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Bite Correction without Surgery, Braces or Grinding down your Teeth.

The ultimate “new you” that improves your health, your profile, your jaw line and the shape of your face.

Awarded LA's Best Cosmetic Dentist for 2015

See a rare video comparison of how the bite affects the face both “before” and “after” treatment. You can see the improved shape to their faces and facial profiles while these actual patients of Dr. Sam Muslin, express themselves about their problems and the solutions using the non-invasive VENALY® restorations with the Face lift Dentistry® method. No drilling down healthy teeth, no surgery, no braces and no time wasted with many office visits. This is not about cosmetic camouflage and “perfect smiles” or “anti-aging dentistry. This is the new age of dentistry where patients can optimize the shape and proportions of their faces, their facial profiles, their chin sizes and improve their health with an optimized bite built to their facial structures non-invasively.

It's All About the Shape of Your Face

Improving the shape of your face and your facial profile is the best way to have the ultimate smile.

- Dr. Sam Muslin

Treating bad bites, under bites and overbites without braces, surgery or without grinding down your healthy teeth is the best possible treatment available today. Patients fly in from all over the world for this exclusive new age of high tech dentistry.

Non-Surgical Under Bite Correction

Under Bite correction with VENLAY<sup>®</sup> porcelain veneers and Face Lift Dentistry Treatment
This patient had her under bite corrected without surgery in only two weeks using the non-invasive, non-surgical VENLAY® to correct the bite. The shape of her face improved with her jaw position optimized to her face. The treatment is expensive, but fast, painless and highly predictable.

You will never look your best, feel your best or achieve maximum health unless your jaw position and bite are idealized.

- Dr. Sam Muslin

Face Lift Dentistry ® Improves your Facial Profile

Full face and profile photo showing Face Lift Dentistry - Before and After
This patient had her overbite corrected without braces or surgery in only two weeks and look at the improvement in the shape of her face and her facial profile. Her headaches also were significantly reduced.
  • Why do some people who are chronologically the same age look
    younger than others?
  • What causes TMJ problems, facial tension, headaches and neck pain?
  • Why do you snore?
  • Why are your porcelain veneers not helping you look younger?
  • Why are your lips getting thinner and squished?
  • Why does your face seem to be getting rounder or sunken in?

The answers to all of these questions can be found with one of the most innovative anti-aging dentistry health care treatments available called Face Lift Dentistry ®. The treatment is quick and easy and it does not require surgery, fillers or grinding down any of your healthy teeth! The Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment idealizes your bite and jaw position for unprecedented cosmetic and health benefits that reverse years of unnecessary aging.

No other treatment is available today that can permanently support your face, help you look years younger, improve your health and your smile.

- Dr. Sam Muslin

The treatment idealizes every facial characteristic to naturally improve your smile, profile, facial shape, jawline, and overall health. Thin lips can appear fuller without artificial fillers and implants because the teeth support the lips. Any receding gums are reversed with a gum loss treatment that is done without any gum grafting or stitches for easier healing and more natural results. The face is permanently lengthened to smooth out wrinkles and minimize fine lines.  The teeth and bite position begin to support the cheeks for a younger and healthier appearance. The jaw is in better position to balance the rest of your face so that your look is improved from every angle. This is the ultimate level of anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry ® and is available from Santa Monica cosmetic dentist, Sam Muslin DDS.

What Is Face Lift Dentistry ®?

The treatment advantages with real life examples that correct under bites, prevent premature aging, bad bites, chin sizes and overbites without surgery are viewed with untouched and unaltered photography and video. This is the new age of dentistry that does not require grinding down healthy teeth in order to correct the bite, improve the facial profile or reverse the effects of the aging process. The goal is to improve the shape of the patient’s face, improve the chin position and health without surgery or braces using VENLAY® restorations with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. See better facial proportioning and balance achieve that is not normally associated with dentistry. Patients fly in from all over the world to be receive this treatment.

Every patient has a potential to have the best facial profile and the best proportioning for their face that is only possible with Face Lift Dentistry ®. This remarkable method requires no jaw surgery or facial surgery but yet can remove years from the aging face. The greatest part of this treatment is that it is good for your health and has been completed on patients from ages 17 to 93.  

Face Lift Dentistry ® can quickly correct under bites, overbites, bad bites and small and large looking chins. It can improve the patient’s face and facial proportion by optimizing the chin position with remarkable ease. The best part of the treatment is that none of the patient’s teeth need to be ground down. The teeth get a new high tech layer of porcelain that corrects the bite, improves the jaw position and permanently supports the face. The advanced scientific method can take as little as one week with the patient literally transformed into a new healthier more vibrant person.

