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Underbite Issues and Problems

Treatment Options Without Surgery, Braces, Clear Aligners, or Drilling Down Healthy Teeth

Simply put, when your bottom front teeth overlap your upper front teeth, you have an underbite. Your underbite could be hereditary (skeletal) but may be the result of abnormal tooth formation and misaligned teeth. Whatever the reason, an underbite is bad for you and can lead to facial abnormalities and health problems. Learn more about Class III Malocclusion, or Prognathism, on our Underbite Page.

How an Underbite May Affect You

Underbite issues and problems.

Underbite problems can severely impact your health and aesthetic appearance if left untreated. We have highlighted common problems experienced by people with underbites.

  • Self-consciousness. We often hear patients telling us how aware they became of their somewhat odd appearance during their teen years. A protruding chin and awkward side profile lead to jokes and humiliation.
  • Articulation Errors. Clear speech is a common problem. Any sound that depends on the teeth could be problematic, such as “s” and “f.”
  • Tough to Smile. A bad underbite could make it impossible to smile with confidence. Lips tend to take on a droopy appearance, and a dominant upper lip hides the upper teeth when smiling. With a more severe underbite, it becomes difficult to keep the lips together, causing lip incompetence, changes in your facial profile, breathing and swallowing problems.
  • Chewing Problems. Due to misaligned teeth, it could become very difficult to chew your food. One of our patients with a severe underbite problem reported gagging and ended up in the emergency room. A further side effect of chewing with misaligned teeth are excessive enamel wear, tooth chipping, tooth decay, infections, and gum disease.
  • Chronic Jaw Pain. As the upper teeth push in under the lower teeth, the pressure on the jaw joint intensifies, which could trigger a TMJ disorder. This could lead to headaches, neck pain, spinal misalignment, and even limping.

Underbite Correction Treatment Options

When patients go to their regular dentists for advice on how to treat their underbites, they are generally given a single choice: orthodontic braces followed by jaw surgery followed again by orthodontic braces. Very few patients are offered a non-surgical solution simply because dental schools do not teach this. Before you choose, pay attention to the following:

  • Braces or Invisalign® Problems: Braces or Invisalign can at best straighten teeth, but they cannot realign a misaligned jaw which is needed to move the jaw into the correct position. Treatment with braces take months, or even years and the outcome is not predictable, nor is it a guaranteed permanent solution as teeth could easily shift again.
  • Jaw Surgery Problems: Apart from being painful, risky, severely uncomfortable, and the need for further treatment with braces, the biggest problem is that the outcome is not predictable. For severe underbite cases, this may be the only solution. However, we are seeing too many patients who unnecessarily went through this agony which could have had a far superior outcome with Dr. Sam Muslin’s non-surgical underbite correction treatment.
  • Non-Surgical Underbite Correction: The Face Lift Dentistry® method for bite correction is arguably the most advanced and least invasive treatment available today. Combined with Dr. Muslin’s JawTrac® real-time jaw alignment technique and his patent-pending VENLAY® Restorations a typical underbite correction can be accomplished in as little as three weeks. With healthy teeth, no filing or drilling is required and the process is mostly pain-free.

Video: Underbite Corrected without Surgery

His underbite and dominant upper lip made him self conscious. His uneven bite and misaligned jaw caused premature wear and chipped teeth. Braces did not solve his problems and jaw surgery was the recommended next step.

Throughout the years patients have been getting unresolved bite correctional treatments with braces. There’s been those who’ve even went through two phases of treatment and had no luck there either. This patient, a young individual going through his third year of medical school has been a victim himself. He suffered trying to fix his uneven bite twice with braces! Not once did it help him.

He searched for a solution, and gladly he found our office. Offering him pain-free, fully non-invasive treatment he was eager to try it out. After going through our work up process and being able to test out his new stimulated bite position for a day, he decided to go through with Dr. Muslin’s Venlay Restorations.

Underbite Correction without Surgery or Braces

Before and After adult underbite correction without surgery or braces.

Underbite problems can severely impact your health and aesthetic appearance if left untreated. We have highlighted common problems experienced by people with underbites.

On the day of try-in, three weeks later, he was able to visually see not only a more refined bite, but also a full re-shaping of his teeth. He was overwhelmed by the drastic change stating “I can’t believe it, they’re amazing!” After his approval, Dr. Muslin being a perfectionist, looked not once, not twice, but multiple times to find any flaws that needed an extra boost of refining. Perfection is key! He told the patient he could improve the results and asked the patients permission to do more refinement, which was granted.

Underbite Correction - A Total Transformation

Profile photos showing the much improved underbite jaw

A physical and psychological transformation after his underbite was corrected with Dr. Sam Muslin's non-surgical method.

We bonded all 28 VENLAY® Restorations in as little as 2-3 hours to correct his underbite to the proper position that braces did NOT fulfill for him after years of treatment. Now, this patient can finish his last year of medical school with a fixed bite and more masculine look providing him the confidence to embrace his new smile.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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