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Extracting Teeth for Braces May Not Be a Ideal

Reverse the Negative Effects of Bicuspid Extraction, Restore Facial Balance and Regain a Youthful Appearance

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 11/04/2022

Removing Teeth for Braces may Cause Facial Collapse, TMJ, and Bite Problems

This patient had an overbite and worn-down, miss-matched, yellow teeth from extractions, and years of dental neglect. She wanted more than just smile type of cosmetic dentistry or anti-aging dentistry. The patient also needed overbite correction with aesthetic benefits that can reverse the negative effects of bicuspid extraction.

Bicuspid Extraction Reversed - Before and After

She has posterior bite collapse and has suffered the consequences later in life. At this point, she wanted to get the Face Lift Dentistry® method, which can establish an ideal jaw position for her and give her the smile of a lifetime.

Bicuspid Extraction Resulted in Reduced Airway Passage and Tongue Space

When the space for the tongue gets reduced, the patient typically wakes up more often because the tongue has nowhere else to go but to the back of the throat, which reduces the size of the airway passage.

Sleeping Better

Patients don’t sleep as well and have no idea that sleeping problems are related to the jaw position. These patients do not breathe as well, sleep as well, nor do they speak with clarity because of the posterior bite collapse. This treatment increased the tongue space, and the airway passage for improved breathing. It is more than just increasing the vertical dimension, as it is all about the ideal jaw position with JawTrac®. This method of treatment does not require grinding down good healthy teeth and is non-surgical, no braces and improves chin size and facial profiles.

Bicuspid Extraction Reversal - Closeup before and after

Reversing premature aging is not just cosmetic dentistry. With this method, it is about improving the chin size, tongue space and replaces all of the old dentistry if necessary. It is also about the health of the patient from a physical perspective because the jaw must be located in the best position.

Bicuspid Extraction Reversal

This patient experienced a transformation in the shape of her face; her facial profile and jaw comfort after bicuspid extraction reversal. This method reverses the negative effects of posterior bite collapse and the effects of bicuspid extraction. Feeling younger creates a face that has less stress and more comfort. The shape of her face also improved significantly due to the bite correction part of this method.

How to Reverse a Bicuspid Extraction

Most patients that have bicuspid extractions have smaller dental arch width. The circumference of the upper jaw is smaller because biscuspids were extracted. Many patients also have small chins and overbites with round shaped faces. This method can make the smile much wider for better facial support. It can create a new jaw position and correct the overbite. But, the biggest cosmetic benefit is the new shape to the patient’s face. Her sleep problems are reduced, she chews her food easier, her speech is clear, jaw pain and headaches are reduced, and her face is also permanently supported by her new bite and jaw position. Her sleep problems are reduced, she chews her food easier, her speech is clear, jaw pain and headaches are reduced and her face is also permanently supported by her new bite and jaw position.

Bicuspid Teeth Extraction Reversed - Closeup Before and After

Her treatment took only a few weeks, and all of the old fillings, crowns, and decay were removed in just one sitting. Temporary restorations were placed, and a couple of weeks later, her new porcelain restorations that created her new bite and new face were bonded. Her healthy teeth have a new high-tech protective layer built right over them without grinding them down to little pegs like in the anti-aging dentistry and cosmetic dentistry offices.

My local dentist cannot do this

She wanted to save herself from traveling, but she also knew that there is something very special about Dr. Muslin’s dentistry and his training. She felt he was worth the trip because she did not want to take any chances with her teeth again. She decided to go to an “expert” and get it done “right.”

He was so fast; the treatment was so easy that it made the trip worth it; he really knows what he is doing.

Teeth Removed for Orthodontics

A 13-year old child may look good after bicuspid extraction and orthodontic braces. The same person at age 35 and older may show premature signs of aging because of lost facial support. Additionally, the front teeth had to be moved back to close the spaces caused by the extractions, forcing the lower jaw to a retruded position. When the chin looks small and is pushed back by overbites and braces, it can be causing headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, sleep problems, speaking problems, chewing problems, and physical stress and tension. The physical problems combined with the lost shape of a youthful face all contribute to premature aging.

The “New Age of Dentistry” is all about looking younger and feeling younger with a better facial profile and chin position, all done without surgery and without grinding down healthy teeth with a comprehensive functional and aesthetic plan.

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Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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