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Can an Underbite be Fixed with Braces?

Learn About Treatment Options Without Surgery, Braces, Clear Aligners, or Drilling Down Healthy Teeth

We often see patients with underbites which could not be treated with braces or clear aligners. Many patients even went through two phases of orthodontic treatment and still had an undesired bite and chin position. This patient, a young individual going through his third year of medical school has been a victim himself. He suffered trying to fix his uneven bite twice with braces! Not once did it help him.

Pain-Free Non-Invasive Underbite Treatment

He searched for a solution without braces or surgery and found our website. He was intrigued by the idea of fully non-invasive and pain-free underbite treatment. After going through our work-up process and being able to test out his new simulated bite position for a day, he decided to commit to Dr. Muslin’s VENLAY® Underbite Restoration treatment.

No Braces or Surgery in Less Than Four Weeks

His underbite and dominant upper lip made him self conscious. His uneven bite and misaligned jaw caused premature wear and chipped teeth. Braces did not solve his problems and jaw surgery was the recommended next step.

Optimizing Underbites without Surgery or Braces

Underbite optimization using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method is a true structural underbite correction. It goes one step further by also optimizing the TMJ functionality. It has aesthetic benefits beyond porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry that have been called, “too good to be true.” It is designed to create the ultimate shape to the patients face without surgery, without braces and without drilling away healthy teeth.

Patients with underbites can have a normal facial profile and a reversal of the protrusion jawline and dominant upper lip. Our patients have a much-improved shape to their faces with JawTrac® and VENLAY® Bite Restorations. The magic to this method is locating the ultimate jaw position using JawTrac®. With JawTrac®, patients get to see their new faces on the very first consultation visit. This is not possible with jaw surgery or clear aligners or braces.

Before and After adult underbite optimization without surgery or braces.

Living with an underbite can severely impact your health and aesthetic appearance if left untreated.

The Correct Jaw Position for a Total Transformation

On the day of try-in, three weeks later, he was able to visually see not only a more refined bite, but also a full re-shaping of his teeth. He was overwhelmed by the drastic change stating “I can’t believe it, they’re amazing!” After his approval, Dr. Muslin being a perfectionist, looked not once, not twice, but multiple times to find any flaws that needed an extra boost of refining. Perfection is key! He told the patient he could improve the results and asked the patients permission to do more refinement, which was granted.

Profile photos showing the much improved underbite jaw

A physical and psychological transformation after his underbite was corrected with Dr. Sam Muslin's non-surgical method.

We bonded all 28 VENLAY® Restorations in as little as 2-3 hours to correct his underbite to the proper position that braces did NOT fulfill for him after years of treatment. Now, this patient can finish his last year of medical school with a fixed bite and more masculine look providing him the confidence to embrace his new smile.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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