Reverse the Impact of Aging at the Source with Bite Correction

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 06/01/2023

Reversing the impact of aging at the source with a method that restores the shape of your face and re-establishes a youthful jawline without surgery, Botox®, facial fillers, or braces can now be treated using this highly advanced technology.

Video Transcript

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry for seniors. There is hope for seniors like there's never been before. We can reverse the impact of aging at the source - which is your jawline, your bite. Your teeth are wearing down, you've got the sinking jawline. Very typical of the aging face. We're going to give you something you can't get with most other methods - or in fact, any other method that I know of.

And so here is a-- The, a typical aging face. He has deep wrinkles. His chin is too close to his nose. His lips are squeezed together. This is very typical. And when he's chewing and he's eating, you can't hide this. His face - the shape of his face is short and round, like an older person. Versus younger people, the shape of your face is - are more like an egg. And so, women have the same exact problem. Lips too close together. Jaw, soft tissue starting to buckle. You can stretch your face out and get a facelift. It does not improve the shape of your face, and it-- From that, from - structurally.

Face Lift Dentistry is healthcare. We're going to make your health better. We're going to help you feel better. We're going to give you a look that you can't get with face-- A face lift. That's why we call it, "Face Lift Dentistry.' None of her healthy teeth are drilled down. You don't need any shots up here. We're not going to cut these teeth down. We may replace a crown or 2. Because you can see the crowns that she has in the back.

But, basically - this is a non-invasive mechanical solution for a mechanical problem. We have a mechanical problem. Which is, our teeth are worn down too short. That's the problem, with - what most of us are experiencing. And so, when you see a face like this, and lips squeezed together - you know it's time to get a face like that.

Would you rather look at this face, or would you rather look at this face? We took 10 or 15 years off of her face, by giving her healthcare. By improving her bite, her airway. She sleeps better. She breathes better. She's out of pain. She's one of those patients who just couldn't get any help whatsoever. And neurologists thought it was nerve pain, and everybody thought it was this. It was a mechanical problem.

Basically, she - her jaw and her 2 jaw joints, were not working together. Her teeth were fighting her jaw joints. Every time she closes, her jaw's in a bad position for her joints. The idea of Face Lift Dentistry is to get your jaw in the position to work harmoniously with your jaw joints. It is trauma reducing. It is stress reducing. And so, the bite with a deep overbite, she now has teeth like this. Her jaw has come down and moved forward. She's more comfortable.

This is maximum healthcare, with incredible cosmetic benefits. Here is a side view, so you can see the - how much of an overbite she has. Overbite is gone. And she has a bite like this, and she went to a bite like that. This is Face Lift Dentistry. It changes your jawline, supports your face from inside. Gives you more room for your tongue, speaking-- Sleeping. And it all starts with the JawTrac jaw position.

We test you first. We are not going to guess. We're not going to guess, and do jaw surgery. "Oh, well maybe that will work?" Or, "We're going to stretch your face, do you like that?" No, no. We're not doing anything like that. We're going-- She's going to show you the JawTrac jaw appliance.

And what it is - is an appliance that snaps in, that I designed. And I do it in coordination with jaw imaging, so I can see inside your head, what you're doing. And I can look at that, and know whether you're in the right position - or at least close to the right position, or not. We can see what we're doing. You - the patient, get to feel what you're doing. And so, when you look at the proportionality of her face, she knew when she was-- She's wearing JawTrac, she knew she was going to come out better. Because her lips and her jawline and everything, are in the right position.

Then - once we know what your jaw position is, we build your teeth to fit that position. This is the Face Lift Dentistry method. We use - thin layer of porcelain over your healthy teeth. And if you have good crowns, we build that same thin layer over your regular teeth. And so, when your jaw comes together, you're in your new jaw position.

Basically, here she is. She's going to explain to you the pain she was in, and she's going to show you the JawTrac jaw position, and how that helped her. It's good to hear the patient say it for herself.

I have a deep overbite. I also have uneven teeth. They look like a bit of a rollercoaster. I have jaw problems. My ears hurt. My neck hurt. I just hurt all on my left side. And that's been for like 20 plus years. This is JawTrac, and this is the first time that I've ever had this little procedure, or gotten this little appliance. And this is my bite with JawTrac. I never know where to position my teeth when I don't have the appliance, and I'm just tapping all the time, and I've ground my teeth down a whole lot. So with this, it feels more evened out. It just makes me feel a little more stable.

The beauty of this, is - when you wear JawTrac, you know whether you feel better or not. You can see the shape to your face. You can see your new profile with JawTrac in. And I can adjust that. I can tune that to you. Because of the jaw imaging - I can see where your jaw is - and I know whether we can go more, or not. This is a beautiful, scientific, proven method that works incredibly well. It's highly predictable, because there's no surgery. We're not going to drill down your teeth. We're not going to cut them down to little pegs. We're building porcelain over your teeth, called "VENLAY Restorations."

And so, here's a gentleman with the same problem. You saw this earlier. Where his chin's too close to his nose. And so, here he is after. Where he now has a masculine jawline, a younger shape to his face. He's speaking better, breathing better. He's happy. This is a game changer. You go from this smile, to this smile. This changes who you are, what you are, how you feel about yourself. This is a mental booster, a self-esteem booster.

This, these-- The cost is about $80,000. This is not inexpensive dentistry, because all of your teeth are treated all at one time. Dentistry is, "Oh, let's do 6 porcelain veneers." That's patchwork. Crown here, crown there. Three crowns here. Whatever. That's just patchwork dentistry. You have the same face, and you have the same jawline when you're done. Face Lift Dentistry changes your jawline, changes your face, improves your health. It does things the others don't do. And it's done by doing them all.

Getting my teeth repaired was a long oner, a long journey. I tried some other dentists, and I tried some people that said they could give me cosmetic dentistry. But when they really came to looking at my mouth, and looking at my teeth - my problems, they simply said they couldn't really do anything. And after a long search, I found Doctor Muslin, and I'm super happy. Everything is working well. I can speak better. My over bite - which was horrendous, is correcting itself wonderfully with these new teeth. And I'm feeling so much better about it. I don't have the jaw pain I used to have. I sleep better. And I'm really happy I did this.

Think about it. This is - revolutionary method - it's not painful, it's not destructive, it's not invasive. It's very low risk. And it gives you something that is so far beyond porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry. And he saw specialist after specialist, which is why he flew in from another country. Why did that woman fly in from another state? It's because they don't have it in Texas, or they don't have it in Bermuda - or wherever everybody is. The point is, is it's worth flying in to save your teeth.

So just call the office. Talk to my staff. They're smart. They've been with me for years. They get it. And you can also get our cell phone number, and you can text us a short video of yourself. You can send us some pictures of your X-rays that were taken at your dental office. Maybe some pictures of you? This works incredibly well. Let's not try to experiment with other methods, because I've already done that. I tried everything as a dentist. I didn't like the invasiveness of dentistry. I didn't like the shots, the drilling - all of it is unnecessary, in my point.

My name is Doctor Sam Muslin. I'm a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, and I've been awarded by the International College of Dentists. My website has more finished cases with before and after video, than any website I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Let's get started.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.