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Overbite Correction

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People who have collapsed bites or an overbite don’t realize that their bite condition actually shows up on their faces aesthetically. They may start to think that their face looks rounder or shorter than it did in past years and they are correct. However, very rarely do patients attribute the unfavorable facial characteristics that they have acquired to their bite.

When an overbite deepens facial height is lost. The net effect is that your face is literally getting shorter and shorter as your condition worsens. Your teeth do not meet soon enough so your lower jaw is forced too far upwards towards your nose in order to make the teeth touch. This leaves your face looking too short and too round and in many cases the position is painful because it is not healthy.

Deep Overbite Effects on Your Entire Face

Before and After photo showing a patient with a deep overbite and the corrected outcome

Before and After: The Dental Face Lift® Treatment offers bite correction without surgery

Bad Porcelain Veneers

What do you do when porcelain veneers were just placed and you don't like the appearance? "They are too bulky, to fat and too fake looking. My porcelain veneers look fake." She went back to the dentist that did the veneers and he did not know what to do to address her concerns. While her current dentist was trying to help her she knew that she would be more comfortable finding someone else that could achieve the cosmetic look she desired.

She found Dr. Muslin and decided to schedule an exam to get his opinion. Dr Muslin explained to her that the cosmetic dentistry she already had done of just ten upper porcelain veneers failed to address the actual problem. In reality her deep overbite condition had to be corrected in order to make her smile look it’s best. Her overbite had progressed over the years to the point that she now suffered with a collapsed bite that made chewing a challenge.

Doing a simple porcelain veneer treatment on someone with an overbite like this patient means that the overbite will actually appear to get worse. This is because most dentists lengthen your natural teeth when they create the veneers. In order to avoid this issue, the underlying bite problem must be addressed in conjunction with the porcelain veneer work. Very few dentists regularly correct bite problems and idealize smiles at the same time in just one treatment. Even fewer dentists understand the relationship between facial characteristics and bite position and deliver consistent results every day so do your research.

Treatment with Non-Invasive Veneers

If you think that your bite may be causing some of your concerns then it comes down to determining which treatment is best. Too often patients think that the only option they have is to grind down their good teeth for veneers or for a bite reconstruction. They are told that the teeth will look bulky and fake if they don’t let the dentist grind them down to stumps but this is no longer true. Fortunately now there are dentists out there that prefer a non-invasive approach to veneers and bite correction. Dr. Muslin has spent his entire career preferring to avoid any grinding on healthy tooth structure whenever possible. As you will see in his before and after photos the finished results are natural, thin, and believable every time.

 An overbite and bad veneers fixed with Face Lift Dentistry®

An overbite and bad veneers restored with Face Lift Dentistry®

Had she liked the cosmetic dentistry completed by the other dentist, she may never have attempted to educate herself on any other options. She was lucky in the sense that she did enough research to realize that her results could be far better with overbite correction without surgery.

Overbite Correction with Face Lift Dentistry® Treatment

Replacing the top 10 veneers was just not enough. Her bite was wearing down, the facial elements of aging were worsening because of her bite condition. A complete revitalization of her entire face, bite, and jaw position was the best possible treatment. Once the plan was developed, the data was gathered and she was ready to move forward.

Dr. Muslin has a rapid delivery of care which is accurate and thorough to keep the treatment time to a minimum. In just one appointment all of the old dental work was removed and her oral health was idealized. Then two weeks later she returned to our office and in just one appointment all of the porcelain work was bonded into place. She left that day with a fantastic smile, a longer and more oval shaped face, and her overbite was gone.

For those interested in a level of care that centers on only treating the teeth yet improving the dynamics of your entire appearance referred to as Face Lift Dentistry®, contact Sam Muslin DDS MAGD.

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Clear Speach after Bite Correction

Under Bite, Open Bite, Cross Bite Correction

Patients undergoing speech therapy, treatment is hindered when their bad bites remain untreated. Clear speaking made possible with VENLAY® Restorations Bite Correction.

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Before and After Neuromuscular Mouth Reconstruction

Neuromuscular Dentistry "Disaster"

Her treatment, performed by a prominent neuromuscular dentist, turned into a disaster. Learn how Dr. Sam Muslin helped her and don't make the same mistake.

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Jaw Surgery Alternative - Before and After

Jaw Surgery Alternative - Under Bite Correction

He was able to have his under bite corrected using Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® restorations and was able to see the final results before the porcelain was bonded to his teeth.

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Corrected Overbite without Surgery

Correct the Overbite and Improve the Facial Profile.

Non-surgical treatment took only two visits about 2 weeks apart. No pain, no fillers, no surgery as only the teeth were treated with VENLAY® overbite correction restorations.

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Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry without the Drill

Eliminating one bad veneer for a totally natural and vibrant smile! She wanted a wider smile that showed more of her teeth and less of her gums. Her non-invasive porcelain veneers on the top perfectly match her natural teeth on the bottom.

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Treating Dark Triangles Between Teeth

Gum Recession, Dark Triangles, Bite Correction, Worn Yellow Teeth, Crooked Teeth, Small Chin, Facial Profile Correction, Clenching and Grinding, Anti-Aging Dentistry.

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Corrected Underbite without Jaw Surgery

Correct Under Bites without Jaw Surgery.

After wearing braces, extracting four teeth, he was told by cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons that jaw surgery and more years of braces was his only choice, which is not true anymore. Watch video of him before and after treatment that only took 2 weeks.

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Before and after photo showing Facial Profile Correction

Facial Profile & Overbite Correction.

