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Moving the Lower Jaw Without Surgery

Underbite Correction Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery and Braces

Treating Patients in Los Angeles, CA from All Over the United States and the World

There is no question that jaw surgery has its place in modern dentistry but today there is an underbite correction alternative that is faster, that is much less risky and has advantages that jaw surgery and braces cannot achieve. Patients can have whiter teeth, a wider smile and an ideal bite that can be tested before bonding. You cannot test surgery and you cannot test braces.

Facial Profile Correction

The results were achieved in only three weeks, with no pain and without grinding down healthy teeth. You can’t do this with jaw surgery or with porcelain veneers.

Moving the lower jaw back without surgery or braces. Underbite corrected.

This patient was treated with Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® Restorations using his Face Lift Dentistry® method. This patient was told the only solution for him was jaw surgery and braces. Dr. Muslin’s method moves the patients chin to its ideal healthy position from an unhealthy position. Patients adapt to the new healthy position very quickly because the jaw is in a healthier position by building an ideal bite.

Advantages of Non-Invasive Under Bite Correction

This method saves the patient’s healthy tooth structure because it utilizes a bonding method using his exclusive VENLAY® Restorations that are built over the existing tooth structure. It doesn’t even require anesthetic and has big advantages over the cosmetic dentistry and veneers. VENLAY® restorations can correct bites and porcelain veneers cannot. But, the dentist must understand the Face Lift Dentistry® method in order to use VENLAY® restorations effectively.

Underbite closeup showing upper teeth behind lower teeth

His lower jaw is forced forward by his origional bite making the jaw look much larger than normal. His upper teeth are behind his lower teeth. Everyone is forced to adapt to the original bite they have and over time the bite they have gets worse. This patient had cosmetic and physical problems and to solve them he was told his only solution was jaw surgery and braces that would take years at considerable risk. He was treated with VENLAY ® Restorations using the Face LIft Dentistry® method without surgery or braces and even without grinding down any of his healthy teeth in just a few weeks. He saw the actual porcelain in his mouth before it was bonded so he was in complete control of the shade, shape, feel and cosmetics. You can’t do that with braces and you cannot see the results in advance with jaw surgery.

Worn Down Teeth are Restored

Crooked teeth will be straight, teeth will be whiter and the bite will be healthier than the original bite and will also be tested in advances so the results are predictable than braces or surgery . You cannot test the results in advance with braces. They patient does not loose much time from work, there is not pain medication or recovery required and the results can transform the life and self-confidence of the patient.

Testing the Bite

Dr. Muslin’s method locates the best jaw position for the patient and it is not just increasing the vertical dimension like what other dentists may suggest. His treatment uses a new three-dimensional jaw position that is located using ultra low radiation medical imaging and the new position is tested before any treatment is completed. The results are safe and predictable. You cannot test the results of surgery or braces in advance.

Not Possible with a Facelift or Jaw Surgery

The patient can feel what they are getting during the testing phase and can see what they are getting after the porcelain is constructed by Dr. Muslin and his ceramist before they are bonded to the patient’s teeth.

Large-Looking Chin and Underbite Corrected

Large-Looking Chin and Underbite Corrected - Before and After Treatment

Dr. Muslin designs all of the teeth for his patients and works on the porcelain personally to get the look and feel that every person uniquely requires. His experience, artistry and scientific expertise give every one of his patients unique results that augment their natural facial features. This is a proven method that is safe, quick and non-invasive.

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