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Receding Gums Treatment

Receding Gums: Restoring Poor Dental Health

The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Santa Monica

She knew her teeth needed porcelain crowns and that her health required immediate improvement, mainly due to her receding gums. She had no idea how or where it would get done, nor which dentist to see. Eve lives in the Midwest and found "the right dentist" in Santa Monica California. She said, "I can get to Los Angeles in just one flight so it is worth traveling to get my work done right."

Dental Health Problems

She had lost jawbone form a generalized gum infection, wore down her teeth from years of teeth clenching and grinding, her bite was bad and her teeth eroded from the gum recession, which caused noticeable receding gums. Eve knew she could get her teeth fixed in the Midwest but wanted her new image to be something special.

Dr. Sam Muslin's Advice

Dr. Muslin said, "Don't tell anyone about getting your new dental work, just get it done and see how they react." Eve thought that was interesting advice and after the consultation and treatment plan, she was really excited. Eve's treatment consisted of two visits to complete the work on all of her upper teeth. When she saw her new teeth for the first time she said, the quality of the work was "beyond my highest expectations!"

Her Friends Reactions

She said, "My friends and acquaintances respond to me differently and treat me better, part of it is because I smile more and the other part is because I really look and feel better."

"Getting rid of the infection and improving my bite has changed the way I feel physically." "I no longer hide my teeth with my hand, or have to worry about my receding gums, and now can be who I really am naturally." "To be able to feel attractive and healthy for the rest of my life was totally worth the effort and the travel." "Besides, what else can you do that benefits you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with everyone to meet?"

30 Years of Experience Matters

The experienced dentist makes fewer mistakes and has completed far more dentistry that enables him to see and treat more predictably. Additionally, Dr. Sam Muslin, of Santa Monica California, recently received "L.A.'s Best Cosmetic Dentist Award" for 2010. For those patients interested in the best level of dental health care that goes beyond cosmetic dentistry, call for your appointment today.

The Treatment

In one visit, Eve had fourteen porcelain crowns prepared, cleaned, medicated, built up and temporary crowns were placed. Her gum disease, receding gums and bone loss were treated non-surgically. Dr. Muslin uses only his articulators (jaw joint simulators) as each patient has one that is only for them until the treatment is done. The articulators are set to each patient's individual characteristics and the new bite is built to each patient's specifications.

Utilizing computerized imagery and Dr. Muslins three-dimensional eye, he personally works on every patient's bite and teeth design to create the best possible cosmetic effect and TMJ health benefits for each patient's facial features and jaw joint function. The ability to get it all right and complete the porcelain crowns by the second visit and satisfy the patient saves everyone a lot of time. As Eve says, "this dentist is worth the flight!"

For those patients suffering from receding gums and interested in Face Lift Dentistry, please contact Dr Sam Muslin.