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Adult Crossbite Correction? Don’t Schedule Treatment Until You Explore Your Options

A Predictable Approach to Crossbite Correction without Surgery, Braces, or Cutting Healthy Teeth

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 03/20/2023

There’s good news for adult crossbite patients: JawTrac® Alignment with VENLAY® Restorations provides a comfortable, non-surgical solution with proven results.

What is a Crossbite Malocclusion?

A crossbite malocclusion develops when the upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw. When biting down, all or some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. Only 9% of these cases will self-correct, and crossbites can cause complications that become more aggravating as patients age. Far too often, patients spend months wearing uncomfortable metal appliances or undergoing invasive surgery.

I Need My Crossbite Corrected: Jaw Surgery or VENLAY® Bite Restorations?

Dr. Muslin serves patients with 20 years of orthodontic expertise, and he helps patients choose the best option for them. In some cases, crossbite corrective surgery may provide the best outcome. However, most of the patients he sees were told by specialists that surgery was their only option. This advice was not accurate. VENLAY® restorations may provide optimal results with far less risk, taking much less time and possibly more comfortable results. Dr. Muslin evaluates each patient's jaw and bite relationships and other health issues and customizes his treatment options for his patients. This personalized, detailed evaluation requires an in-person visit, the first step to life-changing benefits that patients enjoy, 24/7.

How Can You Correct a Crossbite Without Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery involves invasive procedures, lengthy healing times, and wired closure of the mouth, loss of income, and it may not be totally successful. Jaw surgery recovery often takes weeks and significantly affects a patient's lifestyle. Patients may be limited from the activities they love and require pain medication during healing. Compare this journey to the results Dr. Muslin achieves without jaw correction surgery. The benefits include:

  • Far less risk than surgery
  • Minimal to no pain
  • Treatment time is about a month compared to years
  • No drugs
  • Far less time lost from work or school

Dr. Muslin optimizes your jaw position and bite to create results that are biologically compatible with your existing natural anatomy, which can give you countless reasons to smile.

What’s the Difference Between Anterior and Posterior Crossbites?

An anterior crossbite occurs when one or more upper front teeth sit behind the lower teeth when closed together. This condition shows up in up to 5% of children. But a posterior crossbite is more common, and up to 16% of children present with the same problem in their back teeth. In either case, irreversible consequences often follow patients into adulthood.

What If I Have a Crossbite and Underbite?

Some patients develop multiple jaw problems that lead to complex, time-consuming corrective actions with braces, surgery, and aligners or with drilling down your teeth for bite correction. When a narrow upper jaw meets an overgrown lower jaw, a patient may need invasive surgery in multiple facial regions with other treatment methods. Instead of these invasive methods, Dr. Muslin coordinates complex cases by relying on 40 years of experience, multiple jaw position imaging, and exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® methods that help patients avoid surgery and gain many advantages that surgery braces or aligners cannot offer.

The results speak for themselves, and the lives of these patients will never be the same:

What If I Leave a Crossbite Untreated?

A crossbite can be left untreated, but the consequences may be difficult to predict. And many patients end up with multiple complications that lead to irreversible problems over time. Most physical problems develop from jaw misalignment related to the crossbite. When a patient closes down, the teeth don't properly come together. The lower jaw displaces to one side or the other and may cause:

TMJ Problems: The jaw joints in front of the ears contain delicate fibers and cartilage. A crossbite that deflects the jaw can strain the joints and the facial muscles. Some forms of TMJ disorder cause chronic pain, headaches, neck pain, posture issues, and arthritis.

Facial Asymmetry: When the mandible deflects to one side, the balance of the face changes, which can affect appearance. Many of these patients avoid smiling. This may lead to self-esteem and confidence issues, especially in teens and young adults.

Teeth Grinding and Wear: A poor bite can cause teeth to hit and slide beyond their normal chewing patterns. Chewing deflection can cause enamel wear and chipping. Plus, an unusual bite may contribute to night grinding, known as bruxism. Bruxism accelerates tooth wear and TMJ symptoms.

Gum Recession: Unusual bite forces on the teeth can cause the gums to recede and expose the roots. Recession often leads to sensitivity to hot and cold, and exposed roots may be more susceptible to cavities and erosion.

What About the Cost of Crossbite Correction?

An investment in our health is the best investment any of us can make. But we understand patients are concerned about the cost of crossbite correction. While every case is different and deserves a personalized approach, most patients find the cost of non-invasive treatment is significantly less than surgery and lengthy fixed braces procedures. Plus, recovery from surgery often requires more time away from work, and chronic pain robs people of their productivity and joy. Many of the patients that have had surgery and braces end up getting porcelain veneers to help them cosmetically. The overall cost, the huge amount of time, and the risks involved make the cost of Face Lift Dentistry® worth it. Dr. Muslin will design an approach that pays you benefits every day of your life with every encounter.

Adults Don’t Have to Live With a Crossbite

Adults don't have to live with a crossbite and the complications that affect the quality of life. Many patients are told it's possible to correct a crossbite with braces, clear aligners, or surgery. Adults don't have the time for those other methods, and even if they did, most of us don't have the right size teeth for our faces. We think there is a much better way for patients from 14 to 93 years of age to have something that has significant health and cosmetic benefits.

Dr. Muslin's JawTrac® alignment technology and VENLAY® bite restorations can often correct crossbites in a short period. In most cases, Dr. Muslin guides patients away from jaw surgery with this proven alternative. An ideal jaw position allows patients to rejuvenate their appearance, enhance their speaking ability, experience better sleep, and enjoy perfect chewing with improved digestion.

Discover 24/7 Confidence, Health, and Function

Chronic pain from crossbites and extensive reconstructive procedures add stress and unnecessary expense. Avoid complications and surgery by finding out more about Dr. Muslin's innovative, proven approach today that is completed in just a matter of 4 weeks instead of years.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

Face Lift Dentistry® Is The Future of Crossbite Correction

Face Lift Dentistry® not only optimizes your smile, but it also optimizes your entire face! Call today and get ready to change your life. Face Lift Dentistry® results are Safer, More Reliable, Testable, and Far More Predictable Healthcare with enormous Cosmetic Impact.

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