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Is a Full Mouth Restoration Enough?

Non-Surgical Jaw Alignment that Transforms your Face and Optimizes your TMJ

Treating Patients in Los Angeles, CA from All Over the United States and the World

When a patient has many missing teeth, bite collapse, dental abscesses, gums disease that all contribute to premature aging, most dentists will recommend a full mouth reconstruction. The typical full mouth reconstruction will attempt to find an acceptable vertical dimension; occlusal plane and most dentists will try to locate centric occlusion for the patient. But, with premature aging, typical cosmetic dentistry will generally not reverse the premature aging problem.

Beyond Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient requiring bite correction and full mouth reconstruction - Before and After treatment

Before and After Photos of Bite Correction Dentistry - The objective was to completely erase premature aging and rebuild her facial support to achieve an anti-aging benefit. Dr. Sam Muslin’s unique Face Lift Dentistry® method can remove 10 to 15 years from the aging face.

Vertical dimensions and centric occlusion are the basic requirements for a full mouth reconstruction but the treatment tends to be very subjective from dentist to dentist. Results can vary widely and patients that are price-shopping can end up with major problems with the results. Patients that require this level of care generally have years of dental neglect, TMJ problems, cracked teeth, a poor bite, aggressive tooth wear and advanced tooth decay. There is a new standard of excellence that has the specific goal of maximizing the shape of your face, jaw position and biological potential with Face Lift Dentistry®.

Crown Lengthening

In order to save some of the teeth that had decayed down to the gums, crown lengthening was necessary. Crown lengthening is a procedure that saves the root because it is still very strong and can support a porcelain crown. Unfortunately, the decay completely destroyed all of the tooth structure above the gums but fortunately the patient has long roots that can be saved.

Teeth that have tooth decay right down to the gum line require root canal treatment and again because Dr. Muslin’s entire dental practice has a focus on complex adult dentistry, the root canals are done right along with the surgery, extractions, bone grafts etc. The ability to treat patients with crown lengthening, root canals and gum contouring in just one visit is a real time savor for his patients.

Gum Contouring and Dental Implants

In order to give her the maximum cosmetic results, gum contouring was necessary to create an even gum line when she is smiling. The gum line is very important in developing the best cosmetic dentistry and most of the time, Dr. Muslin will complete all of the necessary surgery in just one visit if his patients are doing well during the procedure. The patients are very enthusiastic that they are getting the treatment done and that they are getting more confident that the quality will match their expectations. They tell him that they are feeling so comfortable during the treatment and that he can “just keep going”.

Sometimes the patient needs dental implant placement and restorations after the implant heals. But other times the quality of the bone is so high that the patient can have a temporary crown placed the same day of the dental implant surgery and the same day of the crown extension surgery too. One-day treatment is a huge benefit for the patients because they do not have to keep coming back again and again for an extreme dental makeover.

His entire focus is on complex adult esthetic reconstructive dentistry, he has over 30 years of experience, is highly organized and has the best dental technologies and one of the finest ceramists available.

Dental Bone Grafts

On occasion, teeth need to be extracted because the roots are not worth saving and again Dr. Muslin will complete the dental bone graft on the same visit. The dental bone graft is designed to rebuild the jawbone back to a normal height. When teeth need to be extracted, generally there was a great deal of bone loss that needs to be grown back to a normal height.

Dental bone grafts are safe and predictable as he has developed a technique that is so predictable and painless that he rarely will prescribe antibiotics or pain medications.

Don’t misunderstand this last statement. If the patient wants a pain prescription just in case, they can have one but these procedures do not have a lot of postoperative pain with his techniques. (We realize that this may be a little hard to believe but all of the before and after photos in this website are the ultimate dental testimonials received by his patients after the treatment was completed!)

Rebuilding the Bite with VENLAY® Restorations

When the bite is being rebuilt, porcelain crowns are necessary for the top of the dental implants, for the teeth with extensive tooth decay and for the teeth requiring crown extension surgery. But, sometimes patients have some healthy teeth. The wonderful aspect of high tech dental care is that none of the healthy tooth structure needs to be ground down. The restorations are “prep less” or “no prep” which means the tooth is saved without grinding off the dental enamel.

This treatment is all about improving the patient’s facial profile while correcting the bite. The treatment also reverses years of aging while building a bite that harmonizes with the TMJ. When the bite is biologically balanced with the TMJ, the patient experiences less jaw pain, fewer headaches and less head and neck stress. Dr. Muslin say, “Cosmetic dentistry helps your smile but does not improve your health so if you want to really look better, you also need to feel better and Face Lift Dentistry® delivers both benefits.

The New Age of Dentistry

What Face Lift Dentistry® is and why it is the ultimate in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many patients have some teeth that need porcelain crowns but also have other teeth that are healthy. Dr. Muslin cautions patients that healthy teeth should not be needlessly ground down for porcelain crowns. Healthy teeth will stay “intact” with his exclusive VENLAY® restorations. In fact, many of his patients do not need to have any of their teeth ground down if they don’t have any cavities or old fillings or old crowns. These new high tech restorations are built right over the top of the worn down teeth. Occasionally patients do not want a dental implant and can avoid a surgery by choosing a dental bridge. Bridgework is highly successful if the dentist can deliver a high level of precision and super strong dental bonding.

