Protruding Chin Correction Without Surgery

A Non-Surgical Alternative to Chin and Jaw Surgery

Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 03/05/2023

Correcting a protruding chin usually has other issues that need to be addressed. Chins that protrude are usually associated with over-closure of the lower jaw, usually have an underbite or Class 3-Malocclusion, cannot speak their words clearly as they need to talk with their tongues, and some don’t show any upper teeth when they talk.

The Comprehensive Approach to Chin Protrusion

Genioplasty or chin surgery cannot address the midface collapse, cannot correct the bite and cannot improve the color, shapes and length of the upper teeth. Going to a cosmetic dentist that does Invisalign®, root canals, dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, etc. will most likely not have the skillset to treat chin protrusions. Dr. Sam Muslin gave away his general dentistry practice over 20 years ago to develop, design, and perfected the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. He has achieved extraordinary success with this method which is why patients fly to his Santa Monica office from all over the world.

My Teeth Don’t Show When Talking

She explains her issues and how they were solved without chin surgery, without pain, and especially without drilling away her healthy teeth.

How to Fix a Protruding Chin Without Surgery?

Choosing the dentist with the most experience is critical because 42 years of experience can determine the quality of your results, how long it will last and how long it will take to get it. Avoiding chin surgery, pain, hospitals, years more of braces and invasive tooth grinding dentists make traveling to this dentist worth it. Protruding chins are fixed with the Face Lift Dentistry® method by three-dimensionally improving the jaw position so that the chin no longer protrudes, the facial profile is better and for the first time in her life, and she has upper teeth that show when she is talking.

Large Chin Corrected with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method

Large protruding chin fixed without surgery - before and after photo

She wanted more of a presence to her smile, but more importantly, when she is not smiling and only talking, you cannot see her upper teeth at all.

This treatment is not only about the protruding chin because this patient also has a midface and upper lip that lacks support, does not speak her words clearly, does not have enough space for her tongue, and wants to feel better about her appearance. She needs her bite “optimized” in order to improve her chin position, profile, and appearance. Porcelain veneers cannot correct bites as veneers are just camouflage. Braces cannot improve the sizes and shapes to her teeth and cannot improve her protruding chin. She already tried braces.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.