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Porcelain Laminate Veneers

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The patient said, “I have always wanted porcelain laminate veneers but when my friends got veneers done they looked terrible! They were too thick and too bulky and looked square”. She said that when she found this website, and saw a lot of people that had porcelain veneers that looked real and very natural, she decided to drive to Santa Monica even though it could take her several hours one way. She said, “If you can give me natural looking veneers and make my smile look great and not fake, then you are worth the long drive”.

Natural Looking Porcelain Laminates

Bad porcelain laminates in the before photo, replaced in the after photo

Porcelain Laminate Veneers: “I do not know why Dr. Muslin’s work is so much better but I don’t really care because I have it”.

Porcelain Veneers – Grinding Down your Teeth

There is no difference between porcelain laminates and veneers. Both terms describe the same cosmetic dentistry procedure. Both terms describe a veneer that is placed on the front side of the tooth to give the teeth a new whiter surface and better appearance. Unfortunately, most cosmetic dentists will grind down healthy teeth unnecessarily. Many patients have said that the dentist was very nice and said that very little tooth structure would be removed. But, the patient needed to be anesthetized (shots) and before they knew what was happening, their teeth were drilled down far more than they would have ever allowed. Dr. Muslin says, “If the dentist needs to numb you, chances are they will unnecessarily grind away too much healthy tooth structure”.

Video: From Porcelain Laminate Veneers to Face Lift Dentistry®

video Jaw Surgery Alternative

The patient said that she has always wanted straight teeth but her friends kept telling her that she had a good smile. “Everyone said I had a good smile and that there was no reason to have veneers”. But, once I looked at my before and after photos, which are completely unaltered and untouched, I realized that my natural teeth and my smile were not very good at all”! “ But, after talking with Dr. Muslin, I was told that I had two choices. I could have porcelain laminate veneers on my upper ten teeth or I could get all 14 upper teeth treated with VENLAY® restorations and his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment to help me prevent premature aging and correct my overbite.”

Cosmetic Dentistry vs Overbite Correction

The patient wanted to look her best and felt that cosmetic dentistry could help her but the bad veneers done on her friends really kept her from getting porcelain laminate veneers for herself. She said, “Bad porcelain laminate veneers are everywhere and I just could not stand having bad porcelain laminates on my teeth”. “Some of these people with veneers look desperate”. Dr. Muslin explained that cosmetic dentistry is just “smile dentistry” which does nothing for your health. But, getting the overbite corrected can improve her entire face. Cosmetic dentistry only helps the patient look good when they are smiling but correcting a bad bite improves your health so you can feel better and look better.

 Porcelain Laminates Before and After

This dentist gets it because he created a beautiful smile that looks so natural that everyone is impressed. When your friends want to get their bad veneers replaced, you know you got it done right

Why do we Look Older?

Porcelain laminate veneers are cosmetic dentistry that works on giving the patient straight teeth. The goal of the porcelain laminates is to improve the patient’s smile. There are generally no health benefits to porcelain laminates as they are utilized for cosmetic purposes. But, she had worn down her teeth over the years and has lost facial support. Most people loose the length to their faces, as they grow older because their bite gets worn down.

Loss in facial length is why so many older people look their age. Older people look older because of their bite no matter what they do to their faces. Some patients get chin implants to help their sinking facial profile. Some patients get plastic surgery to help with sagging skin but the reason the patient looks old and their chin looks small is from loss of facial support from an overbite.

What if the patient could actually gain back all of the lost facial support? “The greatest health benefit for the patient is to optimize their bite to their face” according to Dr. Muslin. “The best way to look years younger permanently is with VENLAY® restorations using the Face Lift Dentistry® method because your facial profile, facial proportions, facial support and dental health will be idealized.

There is no other non-surgical method to looking your best and feeling your best that can match the benefits of this level of dental health care. Warning, it is expensive.

Small Looking Chins and a Weak Facial Profile

The patient has an overbite and it is getting deeper with time. When a patient gets a chin implant they did not solve the deep overbite problem. The deep overbite is why the patient has a small looking chin and wrinkles around their mouth. Overbite correction can change the profile of the patient better than a chin implant and overbite correction improves the health of the patient.

Most patients have small looking chins because they have an overbite and once the bite is corrected the face is permanently lengthened, the wrinkles on older patients are reduced, the neck is smoother, the lips are supported and they look many years younger. However, it works on younger patients too. Take a look at a young man below that had is life changed without plastic surgery, without a face lift, without a chin implant, without a chin augmentation and without facial fillers.

“All I can say is that this treatment improved my life and it was done without surgery”.

 The photos show a young man with a bad bite. In the after photo his jaw position was moved to aliviate stress and restore a natural bite and facial profile.

When your TMJ and jaw are not in the right position and you have porcelain laminates bonded to your teeth, chances are that they will break due to uneven pressure. Porcelain laminates can not fix the jaw position.


 The closeup photos show how a bad bite can impact your facial profile.

