintain a basic level of oral health.  After a deep cleaning and extensive instructions on how to improve his at home care, he was ready for the porcelain restorations.  He wanted a whiter and fuller smile that would last for years to come.

The existing damage and wear was extensive.  Several teeth had deep cavities, missing teeth needed replacing, and one tooth had an exposed nerve requiring a root canal.  In one appointment all of the infection was removed, the root canal was completed, and he left with temporaries in place.  He told us that people were saying he looked better than ever when he was only in the temporaries.  His hot and cold sensitivity was gone and the health of his gum tissue was on the way towards recovery.

Metal-Free Porcelain Bridge and Crowns

Two weeks later he flew back to Dr. Muslin’s office to get the final porcelain crowns put into place.  All of Dr. Muslin’s patients try in their porcelain work temporarily and walk around with a mirror to digest their new look.  Only after the patient approves what they see is the porcelain bonded permanently.  Upon his approval everything was seated into place.  He now has a healthy smile that he can be proud to show.  He emailed us after he returned home to say “I am very happy with all the work I could not have picked a better place”.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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