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Buck Teeth and Open Bite Correction

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Fixing Buck Teeth (or protruding teeth) can be a challenge but there are some very creative solutions available to the patient that can get results very fast. Sometimes these solutions can be a little bit shocking. But once the patient realizes that they have three choices and need to pick one, they generally want the protruding teeth corrected as fast as possible. Fixing buck teeth depends on each patient’s particular situation.

Buck Teeth Corrected without Braces

Fixing Buck Teeth - Before and After

“I don’t like the gap between my teeth and it is getting larger every day”! “It is making me crazy and I want it gone”. Her buckteeth were corrected without braces.

Bite Correction - Fixing Buck Teeth

Dr. Sam Muslin has practiced for over 30 years and did braces in his practice for over 20 of those years. He can provide a clear and concise series of choices for his patients because of his experience in orthodontics, reconstructive dentistry and all other areas of dentistry including jaw surgery. This patient asked how to fix protruding teeth and the solutions were much quicker and easier than she expected.

Jaw Bone Loss

One of the problems with protruding teeth is that they push the lips up and some jawbone is also lost and the teeth are moved too far forward. This patient was able to get all of those structure problems solved with some innovative treatment by this dentist. Dr. Muslin says, “Experience never gets old”.

How to Fix Buck Teeth without Braces

The term "Buck Teeth" describes teeth that are too far forward. The buckteeth and the upper jaw bone have moved forward and as a result the spaces between the teeth get larger and larger. The lip is also pushed up because of the teeth. The teeth actually push the lip up as they tip forward. Dr. Muslin can correct the problem with temporary teeth in just one day and finish with the porcelain teeth a few weeks later. The patient walks out of his office with a buckteeth correction in one day.

Buck Teeth Treatment: Instant Braces by Dr. Muslin

Buck Teeth Close-up Before and After Treatment

The angles of her upper two teeth are not in alignment with her other teeth. In these before and after photos showing the outcome of buck teeth treatment you can see that small changes can make big differences in appearance and clarity of speech.

Buck Teeth and Bone Loss

Buck teeth can be a result of tongue thrusting and bone loss around the teeth. When a patient looses bone, the teeth can move more easily and generally the tongue will push the teeth forward.

Sometimes when there is gum disease and bone loss, simply extracting the front two teeth and combining that with a little bone grafting can solve the gum infection, bone loss and the teeth problems in one procedure. The patient will walk out with a temporary bridge that stays in her mouth all of the time while she heals and then about a month later, a permanent porcelain bridge is made. The patients will look better after the very first day of treatment. It becomes a win win solution as the infection is gone, the buck teeth are gone and the patient looks a lot better instantly. They also speak more clearly when the protruding teeth are fixed.

Spaces or Gaps Between Teeth

The patient may never have had spaces and then spaces between her teeth began to appear. The gaps or spaces between the teeth were small and there are too many other things going on so many patients do not take action. Some patients have small spaces and as they get larger, the patient begins to see the problem but doesn't realize how much their upper lip is moving and how their speech is not as clear any more.

Anti-Aging Dentistry Advanced

She learned that in just one visit, she would walk out of his office with temporary straight white teeth and no gaps. The idea sounded great and to finally fix her teeth with instant braces was very appealing. She said, “In one visit, are you kidding me, do you do it all yourself”? Answer is yes because this is real anti-aging dentistry.

Instant Braces

This patient wanted to fix her buck teeth fast and without braces. She did not have time for braces in the traditional sense so she looked for alternatives and found Dr. Sam Muslin and "Instant Braces". As she said, "Hey, if this guy can fix my teeth fast then he is the man!"

The Diagnosis

The reason her teeth had moved so much is that she had a gum infection and her previous dentists were not successful in treating the infection. Her teeth had lost too much bone and Dr. Sam Muslin explained that it would work in her favor. He explained that her lip was too high and the bone was too far forward. He would remove her two infected teeth and let the bone shrink back so her lip would lie in a more natural position.

The key to this patient’s treatment was getting the upper jawbone to be much less prominent. The treatment is quick and painless and with his method, Dr. Muslin’s patients generally do not need any pain medication. This may be hard to believe but this patient gave him permission to tell her story because everything went very well. She says, “I mean Very Well”!

Protruding Teeth and Lips

Buck teeth make the smile look gummy. Too much of her gums are showing and her lips are also raises up too much because her upper jawbone is too prominent. The lips begin to move differently when the patient has buckteeth. Many of these patients cannot get their lips over their teeth. She now has a much more relaxed upper lip and a more natural appearance.

Open Bite & Buck Teeth Reversed

Image Alt Text

Before and After Buck Teeth Treatment: The gummy smile is gone, the long protruding teeth are fixed and her lips lays more naturally. She speaks more clearly and presents herself more professionally.

