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Short Teeth and Bite Erosion

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Every year of our lives our teeth become shorter and thinner due to normal wear and tear. This shortening and thinning is commonly called bite erosion. The consequences of bite erosion are extensive and they are not limited to just the teeth. Sometimes the evidence shows up on our faces as thin or squished lips, a turned down mouth, or even sagging soft tissue.

Frequently people undergo lip injections or lip fillers in an attempt to restore fullness to their lips. Others have the soft tissue tucked and pulled to improve the sagging. While these are all ways to make an aesthetic improvement they do not address the root of the problem, which is the eroded bite.

Correcting an Eroded Bite

Short teeth as a result of bite erosion, succesfully lengthened plus bite correction.

This patient had healthy teeth that had been worn down over the years. As the teeth shortened and thinned she lost the facial length and soft tissue support that she had years before. When she was not smiling the corners of her mouth turned down and her lips were squeezed together. This is all a result of worn down teeth and an eroded bite

Correcting an eroded bite can be a great way to improve your entire face and smile all at the same time. While some patients need better lip and soft tissue support, others will benefit most from facial lengthening or jaw re-positioning. You will finish the treatment with an amazing smile but also with optimal oral health. Regardless of what you need to look and feel your best, the treatment is customized around each and every individual patient to optimize results.


Bad Bites Cause Pre-Mature Aging

Everyone experiences bite erosion over the years, but like this patient, some people amplify the problem by grinding their teeth. Very few people have a perfect bite from the start. Then as erosion and grinding occurs a bite that is less than perfect can quickly become a bad bite. Those of us that have a bad bite can exhibit physical health symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, and TMJ tiredness. Other patients do not necessarily have these health symptoms but they see the negative effects of a bad bite show up in their faces. They may look older than their chronological age or see pre-mature aging in the soft tissue of their faces and necks.

Anti-Aging Benefit of Bite Correction

Short teeth cause a drooping mouth and visible aging. In the after photo this has been corrected showing the anti-aging benefit.

Tooth erosion restoration: Notice in the before image how her lips are squished together and the corners of her mouth turn down. Now her teeth support her lips and her lower face is lengthened making her jawline more feminine and youthful

Teeth that have been subjected to extensive grinding (bruxism) will often appear “sawed off” and square. The edges of the teeth can even have cracks and chips as the enamel breaks under pressure from biting and grinding. At the same time, the surfaces of the teeth are also thinning. This thinning shows up as dull teeth that can have a grey tone to them and this patient was no exception. She had worn away the outer surface of her teeth so the luster and shine was gone. As the teeth thinned each year they supported her lips less and less.

Short Teeth Lengthened - Before and After

 Short Teeth Lengthened - Before and After Photos

Notice how the short teeth are dull and almost grey in color from years of wear. Now the luster and shine is restored and her smile is wider and fuller but still totally natural

She wanted to restore the vibrancy to her face in a very natural and believable way. Her goal was not super white teeth or a flashy smile but rather to develop an ideal look that enhanced her face. Dr. Muslin explained that he could create better lip support and improve lower facial proportions to give her a more youthful look with his anti-aging Dental Face Lift®Treatment. He also suggested widening the smile to create a fuller and more impactful presence. Of course the short teeth had to be restored to a longer more elegant look. Finally, to keep the results totally natural she picked a believable color that complimented her skin tone.

No Grinding Veneers

Without any grinding on her healthy natural teeth Dr. Muslin restored the length and shape that she needed. Because her teeth were already too short, there was no need to grind them down any more. Without any grinding she did not need any shots or pain medication. Her healthy natural teeth stayed completely in tact under the porcelain for a rejuvenated look.

For those patient’s interested in a younger more healthy body and facial appearance, call for your appointment today.

Clear Speach after Bite Correction

Under Bite, Open Bite, Cross Bite Correction

Patients undergoing speech therapy, treatment is hindered when their bad bites remain untreated. Clear speaking made possible with VENLAY® Restorations Bite Correction.

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Jaw Surgery Alternative - Before and After

Jaw Surgery Alternative - Under Bite Correction

He was able to have his under bite corrected using Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® restorations and was able to see the final results before the porcelain was bonded to his teeth.

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Corrected Overbite without Surgery

Correct the Overbite and Improve the Facial Profile.

Non-surgical treatment took only two visits about 2 weeks apart. No pain, no fillers, no surgery as only the teeth were treated with VENLAY® overbite correction restorations.

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Porcelain Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry without the Drill

Eliminating one bad veneer for a totally natural and vibrant smile! She wanted a wider smile that showed more of her teeth and less of her gums. Her non-invasive porcelain veneers on the top perfectly match her natural teeth on the bottom.

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Treating Dark Triangles Between Teeth

Gum Recession, Dark Triangles, Bite Correction, Worn Yellow Teeth, Crooked Teeth, Small Chin, Facial Profile Correction, Clenching and Grinding, Anti-Aging Dentistry.

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Corrected Underbite without Jaw Surgery

Correct Under Bites without Jaw Surgery.

After wearing braces, extracting four teeth, he was told by cosmetic dentists and oral surgeons that jaw surgery and more years of braces was his only choice, which is not true anymore. Watch video of him before and after treatment that only took 2 weeks.

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Before and after photo showing Facial Profile Correction

Facial Profile & Overbite Correction.

The shape of her face and her facial profile were dramatically improved with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. No drilling down her natural teeth, no surgery, no chin implant and her neck pain is gone. You can’t do this with a face-lift.

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Reversing the Effects of the Aging.

Most of us never had the best bite for our facial structure but youth hides many flaws. We are forced to accommodate to a bad bite and unfortunately experience a lifetime of physical stress and tension.

Deep Overbite and Aging Reversal has Never Been Easier.

The quality of life centers on how are we going to live and how healthy are we going to feel. Old worn down teeth contribute to physical stress and strain. Even if you are not aware of it, your body feels it.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Underbite Correction

In just 3 weeks his facial profile and large lower jaw were dramatically improved with the only non-invasive under bite correction method, Face Lift Dentistry®. You can’t do this with porcelain veneers.

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Regain your Self Confidence without Surgery.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

Anti-Aging Dentistry with VENLAY® Restorations

Real Anti-Aging Dentistry with the VENLAY® Restorations.

This patient now looks years younger because the shape of her face has been improved by correcting her deep overbite without shots, tooth grinding or pain.

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Under Bite Correction the High Tech Way.

Not cosmetic camouflage for this patient from Chicago, but a non-surgical under bite fix that improves the jaw position. See what can be done in just 2 weeks without grinding down your natural teeth.