Dr. Muslin has dental bridges that have been flawlessly in service for over 20 years. In other instances partial dentures are used as temporary or even permanent restorations. Partial Dentures are temporary when the patient needs teeth now and wants dental implants in the future. The dental implants can be placed under the partial denture so the patient never goes anywhere without teeth!

Face Lift Dentistry®

In order to reverse premature aging these patients generally need non-surgical jaw realignment. The patient’s lower jaw has moved out of alignment over the years of tooth loss and wear. Some patients that have their jaw out of alignment have not lost a single tooth nor do they have a single dental restoration. All of their teeth are healthy but all of the teeth are worn down and the lower jaw is not in the best alignment. These patients have short faces and recessive chins and can have a full mouth reconstruction without needles, shots or dental crowns.

Most of the time, patients with deep overbites have recessive chins and the best way to give them the right facial length, vertical dimension, occlusal plane and jaw alignment is to consider Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

This bite reconstruction dentist actually treats the patients face. The shape of the face is directly related to the patients bite and premature aging is directly related to lost facial support. Dr. Muslin treats the patient’s face by rebuilding every aspect of the individual needs of the patient. He will analyze the patients face at rest, when laughing, when smiling, from all angles and while speaking. His goal is to help his patients speak more clearly after the bite has been rebuilt. He also wants to non-surgically and three-dimensionally reposition the patient’s lower jaw. He says that it happens naturally, painlessly and quickly because he has developed and trademarked Face Lift Dentistry® for his patients.

His patients look years younger after his treatment and he will use all of the available dental technologies during his bite reconstruction Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. (Again, how many dental web sites have you seen that have anywhere near this many high quality, matching before and after photos of almost every type of complex dental care possible? These patients are so happy with the results that they were willing to show their full faces to help you make an intelligent decision. They are recommending that you see this dentist for your dental care as many of them have come from other states and other countries).

Physiological and Emotional Issues

For some of us, a little dental neglect can snowball into a big problem. Patients put off the care they need until something happens that forces them into action. This lady experienced this when her dental decay caused her front teeth to break off at the gum line and left her feeling very uncomfortable with her smile.

Besides losing her front teeth, the lower teeth had moved higher, causing them to appear too long. The loss of some of her upper teeth and continued movement of her lower teeth lead to decreased facial support, which ultimately made her have premature aging. She was highly emotional because her Mother was just treated by a Beverly Hills Dentist and things did not go well.

What Do You Do When Your Dental Experiences Are One Disappointment After Another?

Originally, she had seen a dentist whom her mother had found online. Her mother saw this dentist for her own treatment over a year ago and had a significant amount of work done. She chose this dentist who had a fancy website and seemed to know what he's doing.

Her mother, however, failed to realize that the website was missing something very important: "before and after photos" of his work.

The most important factors in choosing a new dentist are the untouched and unaltered "before and after photos" of the dentist's actual work. Needless to say, she was not impressed with the other dentist's work and was worried that she would never regain the beautiful smile she once had.

Patient Testimonial

During the course of her dental care, this patient greatly appreciated the speed, organization and the benefits of being treated by a master dentist.

“I have had a lot of dentistry over the years and this guy is incredible. Dr. Muslin completed the root canals, extractions, bone grafts and replaced teeth so quickly and painlessly, while all of my other dentists caused so much pain and took so many visits”.

Choosing the Right Dentist

After seeing the website by Dr. Sam Muslin and the before and after photos of his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry®, she was far more confident that she would be able to smile again. She knew she had found a much better dentist and the results of her dental care were extremely satisfying. Her complex dentistry treatment involved root canals to save her root tips, gum treatment, extractions and bone grafting, and bite work. The treatment plan combined highly organized procedures to produce the optimum level of dental care, known as Face Lift Dentistry®.

Philosophy Of Treatment

In this case, the number one priority was her oral health. All levels of infection had to be removed and followed by creating a foundation for the new teeth that will provide a stable and long lasting result. The final teeth replacement process involved much more than "filling the spaces". Dr. Muslin used his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® technique that requires analyzing the individual facial features of each person and optimizing the treatment to achieve results that exceed expectations. This is an intensive study by the doctor that does not take much of the patient’s time.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Over his 30 years of experience in dealing with complex dental care, Dr. Muslin has accumulated a great photo gallery featuring his results.

Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks all of these patients and is deeply honored for their written permission to show their faces. For those patients in need of advanced, complex or cosmetic dental care, please call of an appointment.

The phone number in Santa Monica California is (310) 829 6796. Call to speak with our treatment coordinators to help with coordinating your flights, initial consultation and possibly starting your treatment the very next day.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Bite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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Face Lift Dentistry® fee is $40,000 per upper or lower arch plus any additional dental work such as fillings, gum work, dental implants, etc. Most patients get both the upper and the lower arches done simultaneously to maximize their results and get the most health benefits possible. Face Lift Dentistry® is dental health care that is tax deductible depending on your income, so we advise that you check with your accountant.