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Bite Correction Dentistry for Sleeping Problems

Non-Invasive Jaw Alignment that Transforms your Face and Optimizes your TMJ

This patient experienced multiple benefits to her health with Bite Correction Dentistry. Naturally, if all of the tooth decay, bad dental crowns, bad dental bridges, bad porcelain veneers are removed, the health of the patient improves. But, with a better jaw position that augments the facial profile and facial proportions, the patient also experiences a big health benefit through neuromuscular dentistry stress reduction.

An Overbite Leads To Lack of Tongue Space and Snoring

Your digestion and sleep pattern and can be adversely affected when your bite is not in harmony with your jaw joint. The importance of overbite correction has been largely ignored especially when considering insomnia, snoring and digestion problems.

With bite correction dentistry, treated with Dr. Sam Muslin’s neuromuscular dentistry method, the patients have a reduction in stress to their muscular system in the head and neck regions. The stress reduction, the better breathing, TMJ pain relieve and digestion improvements are life transformation benefits. How many treatment are available today that have anti-aging benefits, health benefits and cosmetic benefits that are drug free and surgery free?

Benefits of Face Lift Dentistry® Bite Correction

Health Benefits of Bite Correction Dentistry

When she returned back to Hawaii, her friends knew that something special has happened because she looked younger, felt younger and was a more vibrant person. Her insomnia, digestion, TMJ pain were relieved with Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. With improvements in health, there were obvious improvements in her energy level and appearance.

“I’m Sleeping Better”

How could high tech dentistry help a person sleep better? The reason is that the bite and jaw position have a direct influence on the patient’s airway. The central idea behind theses remarkable results stem from the natural aging process observed during over 30 years of experience.

As the patient gets older, the space available between the roof of the mouth and the floor of their mouth gets smaller. There is less room for the tongue and consequently, there is less room for the air to pass. Oxygen exchange is vital to better health and longevity. Patients that can breath better are healthier than patients that have trouble breathing. During his remarkable career with extensive experience in orthodontics and orthopedics that combines with over 30 years of occlusal correction treatment, he has been able to improve the cosmetic appearance of his patients and a the breathing ability as well. By improving the health of his patients and by developing the ideal bite position, this high tech dentist improves the appearance of his patients even when they are not smiling. When the oxygen exchange is improved, the health and vitality of the patient also improves.

Getting the Lower Jaw to Move Naturally

This is a surprisingly easy process that Dr. Sam Muslin will demonstrate using the patient’s face in his office. He can show the patient how their face will change by simulating the bite correction results he can achieve using his method. The lower jaw will naturally move to the best position without any interference or guidance by the dentist. Unfortunately, most dentists will try to manipulate the lower jaw which is why they can get into trouble.

Deep Overbite Correction in Two Weeks

Correcting an overbite can actually be quick and simple. The health benefits can be surprising because so many patients have health problems that they do not associate with dentistry.

“I Chew My Food Better”

The ability to chew your food stems from muscle power. Bad bites make chewing more difficult and contribute to muscle fatigue. Patients with overbite correction dentistry that is combined with his unique Face Lift Dentistry® treatment have restored muscle power and chewing efficiency. When you chew better, you feel better because there is less neuromuscular stress. Patients that have had bite correction dentistry also chinch and grind their teeth less often and with less intensity.

“My Digestion is Better”

How does high tech dentistry improve digestion? The chewing efficiency is improved with his bite correction treatment. With better chewing power, the patient digests their food better and subsequently sleeps better. Insomnia can be the result of a small airway and partially digested food. The entire body needs to be functioning as a unit and bite correction dentistry is the key to better health with improved digestion and sleeping ability. Patients that feel better will look better and have improved energy levels.

Bite Corrected with Face Lift Dentistry®

Close-up Photo showing Before and After Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® treatment has a wide variety of health benefits that improve the life of the patient. It also has the best cosmetic dentistry benefits because the patient’s look younger all of the time, not just when they are smiling.

Face Lift Dentistry® & Insomnia

Insomnia treatment can be complicated and generally involve sleep aids. Sleep aids generally involve sleeping pills of some sort. However, Dr. Muslin’s Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is a drug free treatment modality that improves the health of the patient for the rest of their lives. Insomnia is caused by other health problems besides a collapsed bite or deep overbite, but overbite correction is one of the first treatments that should be considered.

Overbite correction using his method is drug and surgery free treatment that is also non-invasive dentistry. It actually sounds too good to be true because the benefits over a lifetime can be enormous. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® provides permanent facial support and gives the patient a more youthful appearance.

TMJ Pain for 9 Years

Imagine that after going to multiple dentists and doctors for jaw pain and getting no significant results. Then you travel to Santa Monica California, and after completing treatment, you not only have jaw pain relief but you look years younger and feel much more vibrant. When patients look better they have greater self-esteem. When patient feel better they have more energy and enthusiasm for life.

When you combine better health with a younger appearance, you now have a life transformation experience. Her jaw pain was relieved because during the bite correction treatment, Dr. Muslin was able to get the patient’s jaw to naturally move to its ideal position. With his method utilizing ultra low radiation images, he can see the ideal jaw position and most of the time, once he creates the best bite, the patient moves to the best jaw position for their face.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® Explained

The position of the patient’s lower jaw is the key to the balance of their faces. If the patient has a deep overbite, they generally have a short round face. This is typical of older people. Additionally, as the face gets shorter the chin looks smaller. These patients have a form of facial collapse that is very typical of the aging face. The most fascinating part of his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is that all of it can be reversed. His overbite correction method that combines with his Face Lift Dentistry® treatment can completely revitalize the face and when the treatment is done, the patient’s face looks natural. The face is not plastic looking, it is natural looking. The face is not odd looking because the entire person looks and feels naturally better. This is one of the only cosmetic treatments available that also greatly improves the health of the patient. The health benefits to this advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments are very significant.

Treating the Sagging Face

There is more than one way to treat the sagging face. Most faces that are sagging are due to the loss of tooth length and bite position. It is not enough to just “open the vertical dimension” because the jaw generally needs to be repositioned three-dimensionally”. This type of elite cosmetic dentistry can improve the patient’s entire face because the design of the bite and teeth can give the face better support than at anytime in the patient’s life.

When these patients had bad bites at a young age, their youth would hide the problem. Bite when these bad bites get worse with time, they cause the face to age prematurely. Premature aging is a direct result of worn down teeth and a bad bite.

Bite correction dentistry is the best cosmetic treatment for the sagging and aging face. Facial collapse can be reversed with Face Lift Dentistry® treatment without surgery and without having to grind down your healthy teeth. Do not let a dentist crown all of your teeth unnecessarily when the treatment would be better if the healthy teeth were saved.

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