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Crooked Teeth Straightened with Instant Braces

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The patient had the upper four teeth crooked and overlapping for most of his life. A baseball injury also compounded the problem and some of the teeth were knocked loose from the sockets. He did not want braces and did not want INVISILINE®. He wanted straight white teeth as fast as possible.

Instant Braces

 A before and after photo showing the tooth straightening capability of instant braces in just 2 weeks.

Instant Braces - Instead of wearing braces for years, he had his crooked teeth look straight in only 2 weeks with minimal tooth grinding porcelain veneers.

Teeth Whitening Or Teeth Bleaching

Zoom and Britesmile are the most well known systems but Sam Muslin DDS MAGD had developed a patient based system using all of the best features from various teeth whitening systems and found that the technique needed to be customized to the patient. There are no systems that can give white teeth for very long with only one hour in the chair. The teeth usually get dark within a month. Some patients could not tolerate some of the teeth bleaching material as their teeth became very sensitive and painful after just a couple of uses.

Teeth Sensitivity and Teeth Whitening

Some people get very sensitive while bleaching their teeth so much so that they have to stop the process. They get the false idea that it does not work for them. However, there are materials that the patient can use to start the process that do not cause tooth sensitivity and still get the teeth whiter.

Instant Braces - Straight Teeth in 2 Weeks

 Before andafter photo showing crooked teeth straightened in 2 weeks with instant braces.

Straighten the look of your teeth without braces. Dr. Sam Muslin only treated the four upper crooked teeth with porcelain veneers. Braces would take a year or two and then you will have to wear retainers indefinitely to keep them straight. Porcelain can perfectly match the natural teeth in all lighting of artistically applied. The results are durable, color stable and virtually undetectable.

Minor Tooth Grinding Porcelain Veneers

After bleaching his teeth, the patient was ready for his dental veneers. Because of this patient's crooked teeth, some minor grinding on his teeth was necessary to smooth out areas of his teeth that were sticking out. No shots or anesthetic was utilized. It was not painful as very little tooth structure was actually removed.

Only Four Teeth Were Treated

Only his four upper teeth were treated and yet even with flash photography, the natural teeth and the teeth with porcelain veneers are completely indictable. The artistic cosmetic dentist has the eye but must develop the knowledge of the various opacities of the bonding materials to get the porcelain veneers to match the natural teeth perfectly years after the porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns are bonding into place.

For those patients interested in getting crooked teeth straightened in two weeks, contact Sam Muslin DDS MAGD.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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