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Overbite Correction without Invisalign® or Braces

Non-Surgical Jaw Alignment that Transforms your Face

Treating Patients from All Over the United States and The World

Spending years in corrective braces or Invisalign® to straighten your teeth or to correct your overbite are no longer necessary. Now, there is a modern solution for people who want a beautiful smile and a better bite without having to rely on overbite braces. Dr. Sam Muslin, a cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica, CA created the procedure called Face Lift Dentistry® to idealize his patient’s bite and jaw position while creating a phenomenal smile.

The treatment instantly transforms your smile into something that you can be proud while optimizing the overall length and shape of your face. At the same time, your bite and jaw positions are improved, which means that your profile proportions, support for your soft tissue, and any bite conditions like an overbite can be dramatically improved.

Overbite Correction without Invisalign Corrective Braces

The patient flew in from New York to get the smile he always wanted. His results were achieved without any grinding on his healthy teeth because he chose Face Lift Dentistry®. His overbite was eliminated without corrective braces and he feels more confident than ever.

The Face Lift Dentistry® procedure is a phenomenal way to quickly look your best while improving the health of your jaw, bite and body all at the same time. The procedure is quick and easy on you because there is no healing time. This makes it a great choice for busy people that need to travel to Los Angeles for their treatment and quickly head back to their lives elsewhere around the world. This patient came to Los Angeles looking for the best cosmetic dentist and asking for a “million dollar” smile. After quitting Invisalign® for overbite treatment and ruling out corrective braces, he just could not find a cosmetic dentist that he felt comfortable with where he lives in New York.

Overbite Correction and Straight Teeth without Invisalign® or Braces

"I have tried Invisalign® teeth whitening, and just about everything in the dentist industry and nothing worked or I have been unhappy with the results."

In addition to wanting a sensational smile he also has a mechanical bite problem of an overbite. If you have an overbite condition, even if it is not severe, your face will be shorter than someone without an overbite. This can leave you thinking that your jaw line and chin are weak or that your face is too round. In reality all of these facial and jaw concerns are tied back to your overbite condition. Dr. Sam Muslin's procedure can eliminate your overbite and improve your jaw position so that your facial length is ideal for your anatomy.

The Aging Mouth

Just because you may be young and you are feeling great does not mean that you do not already need anti-aging dentistry. You can test yourself at home by simply looking into a mirror and talking normally. Try not to make funny faces or move your mouth so that you can see your teeth while you are talking. Just look into the mirror with your face totally relaxed and count to ten. Again, make sure you are totally relaxed and speaking normally or the test will not be valid. It may take you a few attempts to truly relax your face and count normally so try it a couple of times. As you look at yourself counting in the mirror do you see only your upper teeth when you talk? Or are you seeing a lot of your lower teeth? If your lower teeth are showing more than your upper teeth then you are already in need of anti-aging dentistry despite your chronological age.

Mouth Aging Even at a Young Age

The aging mouth - even at a young age. Before and After Treatment.

He was already exhibiting the signs of a much older person by showing way too much of his lower teeth. The Dental Face Lift® reversed this effect and now his upper teeth are more prominent which is a much younger look. This will really benefit him in the decades to come when the rest of his face starts to age.

The bottom line is that older people show lower teeth when they talk and younger people show mostly upper teeth. If you watch a child talk they will almost only show you their upper teeth. On the contrary, an older person will primarily display their lower teeth. The only way to look young at any age is to have the physical attributes that we consciously and subconsciously consider youthful. This means that you must show more of your upper teeth when you speak normally. It does not matter how young you think you look or how talent your plastic surgeon is, if you show mostly lower teeth when you talk you will always be perceived as older.

Looking youthful means that your upper teeth must show during normal speech. Maybe your upper teeth have always been too short since they came in or maybe they have been ground down and chipped over the years. Regardless the solution is the same and you need longer upper teeth. Because the procedure actually idealizes your bite and jaw position it can lengthen your upper teeth like no other non-invasive dental procedure.

Facial Rejuvenation for the Younger Patient

Younger patients can now have their bites corrected, their smile widened, they chin position improved, their facial profile improved and have a vibrant balanced shape to their faces in just a week or two. Using VENLAY® Restorations and Face Lift Dentistry® method, the face, bite, personality and self confidence can be a lifestyle enhancement.