Preventing Jaw Bone Loss

The removal of the front teeth along with a bone graft and new temporary teeth were completed in just one visit. She walked out of the office looking far better than when she walked into the office. Additionally, the bone infection was completely removed and she was much more healthy. After she healed, her lips were much more naturally positioned, her speech was crisp and clear and she “looked more elegant and refined”. (Dr. Muslin said that!)

I really appreciate this high quality dentist and am glad that there is someone that could provide this level of care so fast and pain free.

-Featured Patient

Open Bite Correction

 Patient displaying an open bite in the first picture and a corrected bite in the after picture.

Most patients want to look younger but when the bite is corrected the patient can also feel younger. Cosmetic dentistry is only a superficial solution with little to no health benefits in most cases while the Face Lift Dentistry® method can significantly improve the health of the patient by removing head and neck tension along with TMJ problems.

Jaw Surgery Prevented

The biggest benefit to this treatment is that not only does the patient have an incredible smile but they also look younger even when they are not smiling. Considering that most of the time we are not smiling, this method can make a person look happier because they are more comfortable physically and mentally.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Hoax

Just about every dentist is an anti-aging dentist and just about every one of the really provides cosmetic dentistry. If they whiten your teeth, or place porcelain veneers or crowns, it’s called anti-aging dentistry but all they did was improve the smile.

Exclusive Face Lift Dentistry®

There is a treatment that is actually designed to improve your health with enormous cosmetic benefits that reverse the aging process while correcting the bite. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® is the method that will help each patient not only look their best but physically feel their best through a non-invasive bite correction method. None of the teeth need to be ground down and no jaw surgery or braces are necessary. This patient wanted the best possible dental health care available along with the best possible smile and the best cosmetic dentist.

When the smile is cosmetically idealized and the bite is optimized the patient will physically feel their best and cosmetically look their best.

-Dr. Sam Muslin

For those patients interested in Fixing Buck Teeth or Face Lift Dentistry®, please contact Dr Sam Muslin.

Clear Speach after Bite Correction

Under Bite, Open Bite, Cross Bite Correction

Patients undergoing speech therapy, treatment is hindered when their bad bites remain untreated. Clear speaking made possible with VENLAY® Restorations Bite Correction.

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Before and After Neuromuscular Mouth Reconstruction

Neuromuscular Dentistry "Disaster"

Her treatment, performed by a prominent neuromuscular dentist, turned into a disaster. Learn how Dr. Sam Muslin helped her and don't make the same mistake.

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Jaw Surgery Alternative - Before and After

Jaw Surgery Alternative - Under Bite Correction

He was able to have his under bite corrected using Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® restorations and was able to see the final results before the porcelain was bonded to his teeth.

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Corrected Overbite without Surgery

Correct the Overbite and Improve the Facial Profile.

Non-surgical treatment took only two visits about 2 weeks apart. No pain, no fillers, no surgery as only the teeth were treated with VENLAY® overbite correction restorations.

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Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry without the Drill

Eliminating one bad veneer for a totally natural and vibrant smile! She wanted a wider smile that showed more of her teeth and less of her gums. Her non-invasive porcelain veneers on the top perfectly match her natural teeth on the bottom.

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Treating Dark Triangles Between Teeth

Gum Recession, Dark Triangles, Bite Correction, Worn Yellow Teeth, Crooked Teeth, Small Chin, Facial Profile Correction, Clenching and Grinding, Anti-Aging Dentistry.

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Corrected Underbite without Jaw Surgery

Correct Under Bites without Jaw Surgery.

After wearing braces, extracting four teeth, he was told by cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons that jaw surgery and more years of braces was his only choice, which is not true anymore. Watch video of him before and after treatment that only took 2 weeks.

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Before and after photo showing Facial Profile Correction

Facial Profile & Overbite Correction.

The shape of her face and her facial profile were dramatically improved with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. No drilling down her natural teeth, no surgery, no chin implant and her neck pain is gone. You can’t do this with a face-lift.

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Reversing the Effects of the Aging.

Most of us never had the best bite for our facial structure but youth hides many flaws. We are forced to accommodate to a bad bite and unfortunately experience a lifetime of physical stress and tension.

Deep Overbite and Aging Reversal has Never Been Easier.

The quality of life centers on how are we going to live and how healthy are we going to feel. Old worn down teeth contribute to physical stress and strain. Even if you are not aware of it, your body feels it.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Underbite Correction

In just 3 weeks his facial profile and large lower jaw were dramatically improved with the only non-invasive under bite correction method, Face Lift Dentistry®. You can’t do this with porcelain veneers.

