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What Happens If You Have No Back Teeth?

Non-Invasive Bite Restoration with JawTrac® Technology and VENLAY® Restorations

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Medically Reviewed by Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD | Last Updated on 01/26/2022

Back teeth have multiple roots that provide a sound foundation for the bite. Back teeth, or posterior teeth, provide protection for the front teeth. When the back teeth are missing, there is a great deal of stress placed on the front teeth. Sometimes this happens when only a few back teeth are missing.

Why are Back Teeth Important?

When a patient does not have back teeth, they usually experience some level of facial collapse. The back teeth provide vertical facial support that supports the face. The patient below had a genetic condition called hypodontia that caused her not to have back teeth. She had a bi-lateral crossbite, cannot chew properly, cannot speak her words clearly, takes a very long time to eat a normal meal and was told that she did not have enough bone for dental implants and that braces cannot help her.

Other Dentists Could Not Help Her - Dr. Muslin Did

Compare the improvements in her speaking ability and confidence in the before and after segments.

Life-Transformation VENLAY® Restoration Dentistry

Her life has been transformed with every person she meets and with every social encounter she will experience in the future because she is a new person. She is beaming with confidence and she can speak her words much more clearly, which has improved the “credibility factor” in how she represents herself. Life-transformations without the pain from the dental drill, bite corrections without years of braces or jaw surgery make VENLAY® Restoration Dentistry many levels above and beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. We are now ready to start her next phase of treatment.

Hypodontia Bite Correction

Hypodontia left her without back teeth. VENLAY Restoration correction, before and after.

Her small upper jaw was corrected with VENLAY® bite restorations after testing with JawTrac®. Her bite was restored, her crossbite was corrected. Her self confidence and jaw functionality drastically improved.

Not Enough Jaw Bone to Support Dental Implants

Now that we have accomplished a life transformation with the teeth that she has, without drilling down her healthy teeth, we can move forward with the next phase of treatment. Never make the mistake of letting a dentist drill down your healthy teeth even if the cost is less. The pain, risks, and consequences are not worth it. We can now move forward with bone grafts that can add additional bone to her jaws to be able to provide dental implants in the future.

Busy People Don’t Have Time to Waste

Patients are flying in from all over the world in order to get “optimized” rather than just “patchwork” type of care. These patients are being treated by the one doctor that developed this method in a ‘’boutique dentistry” type of atmosphere. They are getting “optimized” care in a much shorter time period without the drilling, risks, pain, and many dental visits that the other methods are using. This method saves a lot of time for those successful business professionals that want a higher level of care.

We continue to see patients that already had their teeth drilled down, jaws cut, wore clear aligners, and deeply regret it. We have replaced all of their crowns, and veneers provide a level of results that gave them the “validity” that transformed them from the thick white fake teeth that make them look like “you are trying too hard.”

Call us and get the validity, confidence, and professional appearance that can transform lives.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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