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Under Bite Correction without Surgery

One of the greatest advancements in modern dentistry is non-surgical, non-invasive under bite correction. The treatment does not require grinding down healthy tooth structure and preserves the natural facial features of the patients face. The profile can also be significantly improved as this treatment using Face Lift Dentistry® method with VENLAY® restorations that actually corrects the patient's bite. This cannot be done with porcelain veneers as porcelain veneers cannot correct the bite. Veneers are only, as Dr. Muslin puts it, "cosmetic camouflage". He also believes that, "True underbite correction should involve an improvement in the patient's bite along with a better facial profile".

Adult underbite correction without surgery - before and after treatment
The treatment was completed in only two weeks, no pain, no shots, no grinding down healthy tooth structure and we know that it sounds too good to be true. The secret to getting an actual underbite correction is with idealizing the patients jaw position with a quick, easy and painless method.

What is an Underbite?

This is a malocclusion that generally involves a protruding lower jaw and a detruding upper jaw. Generally the lower teeth on the lower jaw will be in front of the upper teeth.

Malocclusion Causes

A protruding lower jaw is generally hereditary because of the difference in size between the large lower jaw and smaller upper jaw. Bad chewing habits and thumb-sucking generally do not cause the protruding lower jaw. Thumb-sucking generally causes the chin to look small because the lower jaw is pushed back that is generally associated with an overbite whereas an under bite classically causes the chin to look too large because the jaw is protruding forward.

How to avoid jaw surgery and still have your underbite fixed.
He avoided the jaw surgery and braces for the second time for over 8 years with the hope that technology would become more advanced. He flew across the country to get this treatment. The first visit set took about 4 hours and the second visit took about 4 hours to bond in the VENLAY® restorations.


Jaw pain is generally not a problem because patients with a protruding lower jaw have a lower incidence of TMJ pain than over bite patients. There can be excessive enamel wear on the back teeth but tooth decay and gum disease are generally not increased.

Low self-esteem associated with a large chin and oversized lower protruding jaw can be a problem for these patients and the treatment has generally involved surgery and braces. Although surgery is the most common form of treatment, there are less invasive choices.

Correcting an Underbite

Correcting or treating the protruding lower jaw depends on the severity of the jaw size problem.  The greater the severity, the more surgery and braces are indicated.  However, many patients can have a non-invasive surgical alternative that is unfortunately seldom presented as an option to the patient.

Underbite corrected without surgery or braces
This patient was treated without the use of braces or surgery

When should a Malocclusion be treated?

Treatment is best completed after 18 years of age because the lower jaw can keep growing if treatment is started too early.  However, early treatment can be helpful and minimize the impact of poor self-esteem. 

Surgery is not the only treatment.  There are minimally invasive, remarkably successful treatment alternatives for patients with one of the most progressive high tech treatments available today that can be completed in as little as one week: Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® alternative to jaw surgery.  His results speak for themselves. Visit the Before and After Photo Gallery for untouched and unaltered photos of his no braces, no surgery correction methods that does not require grinding down the patient’s teeth. 

Underbite Treatment Options

Chin Caps, Expanders, or Reverse-Pull Face Mask - The goal of these treatments is to attempt to reduce the growth of the lower jaw.

Orthodontic Braces - Braces only move teeth and generally cannot change the size of the lower or upper jaw.  Braces combined with orthopedics can affect the shape of the lower jaw.

Jaw Surgery - The idea behind orthognathic surgery is to physically cut down the size of the jaw and keep normal body functions.  There are risks to this surgery and there have been some troubling cases. 

Treatment without Braces or Surgery - It is surprising how many people can benefit from Dr. Sam Muslin’s alternative to jaw surgery with treatment taking as little as one or two weeks.  The treatment can be minimally invasive and very quick with cosmetic possibilities that surpass braces and surgery for those patients with teeth that are unattractive.  The patient can have beautiful straight white teeth and a balanced face in a very short period of time along with a healthy bite.   Face Lift Dentistry® treatment can be tested before treatment is started and this is not possible with braces and surgery.

Correction with Face Lift Dentistry ® - Dr. Sam Muslin’s unique Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is the analysis of the patient's facial features that can be enhanced by only working on the patient’s teeth.  Big changes in the shape of the patient’s face can be achieved quickly and without surgery.  The health of the patient is improved because the bite is now biologically balanced and he can design the teeth to support the face permanently. The facial support and facial dimensions are created by his facial analysis that combines with his scientific knowledge of TMJ treatment.

The results of his work are clearly displayed in the images on this website with a wide variety of dental malocclusions and facial deformities.  His work can reposition the lower jaw quickly, non-invasively and painlessly.  The pain free element of Face Lift Dentistry® treatment actually adds a super strong ultra thin layer of porcelain over the outer surface of the tooth and over the biting surface to create the ultimate facial dimension. 


Dr. Sam Muslin analyses the face.  He watches the patient speak in order to determine lip movement, thickness and the visibility of the teeth from all angles and expressions.  His facial analysis is one of the most comprehensive in the industry as he has the ability to actually understand what this patient’s face will look like in 10 to 20 to 30 years in the future. 

His ability to design the teeth to support the face while developing the jaw position and facial profile while combining all of the cosmetic elements of traditional cosmetic dentistry into an elaborate treatment sequence that is easy for the patient.  With over 30 years of cosmetic and reconstructive experience and one of the world's most comprehensive before and after photo galleries he has “raised the bar” on comprehensive dental care.  There are a lot of cosmetic dentists but only one Face Lift Dentist®. 

The Treatment

Patients have had their entire bite reconstructed consisting of every tooth in their mouth that involved replacing the old crowns, fillings, veneers and saving all of the healthy teeth in as little as just one week.  Other patients that need dental implants and possibly gums treatment can take longer.  Some patients get their upper teeth done in one year and then the lowers in another year. 

The variations to his treatment are endless and are tailored to the patient’s dental health and financial ability. On the first visits we discuss the possibilities and possibly take records if the patient wishes to move forward and on the very next day, treatment can be started if time is available and the patient is ready. 

Patients fly in from all over the world to receive his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment for the life changing benefits that last.  Each patient has a unique plan and each patient has special facial features that can be enhanced.

What to Expect

On the first visit, the patient will actually see the treatment results, as the doctor will demonstrate how their faces will look after treatment.  This is superior to computer imaging which can be deceiving. There is nothing better than seeing your own face utilized in understanding the type of the results that are possible with his care.

Each patient will understand how long it will take, what exactly will be done and how it will work for them. Each patient generally becomes very enthusiastic because of the non-invasive and tooth preserving expertise of his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Call for a consultation with one of Dr. Muslin’s treatment coordinators. They can help you understand how the treatment will work for you, or you can make your appointment and Dr. Muslin will talk with you and show you how he can help you directly.

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