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Regain your Self Confidence without Surgery.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

Anti-Aging Dentistry with VENLAY® Restorations

Real Anti-Aging Dentistry with the VENLAY® Restorations.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

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Under Bite Correction the High Tech Way.

Not cosmetic camouflage for this patient from Chicago, but a non-surgical under bite fix that improves the jaw position. See what can be done in just 2 weeks without grinding down your natural teeth.

Deep Overbite Correction without Surgery

Deep Overbite Correction – No Surgery, No Braces, No Tooth Grinding.

This patient now has beautiful white teeth and wider smiles along with a degree of bite correction that is not possible with braces.

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Porcelain Veneers Cannot Correct Bites!

One of the best solutions to the aging face is bite correction because the bite directly determines the shape and proportions of the face.

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Overbite Correction - No Braces, No Tooth Grinding

The days of spending years in corrective braces or Invisalign ® to straighten your teeth or to correct your overbite are gone..

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TMJ Pain Relief with VENLAY® Restorations Overbite Correction.

Improved facial profile without surgery or braces along with jaw joint stress reduction using Dr. Sam Muslin's VENLAY® restorations with Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

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"Fix" the Under Bite is not Good Enough.

To correct an under bite the jaw needs to be ideally positioned and with today’s high tech dentistry, it can be done in only two weeks. You cannot do this with porcelain veneers. Watch the video as this patient from New York explains the process.

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Under Bite Correction without Surgery or Braces

Under Bite Correction without Surgery or Braces.

Surgery and Braces used to be the only options fto correct the under bite. No longer so! Learn about the latest high-tech and non-invasive underbite treatment with VENLAY® Restorations.

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Clenching & Grinding Solution.

Short worn down teeth can be restored without grinding them down for crowns or porcelain veneers. The bite can be corrected non-invasively.

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Bad Veneers Replaced.

Replacing Bad Veneers for the Best Smile Possible! From thick bulky unnatural looking veneers to Dr. Sam Muslin's ultra-thin natural veneers.

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Shape of the Face and the Bite.

Relieving TMJ pain and Headaches while Looking 10 Years Younger! After years of pain she decided that shots, braces and a typical bite reconstruction was not the answer.

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Tetracycline Stain & Bite Correction.

This treatment went beyond a full mouth reconstruction as it minimized his headaches and jaw pain as well! He wanted a totally natural smile without crooked teeth or an overbite. He wanted his upper teeth to show. He has a wider smile and a balanced bite with the damage caused by years of grinding eliminated.

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Correct the Overbite and Improve the Facial Profile.

A deep overbite and years of tooth grinding resulted in the shortening of his face and thinning of his lips. With Face Lift Dentistry ® he had more than a full mouth reconstruction as his entire face was elongated, his jaw is stronger, and his lips are fuller. The results were achieved without surgery or chin implants.

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Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry without the Drill

Eliminating one bad veneer for a totally natural and vibrant smile! She wanted a wider smile that showed more of her teeth and less of her gums. Her non-invasive porcelain veneers on the top perfectly match her natural teeth on the bottom.

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Aging Face, Small Chin.

Aging Face, Small Chin.

The Dental Face Lift provided this patient with a stronger looking jaw, fuller lips, permanently whiter teeth and a healthier bite. His wrinkles were reduced, his entire face is physically longer and no surgery was necessary.

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Improving the Shape of the Face without Surgery

Facial Profile – Overbite Correction.

Broken teeth, dental decay, dental neglect, tooth loss, decreased facial support, root canals, tooth extractions, dental implants, gum treatment, bone grafting, complex dentistry, bite reconstruction, Face Lift Dentistry ®

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers.

Wider Smile and Fuller Lip with No Grinding on the Natural Teeth! Small upper teeth and a narrow smile were treated with no-grinding and no-drilling porcelain veneers. The micro thin dental veneers were custom made by Dr. Muslin's ceramist.

Tetracycline Stain Treated

Tetracycline Stain & Veneers.

Dark tetracycline stained teeth were treated with porcelain veneers that required no grinding of her natural tooth structure. Crest whitening strips, Zoom II nor Brite Smile nor any other chemical teeth whiteners could accomplish the same results as the veneers.

Bite Correction - Before and After

Bite Correction and the Aging Face.

He had suffered a bite collapse causing his lower jaw to protrude while his upper lip appeared sunken in. He teeth and bite no longer supported his face making him look far older. After treatment his profile was restored, upper teeth lengthened, lines around his eyes were softened, he looks 10 years younger.

Why Can’t I See My Upper Teeth?

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Overbite Correction & Tooth Grinding.

Jaw positioning with the latest non-invasive method using VENLAY® Restorations and the Face Lift ® Dentistry method for anti-aging benefits and facial support.