“I Cannot See My Upper Teeth Anymore”

Face Lift Dentistry - Restoring the aging face
Most senior patients have worn down their teeth and no longer show upper teeth. He went to a cosmetic dentist and had his upper teeth crowned but it did not work. In order to get the best smile and facial proportions, the bite needed to be corrected with Face Lift Dentistry®.

The aging face can appear naturally years younger by optimizing the teeth and coordinating the bite with the anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry ®. Patients who look older than their actual age appear angry because of short and worn down teeth can reverse these signs of aging caused by a bad bite. Other patients suffer with a lower jaw that appears forced back and too small because of a deep over-bite. The non-surgical Dental Face  ® offers an effective bite correction solution.

Lost Facial Support Is Typical Of The Aging Face

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Before and After
Full Mouth Reconstruction - Profile View
This patient has lost facial support because his teeth are short, worn down which makes him look older. His treatment revitalized his entire face and profile giving him more confidence.

The teeth are idealized in every dimension to improve speech and TMJ comfort as well. It enhances the patient's self-confidence, appearance and persona every single day for the rest of their lives. Dr. Muslin focuses on maximizing the health and appearance of his patients many of which will achieve their results without having to grind down their natural teeth.

Do Small Chins Require Surgery and Braces?

The Answer Is NO! Today it can be done non-invasively.

Overbite correction will change the shape of your face. Dr. Sam Muslin's Face Lift Dentistry ® will achieve this without surgery or braces in as little as 2 weeks.
The greatest secret in the world of cosmetics is the ability to change the shape of your face, permanently achieve facial support and improve your health in one procedure that takes only about 2 weeks. It is quick, safe and predictable as you will be able to see the results of the treatment right in the doctor's office on your first visit.

Beyond “perfect smiles” & "anti-aging dentistry"!

The recognition that faces improve, health improves and the effects of aging are reversed was featured on “The Doctors TV” (their little logo would be good right here). See how faces are more important in the rejuvenation of health and optimizing the patients potential when they are not smiling. Under bites can be treated without surgery, or braces and none of the healthy teeth need to be ground down. Overbites can be treated without harming healthy teeth in just a matter of weeks. Small chins look larger, week jawlines look stronger and the shape of the patient’s face improved. It is like getting a face-lift that is good for your health!

There is no reason to have a superficial cosmetic result that only treats your smile. The shape of your face determines if you will suffer from premature aging. Your jaw position will determine if you will suffer from TMJ problems. The bite will determine if you will have trouble sleeping. In order to look younger, you must actually feel younger by improving your health. This treatment actually improves the health of your entire body by improving the clarity of your speech, reducing the number of times you wake up at night, improving your chewing efficiency, permanently supporting your face, reducing head and neck tension and optimizing the position of your jaw for the ultimate in total health. Dr. Sam Muslin believes that, "You will never achieve your maximum health potential."

Anti-Aging Benefits to Overbite Correction

Anti Aging Dentistry - Profile view
Deep overbites create short round faces while overbite correction creates a better-proportioned face. The chin position is improved, the face is better supported and she looks years younger.
Anti-Aging Dentistry - Before and After
She could have gone to the typical cosmetic dentist and gotten porcelain veneers but the shape of her face would look exactly the same. Her smile would improve but the key to looking younger is with bite correction and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Natural aging and tooth wear can lead to a shortened face, resulting in wrinkles and thin compressed lips that can make you look older than you are. The non-Surgical Dental Facelift ® is a non invasive dental treatment that can minimize wrinkles and sagging skin below the jawline or chin, and creates fuller lips simply by correcting the aging bite and allow the jaw to move to a more comfortable position.

Aging and tooth wear are normal processes that can leave your face rounder and older than it was in the past. Basically, as teeth wear and shorten, the distance between the tip of your nose and the bottom of your chin gets smaller.  This type of tooth wear and grinding throughout the first forty or fifty years of life can leave you looking older than you should with premature wrinkles.

Real Anti-Aging Dentistry - not Cosmetic Smile Dentistry

Watch this patient speak before treatment and then again right after 28 Venlay® restorations that were bonded to her teeth in one day. She had no pain, required no shots, no surgery, no braces and none of her natural teeth were ground down. She already is very attractive and now her bite optimizes her facial features using the Face Lift Dentistry® method that corrected her overbite and prevented premature aging. She has fuller lips, better facial support, younger facial proportions and a comfortable jaw position that she says “is amazing”.

Dr. Muslin's non-surgical Dental Face Lift ® reverses the effects of aging, restoring a more youthful appearance without the need for painful cosmetic surgery or short-term cosmetic camouflage like Botox or Restylane. The results are long term and they can take 15 years of aging off of your face.

