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Overbite Correction – The High Tech Method

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery 

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She traveled to Santa Monica from Wyoming to take care of a lifetime of dental work and dental related problems. She has taken care of her teeth but dentistry in America is primarily a “one tooth at a time” treatment and because we are living so much longer a high tech method has been developed. She would like her smile and her appearance to be as good as she feels on the inside.

Reverse Premature Aging

She has a deep overbite, her front teeth are angled back and her smile is narrow. She has a lifetime of old mismatched dentistry and wanted to get all of her teeth, overbite and premature aging treated simultaneously with the Face Lift Dentistry® method in just a matter of weeks.

She has children in high school, had a deep overbite her entire life, has a mouth full of miss-matched dentistry and wants memories that reflect the quality person that she really has become as a Mother and a wife. She does not want jaw surgery or adult braces that would only help with a few of her health problems, and would take two years to complete along with increased risk. With this exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® method, she can reverse the aging process, correct her overbite, remove all of the old dentistry and replace it with matching white porcelain customized to her satisfaction with very little risk.

Video: “I Want my Testimonial to Help You”

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Dr. Sam Muslin is an innovator with decades of experience and he has provided solutions to everyone of my problems. He gave my tongue a lot more room at the bottom of my mouth and he corrected my overbite and removed years of aging from my face. All of my teeth were designed perfectly to meet its counter part.

“All problems solved by One Dentist, with One Procedure at One Time”

“I have chosen Dr. Sam Muslin because of what I have read about him and also picked him because of the quality of his work which stands out above all others”. Her face is getting shorter as her teeth and overbite wear down and her jaw line is receded, her chin looks small and she wants it all reversed.

She has a short round face and wants her jawline improved and the shape of her face and facial profile optimized. She wants straight white teeth, the overbite corrected and her TMJ problems relieved. She wants it done by “one dentist with one procedure at one time”. “And I hope to look about 10 Years Younger”.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry®

“I want my face to have a better shape and to save my healthy teeth along with looking about 10 years younger”.

Patients fly in from all over the world in order to receive the exclusive non-invasive anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry® treatment using his VENLAY® Restorations that correct the bite without grinding down healthy teeth. This treatment is far safer, far quicker and far less painful than other methods. This method is far better for the long-term health of the patient because none of her healthy teeth need to be ground down. This is a technology breakthrough.

Less Snoring, Better Speaking Ability with Increased Tongue Space

This patient did not have a snoring problem but many people with snoring problems do not sleep well, speak clearly or wake up refreshed. Their health is suffering along with anyone sleeping with them. One of the solutions is to build a bite that increased the space available for the tongue. Most people and dentists don’t realize that as the bite wears down there is less room for the patients tongue.

“Solutions to Everyone of my Problems”

“His results are amazing and just fabulous. I look in the mirror in the morning and I like what I see. It has been 8 months now since the treatment was completed and he corrected my bite, I have no TMJ problems, I can eat crunchy foods, chewy caramels and steak. ”

My husband and I are very close to the same age and a new acquaintance thought that I was 15 years younger than him since getting Dr. Muslin’s Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® treatment method.

-Featured Patient

“I am please with my choice of doing my entire mouth and I could not be happier with the results.”

For those patients interested in the “exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® non-invasive method using his VENLAY® Restorations, call the office to discuss your options.