When he realized he was showing mostly lower teeth when he spoke, he was only in his mid 20’s. His bite was not supporting his face and without taking action he would start to age prematurely. He wanted a phenomenal smile but he knew that the only way he could look his best would be to correct his overbite condition at the same time. He considered cosmetic dentistry but choose the Dental Face Lift® because he wanted to lengthen his upper teeth for a more long-term youthful look.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

The best cosmetic dentistry around still falls short when it comes to lengthening your upper teeth. This is because typical cosmetic dentistry does not create a more ideal bite or jaw position. Without improving your bite, there are significant restrictions and limits that the dentist will face when it comes to designing the veneers. On the other hand the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure creates the best bite and jaw position for your anatomy. This allows your teeth to be lengthened and shaped in a way that keeps you looking younger longer. The restrictions of your old bite are no longer as significant with this treatment so the best cosmetic results can be achieved. There is nothing better than choosing a dental treatment that guarantees you a better bite and the most sensational smile.

With Dr. Sam Muslin's procedure you will also experience significant improvements to your health that standard cosmetic dentistry cannot deliver. Since this procedure idealizes your bite and jaw position it helps your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) function more comfortably. If you have TMJ symptoms (temporomandibular disorder) such as muscle pain and fatigue, clicking and popping, and headaches this suggests that your bite and TMJ are not working well together. By correcting your bite around the anatomy of your TMJ then your jaw can be in a more comfortable position. When your bite, jaw, and TMJ are working as a team your symptoms should be significantly improved.

Overbite and TMJ Correction without Braces

Overbite and TMJ Correction without Braces. Before and After Photo.

Now that his bite and TMJ are working together his facial tension has subsided. He looks great and feels more confident than ever. His chewing and breathing have also improved and this will benefit his health for decades to come.

Non-Invasive Mouth Reconstruction

This procedure is the first of its kind to completely rebuild your bite and mouth non-invasively. Using a leading technology invented by Dr. Sam Muslin called a VENLAY® restorations , means that your entire mouth reconstruction can be completed without any grinding or drilling on your existing healthy teeth. Even if you have existing dental work such as crowns or fillings, the rest of your mouth can still be reconstructed non-invasively. The goal is to preserve all of your remaining healthy tooth structure so that you are not compromising your teeth in order to achieve a better bite and vibrant smile.

In the past, a mouth reconstruction meant that all of your teeth were ground down for crowns or caps but this is no longer necessary. If you are young and you don’t have any existing crowns then you certainly do not want to undergo a mouth reconstruction that caps all of your teeth. Even if you already have several crowns there is still no health or cosmetic reason to cap the rest of your teeth. Fortunately with the new non-invasive technology you can avoid grinding down your remaining healthy teeth when you have a mouth reconstruction. The combination of the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure with VENLAY® restorations allows your bite and jaw position to be idealized while your good teeth stay intact.

Other than a couple of existing fillings and oral hygiene issues, he has healthy teeth. It would make no sense to grind down his teeth just to turn right around and rebuild his mouth. Instead he chose Face Lift Dentistry so that he could have what he described as the “million dollar” smile without compromising his health. The procedure also gave him a better-looking bite and jaw position that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Health Benefits

Any dental procedure that is non-invasive minimizes the risks because your natural teeth should not be ground down. From a health perspective there are numerous benefits such as chewing better, improved airway for better sleep and breathing, reduced TMJ stress and bite correction with optimized oral health.

One of the most difficult health benefits to explain is the ability to chew better. Most people think they are chewing just fine until they go through bite and jaw optimization and get to live the difference. For this patient he did not have any specific concerns with his chewing prior to undergoing the procedure but once it was done he explains, “I can crush through food ten times stronger than I ever did before”.

Breathing is another function that can be dramatically impacted by your bite position. If your bite is worn down or it was never the height that it should have been there from the start, then there is less room for your tongue in your mouth. This can cause your tongue to reduce the size of your airway leading to inefficient breathing, snoring, and even insomnia. As an athlete he quickly noticed the difference after the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure was done and he said, “my breathing is better and there is less tension in my face”.

With so many health and cosmetic benefits this treatment can be a life changing procedure. If you are ready to schedule a consultation exam or to learn more about the possibilities then give our office a call to speak with a treatment coordinator that can help you make your travel time more productive at (310) 829-6796.