The shape of her face and her facial profile were dramatically improved with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. No drilling down her natural teeth, no surgery, no chin implant and her neck pain is gone. You can’t do this with a face-lift.

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Reversing the Effects of the Aging.

Most of us never had the best bite for our facial structure but youth hides many flaws. We are forced to accommodate to a bad bite and unfortunately experience a lifetime of physical stress and tension.

Deep Overbite and Aging Reversal has Never Been Easier.

The quality of life centers on how are we going to live and how healthy are we going to feel. Old worn down teeth contribute to physical stress and strain. Even if you are not aware of it, your body feels it.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Underbite Correction

In just 3 weeks his facial profile and large lower jaw were dramatically improved with the only non-invasive under bite correction method, Face Lift Dentistry®. You can’t do this with porcelain veneers.

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Regain your Self Confidence without Surgery.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

Anti-Aging Dentistry with VENLAY® Restorations

Real Anti-Aging Dentistry with the VENLAY® Restorations.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

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Under Bite Correction the High Tech Way.

Not cosmetic camouflage for this patient from Chicago, but a non-surgical under bite fix that improves the jaw position. See what can be done in just 2 weeks without grinding down your natural teeth.

Deep Overbite Correction without Surgery

Deep Overbite Correction – No Surgery, No Braces, No Tooth Grinding.

This patient now has beautiful white teeth and wider smiles along with a degree of bite correction that is not possible with braces.

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Porcelain Veneers Cannot Correct Bites!

One of the best solutions to the aging face is bite correction because the bite directly determines the shape and proportions of the face.

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Overbite Correction - No Braces, No Tooth Grinding

The days of spending years in corrective braces or Invisalign ® to straighten your teeth or to correct your overbite are gone..

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TMJ Pain Relief with VENLAY® Restorations Overbite Correction.

Improved facial profile without surgery or braces along with jaw joint stress reduction using Dr. Sam Muslin's VENLAY® restorations with Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

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"Fix" the Under Bite is not Good Enough.

To correct an under bite the jaw needs to be ideally positioned and with today’s high tech dentistry, it can be done in only two weeks. You cannot do this with porcelain veneers. Watch the video as this patient from New York explains the process.

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Under Bite Correction without Surgery or Braces

Under Bite Correction without Surgery or Braces.

Surgery and Braces used to be the only options fto correct the under bite. No longer so! Learn about the latest high-tech and non-invasive underbite treatment with VENLAY® Restorations.

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Clenching & Grinding Solution.

Short worn down teeth can be restored without grinding them down for crowns or porcelain veneers. The bite can be corrected non-invasively.

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Bad Veneers Replaced.

Replacing Bad Veneers for the Best Smile Possible! From thick bulky unnatural looking veneers to Dr. Sam Muslin's ultra-thin natural veneers.

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Shape of the Face and the Bite.

Relieving TMJ pain and Headaches while Looking 10 Years Younger! After years of pain she decided that shots, braces and a typical bite reconstruction was not the answer.

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Tetracycline Stain & Bite Correction.

This treatment went beyond a full mouth reconstruction as it minimized his headaches and jaw pain as well! He wanted a totally natural smile without crooked teeth or an overbite. He wanted his upper teeth to show. He has a wider smile and a balanced bite with the damage caused by years of grinding eliminated.

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Correct the Overbite and Improve the Facial Profile.

A deep overbite and years of tooth grinding resulted in the shortening of his face and thinning of his lips. With Face Lift Dentistry ® he had more than a full mouth reconstruction as his entire face was elongated, his jaw is stronger, and his lips are fuller. The results were achieved without surgery or chin implants.

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Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry without the Drill

Eliminating one bad veneer for a totally natural and vibrant smile! She wanted a wider smile that showed more of her teeth and less of her gums. Her non-invasive porcelain veneers on the top perfectly match her natural teeth on the bottom.

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Aging Face, Small Chin.

Aging Face, Small Chin.

The Dental Face Lift provided this patient with a stronger looking jaw, fuller lips, permanently whiter teeth and a healthier bite. His wrinkles were reduced, his entire face is physically longer and no surgery was necessary.

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Improving the Shape of the Face without Surgery

Facial Profile – Overbite Correction.

Broken teeth, dental decay, dental neglect, tooth loss, decreased facial support, root canals, tooth extractions, dental implants, gum treatment, bone grafting, complex dentistry, bite reconstruction, Face Lift Dentistry ®

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers.

Wider Smile and Fuller Lip with No Grinding on the Natural Teeth! Small upper teeth and a narrow smile were treated with no-grinding and no-drilling porcelain veneers. The micro thin dental veneers were custom made by Dr. Muslin's ceramist.

Tetracycline Stain Treated

Tetracycline Stain & Veneers.

Dark tetracycline stained teeth were treated with porcelain veneers that required no grinding of her natural tooth structure. Crest whitening strips, Zoom II nor Brite Smile nor any other chemical teeth whiteners could accomplish the same results as the veneers.

Bite Correction - Before and After

Bite Correction and the Aging Face.

He had suffered a bite collapse causing his lower jaw to protrude while his upper lip appeared sunken in. He teeth and bite no longer supported his face making him look far older. After treatment his profile was restored, upper teeth lengthened, lines around his eyes were softened, he looks 10 years younger.

Why Can’t I See My Upper Teeth?

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Overbite Correction & Tooth Grinding.

Jaw positioning with the latest non-invasive method using VENLAY® Restorations and the Face Lift ® Dentistry method for anti-aging benefits and facial support.