Short Round Faces and Small Looking Chins

Anti Aging Dentistry for Boomers
This patient had a deep overbite, short yellow teeth that made him look older than he should. Porcelain veneers can’t achieve what was accomplished with Face Lift Dentistry®. The shape of his face improved and his chin looks more masculine.
Non-Surgical Anti Aging Dentistry
Look at the shape of his face and look at his chin in the before photo. He has a short round face with a small looking chin that was corrected in only two weeks by correcting his overbite. Only his teeth were treated to get a remarkable improvement to his face.

Under Bite Correction Without Surgery

The new age of non-invasive and nonsurgical under bite correction dentistry can transform the lives of patients with surprising speed. This type of dentistry has been successful with patients from 19 to 93 years of age.

Using the only, non-surgical, bite correction restoration, called VENLAY®, none of the healthy teeth need to be ground down. The treatment is remarkably quick and painless because your natural teeth stay intact. VENLAY® bite correction can be completed in just a week or two.

These patients can now experience a life, full of possibilities because their bite is healthy and it was built to complement their faces. Unfortunately your overbite, under bite and bad bite cannot be corrected using just porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are nothing more than a cosmetic camouflage for your bite problem because they do not fix the actual health issues that are present.

The way to painlessly and comfortably reverse your bite problems so that you can look and feel your best is by choosing bite correction with Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® for non-surgical treatment using the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Under Bite Correction without Surgery in 2 Weeks

Facelift Dentistry - Before and After
This patient had a significant improvement in her facial profile because Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment has the ability to quickly and painlessly allow the lower jaw to be more ideally positioned. She also has a wider smile, using the VENLAY® because you cannot get this type of result with porcelain veneers. Dr. Sam Muslin sincerely thanks her for allowing him to share the results of his work.

An under bite generally involves a difference in jaw size. In this case, the patient has an oversized lower jaw and an undersized upper jaw. Approximately 4 dentists or TMJ experts told her that the only solution was a very invasive surgery that would cut down the size of her lower jaw and also try to split the upper jaw to make it wider. She was very unhappy with this option, until she found Dr. Sam Muslin, a cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica, CA, who had a non-surgical under bite correction procedure.

No-Surgery Solution to Correct an Under Bite

Non-surgical underbite correction can deliver outstanding results as can be seen in this before after picture.
The patient is biting his teeth together in both the before and after photos. The non-surgical Dental Facelift ® can dramatically improve your life by idealizing the proportions of the teeth, improving your profile, and creating a healthy bite.

I was told that jaw surgery and years of braces was my only choice. Fortunately, I kept searching the Internet for several years, until i found this one dentist with an incredible underbite correction solution

Overbite Correction and the Shape of Our Faces

Teeth play a huge role in the support of the face. The shape of our faces and our bites were formed as we develop between ages 6 to 13. During that time we were growing and after that time we continued to grow. Our bites were formed randomly and without any precision. The shape of our faces is directly related to the type of bite that, by chance, we grew into.

No-Grinding Porcelain Veneers

Overbite Correction
This young man flew in from another country to be treated by Dr. Sam Muslin. His teeth were saved, no grinding, no shots and no pain to get his non-invasive porcelain veneers.

Deep Overbite Correction

Some of us have an overbite that contributes to a short lower face, while others have a short lower face attributed to years of grinding and the natural wear. The problem in both scenarios is that the tooth enamel and height is not sufficiently supporting our bites and our faces.  The Dental Face Lift ® restores the height of the teeth to rebuild the bite, resulting in better chewing ability, increased facial height, and a more youthful face.

Overbite Correction -Closeup
Overbite Correction - Before and After

The goal is to treat the entire face, the balance and function of the bite, and the overall health of the body.   By maximizing the potential of the patient's teeth to support the face, lips and cheeks a more refreshed and youthful appearance is restored.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. The Dental Facelift ®

Cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers or laminates, can make us look better when we smile but they generally do not address health concerns nor the shape of our faces. Yet, traditional mouth reconstruction or bite reconstruction methods generally do not improve the shape of the patient’s face. But when a full mouth reconstruction is combined with cosmetic treatment, TMJ or jaw joint alignment treatment , and Face Lift Dentistry  ® ,the results, can transform the entire face so that you look great when you are smiling but also when you are not.

Since conventional cosmetic treatments focus mainly on enhancing the appearance of a person's smile the results are not realized unless you are smiling.  In general, people smile only about two percent of the time, while the other 98% is spent speaking or at rest.  The Dental Facelift ® delivers results for your face and profile all of the time because the anti-aging benefits such as wrinkle reduction, fuller lips, a younger facial shape, and a more balanced profile are obvious whether you are smiling or not.

Treating Short Teeth from Clenching and Grinding

Facelift Dentistry - Before and After
His teeth were short and so was his face. With the VENLAY® method his teeth got a new high tech layer of porcelain built right over the top. He now has a new bite, a better-proportioned face, stronger jawline and a more masculine appearance.

