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Overbite Correction Without Braces

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery 

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This patient from Brentwood, California, had already worn braces for years. He no longer was willing to wear braces he wanted overbite correction without braces, so with orthodontic treatment out of the question, this patient chose treatment of neuromuscular combined with cosmetic dentistry which can produce the ultimate care - the Dental Face Lift ®. Not even the "Invisiline®" technique can be as effective as Dr. Sam Muslin's Dental Face Lift ® Technique.

Before and After Overbite Correction

 Before and After Overbite Correction without Braces

After 5 years of braces he still had an overbite and a short face like an older person. Dr. Muslin’s non-invasive Dental Face Lift ® required no drilling or grinding of his natural teeth and his overbite was completely corrected!

The Dental Face Lift ® uses the best that modern day high tech dentistry has to offer, combined with the artistic skills of highly trained dentists to produce the maximum care available for every patient today. Your entire face, lips, gums, teeth, speech and TMJ function are combined and coordinated to the maximum health, comfort and benefit of each patient. Invisiline cannot accomplish this level of results.

Only the Dental Face Lift ® can change the shape of your face. Plastic Surgery or the Plastic Surgery Face Lift cannot change the shape of your face or reposition your lower jaw to produce the maximum health and cosmetic benefits.

Deep Overbite - Closeup Photos

 Closeup photo showing a corrected overbite, done without braces.

Complete overbite correction without braces or surgery - Before and After.

He has a "deep over-bite" and is grinding his teeth (bruxism). You can see the sides of his face have large bulging masseter muscles which may lead to TMJ trouble in the future. This particular patient said that after treatment, his jaw or TMJ (tempro mandibular joint) felt much more comfortable and he did not know that his jaw was bothering him before occlusal (bite) correction. Headaches are the most common symptom of TMJ as well as joint noise, popping, or TMJ clicking.

The Dental Face Lift®

Dr. Sam Muslin, during his initial exam, noted that the masseter muscles and temporalis muscles were being over worked and that the patient has some TMJ issues. Neuromuscular dentistry is the care of TMJ problems but this treatment also included functional cosmetic and bite reconstruction dental work, all combined to produce the Dental Face Lift®

This patient was referred by someone that had already received similar Face Lift Dental care that lived in the Los Angeles area.

The Dental Face Lift ® changes the entire shape of your face. The patient's face is now physically longer. Look at the before and after photos, the lower face is now in better proportion with the upper face in the after picture. The smile is also wider and more cosmetically balanced with his lips and facial width. The dark triangles in the before picture at the corners of his mouth are eliminated. After correcting his bite, his lips are better supported and the amount of tooth grinding is reduced. Kingsley's face in now functionally and cosmetically balanced.

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