A deep bite impacts your facial profile. Deep bites can make your face look short and round. Deep bites are when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth when you bite together.

Dental Face Lift®

This is a treatment developed and trademarked by Dr. Sam Muslin during over his 30 years of high tech dentistry experience. He incorporated the latest technologies into a system that is predictable and fast. He is able to improve the health and appearance of his patients by utilizing non-invasive dentistry and anti-aging dentistry while simultaneously lengthening the patients face without surgery. His patients keep asking him how does he do it. He explains that he will be sharing his results with the dental profession in the near future. The point being, he does it on patients that fly in from all over the United States and with world because his exclusive method is fast and predictable.

The Fountain of Youth through Face Lift Dentistry®

Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment is fast because he does not have to grind down the patient’s natural teeth. He will preserve the healthy teeth yet build a super thin and very strong high tech porcelain layer that will protect the teeth and correct the overbite. This exclusive dental bonding method has been proven by Dr. Muslin’s patients that fly in from all over the world. This method lasts as patients do not have to replace it in 10 years like an automobile. His porcelain veneers or his porcelain laminates, and his VENLAY® restorations do not come off but they can break on very rare occasions. Some of his patients get their entire mouth reconstructed, their overbite or underbite corrected and combine it with his Dental Face Lift ®method in just one week.

 An older person showing the remarkable anti-aging benefits of Face Lift Dentistry<sup>®</sup>

Older people show their lower teeth when speaking and younger people show upper teeth when speaking. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® by Dr. Sam Muslin transforms older people into younger looking people when they are smiling and when they are speaking.

Chin Augmentation without Surgery

How can a Face Lift Dentist® make a patient’s chin look better? As Dr. Muslin says, “not only can the chin look much larger, the face better supported but all of it can be done without surgery”. Dr. Muslin explains that the procedure he does if highly creative and uses his exclusive Dental Face Lift® method that is constantly evolving with new dental technology. The ability to treat the face and handle the wide variety of facial types, bone size variation, TMJ pain variations, speaking and chewing functions make his exclusive Dental Face Lift® the ultimate in the art and science for modern dental health care.


 Facial Profile Correction shown in the before and after photos.

I flew in from Dallas Texas to get the Dental Face Lift® and improve my facial profile. All of the cosmetic dentists said I needed surgery but all of them were wrong. Nobody in Dallas does this”!

Over Bite Correction

This patient needed to correct her overbite and did not want a chin implant nor did she want plastic surgery or a face-lift. She had jaw joint pain, TMJ pain, headaches caused by a bad bite. Porcelain laminates alon can not do this. On the first visit, Dr. Muslin made her a removable lower appliance that nobody can see in her mouth that immediately repositioned her jaw into the most ideal position. Using his Complex Motion Tomography unit that utilizes very low radiation, he is able to see the position of the jaw with every bite change without the high radiation of a CT Scan. His technology is designed to minimize radiation to his patients and yet be able so see what he is creating by imaging multiple positions in order to find the best one. The ability to be able to see the TMJ position, combined with his position-testing appliance allows his work to be very predictable. The patient knows it will work before treatment is started.


 This patient needed overbite correction which can not be achieved by porcelain laminates alone. The after photo shows the overbite corrected with Face Lift Dentistry<sup>®</sup>

“My lower teeth are a mess and my upper teeth look terrible. My bite is so uncomfortable that I get headaches and jaw pain. This dentist has improved my health and my comfort level to such a point that it has changed my life”.

Face Lift Dentistry® for Men

 Facelift Dentistry and Bite Collapse

“I used to have the old man face with no lips and small looking chin. Now I have a face of a younger man and my bite feels better than at anytime in my life. It is hard to believe that a dentist can do this”.

Men need to improve the level of health because they are going to live a lot longer than they every though was possible. Because of the longer life span, patients need to consider the health benefits of the Dental Face Lift® on two levels. The first level is health improvement by removing all of the old dental crowns, old porcelain laminates, old silver fillings and the second level is getting the jaw position restored to reduce stress in the jaw, head and neck areas.

Stress reduction is important because the body has to work much harder when the patient had a bad bite. When the body works harder every single day, there is more stress on the patient even if they are not aware that their bad bite makes them work harder.

 Face Lift Dentistry Treatment for Bite Collapse

“My lower teeth were short and yellow and my upper teeth were worn down. I really don’t care about cosmetic dentistry but the bite is way more comfortable. My wife says I don’t have the grumpy old man look anymore”! Getting it done made her happy.

For those patients interested in the ultimate in health and appearance, Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® is the treatment of choice. For that patient interested in cosmetic dentistry, the advantage that Dr. Muslin offers is that his work looks natural because he works on every single cosmetic dentistry case personally with his ceramist.

If you want more information, call the office to speak with one of the treatment coordinators. If you are flying in from another part of the United States or another country, we can help coordinate your trip to get as much done as possible in as little as one to two weeks. Please call for your appointment (310) 829 6796 or click on the contact button.

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