Better Profile – Improving Weak Chins or Protruding Lower Jaws

Dr. Muslin's system of assessing and treating facial cosmetic issues goes far beyond "Just the Smile". The dental facelift treatment actually lifts and permanently lengthens the entire face while improving the profile and jawline. Cosmetic dentistry alone cannot offer this result.

Jaw Alignment Without Surgery

Some patients suffer from a weak chin while others feel that they have a protruding lower jaw.  The dental facelift treatment can improve the proportions of your entire face and profile without surgery. 

Jaw Alignment: The patient on the left needed her weak chin and jawline moved forward and strengthened.  The patient on the right needed her chin and jawline moved back to improve her facial profile!

The most important aspect is the geometrical, functional and three-dimensional analysis that Dr. Muslin develops for each patient.  A live motion camera system allows patients to observe themselves on an in-office television monitor from all angles including profile. This is one of many technological tools that Dr. Muslin utilizes to communicate with his patients.  We find that most patients are not aware of how they look while they are speaking, or which teeth even showing.  

The Best Cosmetic Dentist and More

The treatment requires highly specialized equipment, many years of experience and the ability to think "outside the box" which cannot be taught in dental school.  In order to achieve the very best results for the patient the dentist must have the vision of an artist along with the technical capacity to move accurately and quickly.

Each person presents a different set of health and aesthetic problems and every patient wants a unique look. With over 28 years of experience in Santa Monica Dr. Muslin offers his patients the latest technology and superior artistic skills for results that are natural looking and as functionally comfortable as possible.

Correcting a Narrow Smile and Warn Down Teeth

Ultra-thin Porcelain Veneers
Her teeth were short from years of wear and when the teeth wear down, the face gets shorter. As the face gets shorter the patient looks older and it can start when you are in the mid thirties. Early treatment improves your health and prevents premature aging. She now has a wide smile with a youthful appearance that resonates with her personality.

A Totally Custom Look For You

You will notice that every single one of Dr. Muslin’s patients looks different.  Each patient has a unique color, shape, and style to their smile and this is all by design.   Each of Dr. Muslin’s patients is a major participant in the aesthetic decisions that are made so that results are what the patient wants.

When you look through Dr. Muslin’s patients on this site you may think that one patient chose a color that is too white for your taste.  You may also prefer the shapes and style of one patients’ look over another and this is a good thing.  All of Dr. Muslin’s patients get their own unique look based upon their individual taste.  This level of customization is what you can count on to make sure that you can achieve the look you desire.

Sure we will offer you guidance and advice as to which color and shape would complement your facial features the best but ultimately the decision is all yours.  Some patients want a totally natural and subtle look while others are trying to achieve a brighter smile with more impact.  Take a look at the two patients below that clearly have different aesthetic goals.

Tetracycline Stain and an Overbite Correction

Non-Surgical Deep Overbite Correction - Before and After
This patient had a deep overbite, short yellow teeth that made him look older than he should. Porcelain veneers can’t achieve what was accomplished with Face Lift Dentistry ®. The shape of his face improved and his chin looks more masculine.
Correcting a Slanted Smile - Before and After
Both of these patients achieved the look that they desired!  He chose a very natural color and anatomically based shapes while she chose a more youthful and vibrant color in more idealized shapes.  Coming to Dr. Muslin gives you the opportunity to make these kinds of decisions for yourself.

How Is Non-Surgical Face Lift Dentistry ® Actually Done?

Mouth Reconstruction
Her bite was not balanced to her face so she only shows lower teeth when she talks and when she smiles.  Her face was also aging prematurely because her bite was not in harmony with her face.  With a healthy bite, she looks younger and she feels younger.

All of the old fillings, crowns and decay are removed and the teeth are cleaned. Any gum recessions or areas of gum loss are treated and reversed so that your oral health is optimized. With the specialized and customized non invasive VENLAY® for bite correction, the teeth and jaw are artistically crafted to function as an organized system.  This system is three dimensionally designed by Dr. Muslin to support your soft tissue, enhance your profile and optimize your facial shape.  Once the porcelain is bonded into place the results are evident and long term.

With biologically compatible dental materials and all infection removed, the health of the patient is improved. The porcelain can add color and luster to your teeth while still looking completely natural. Some porcelain technologies are better adapted to certain dental situations. The dentist has to understand the advantages and disadvantages of all of the porcelain systems available today in order to give the patient the best possible technology and durability.

Contact Dr. Sam Muslin

If you need a Cosmetic Dentist, Implant Dentist, Porcelain Veneers or a Bite Correction dentist, or if you are interested in knowing how dental care can transform your face, please contact Dr. Sam Muslin in Santa Monica for an appointment. Dr. Muslin treats patients from all over the world. If you are an out of state or international patient, Dr. Muslin will strive to complete your treatment in the shortest time possible.

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