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What is an Overbite?

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Overbites, Overjets and Deep Overbites Explained

An overbite is recognized by a degree of overlap of the upper and lower teeth. An ideal overbite has a degree of overlap that would be about one or two millimeters and is not regarded as a malocclusion. A deep overbite, also referred to as a vertical overbite, is approximately 4 to 10 millimeters deep, and is considered a malocclusion which requires treatment.

The word overjet refers to a maxillary protrusion that can occur with or without an overbite. A maxillary protrusion is when the upper jaw sticks out in front of the lower jaw. This patient does not have an overjet but does have a deep overbite. (More about Overbite Treatment Options)

What is an Overbite - Explained

Deep overbite correction permanently lengthened her face and improved her facial profile. Her face is less squished in appearance, her lips are fuller and the facial wrinkles and creases are considerably smoother. She looks 10 years younger with deep overbite correction and flew into Santa Monica California from Dallas Texas; to see what she says is “the best cosmetic dentist in the country”. This is a classic example of the short face of the aging patient that was completely reversed to get the face of a much younger patient.

When an overbite is deep, the patient’s chin generally is recessive or pushed back by the upper teeth towards the TMJ or jaw joint. In the photos below, this patient has the deep overbite accompanied with headaches, TMJ pain, clenching and grinding of her teeth and a short round shape to her face. Deep overbites generally cause the shape of the patient’s face to be short and round. One of the most innovative treatments discussed on the page below can actually improve the shape of the patient’s face.

An Overbite Changes Your Facial Profile and Makes You Look Older

Healthier and younger look after Overbite Correction.

This is the before-after photo of the same patient shown above with deep overbite correction. This is real anti-aging dentistry. She now has the ideal overbite of about 1 mm. The amount of dental overbite is more ideal because the chin is in a better position and her TMJ symptoms are considerably less intense because her lower jaw is not being pushed back towards her ears by the upper teeth.

Close-up Photo Showing a Deep Overbite

 Close-up Photo Showing a Deep Overbite

Before photo of a Deep Overbite - see how the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much resulting in a bad bite or malocclusion and a short round face. The amount of overbite is 7 millimeters.

Close-up Photo Showing the Corrected Overbite

 Close-up Photo Showing a Deep Overbite Correction

This is an after photo of the same patient shown above with deep overbite correction. She now has the ideal overbite of about 1 mm. The amount of dental overbite is more ideal because the chin is in a better position and her TMJ symptoms are considerably less intense because her lower jaw is not being pushed back towards her ears by the upper teeth.

Why is it Important to Correct an Overbite?

Bite adjustment improves the quality of life. Most patients do not realize that the shape of their face is being determined by their malocclusion or bad bite. Most patients do not understand the relationship of jaw pain, TMJ pain, tooth wear, facial pain, the aging face, the short face and the classic malocclusion or bad bite. Without overbite correction, the patient’s speech is less than clear because the patient has to accommodate their jaw position for all the various types of function as speaking, chewing, clenching and grinding. Generally patients with deep overbites do not have increased tooth decay but do have a lower self-esteem because their entire face, head and neck are not functioning harmoniously.

The lack of functional harmony contributes to small looking lower jaws, short lower faces, thin lips and the small chin appearance all of which are reversed with deep o verbite correction combined with the Dental Face Lift®. The patient’s that have received the non-surgical Dental Face Lift® treatment by Dr. Muslin have experienced life style enhancements along with improved self esteem because they finally have the best bite for their bone structure, TMJ and face. This is not cosmetic dentistry because with the non-surgical Dental Face Lift®, there is a huge improvement in all levels of dental health because all tooth decay is removed, all bad fillings, bad porcelain veneers and bad porcelain crowns are replaced with biologically compatible high tech porcelain that match perfectly in all dimensions.

The appearance of the mouth, facial profile and smile are optimized because of his exclusive deep overbite correction goes beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. His porcelain veneers are completely different than the traditional porcelain veneer. His customized bonding method is so strong that he has been able to work on patients from all over the world without porcelain veneer complications that other dentists are presently experiencing. All aspects of his technology, technique and innovative methods are systemized in every aspect of his care.

Deep overbites cause the faces to look short and the chins to look small. Deep overbites cause the facial profiles to have the appearance of a recessive chin and the patients tend to have short round faces typical of an older person. The entire aging process of worn down teeth and short older faces is completely reversible with some of the most innovative high tech dentistry discussed below.

Teeth Grinding Aggravates your Overbite

 Overbite aggrevated by bruxism or tooth grinding

His chin looks smaller in the before photo on the left because of a deep overbite, aggravated by bruxism (tooth grinding). After deep overbite correction, his chin looks larger, his face is physically and permanently longer and he has a younger more masculine appearance with Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® non-surgical jawline enhancement treatment. This is a procedure to reshape and re-proportion the size of his chin and face that has achieved the chiseled jawline appearance and the shape of a much younger man.

An Overbite Can Lead to a Short Round Face

 Before and After Overbite correction showing facial lengthening after severe bruxism.

The before photo shows a short round face that is typical for a patient with a deep overbite. There is no other treatment available with or without surgery that can achieve facial lengthening and non-surgical jaw repositioning. With Dr. Muslin’s exclusive non-surgical Dental Face Lift® treatment, his deep overbite was corrected and he has balanced facial proportions and the perfect smile.

Patients with overbite correction do not need jaw augmentation or chin implants, because their chin was normal in size but just looks smaller. The chin appears smaller because the deep overbite pushes the chin backwards toward the patient’s neck. The malocclusion from the overbite caused the chin to look smaller than it actually is in reality and with the best cosmetic dentistry combined with the best full mouth reconstruction dentistry, the chin looks considerably larger without chin augmentation surgery. Chin implants only treat the cosmetics while Face Lift Dentistry® treats the actual cause of the problem. As Dr. Muslin says, “It is actually the highest level of dental heath care possible with the side effect of looking 10 to 15 years younger”!

What Causes an Overbite?

Overbites are caused by hereditary or genetics that are part of the natural eruption of teeth. Very few people actually have the best bite for their face and jaws because teeth eruptions are random events. Teeth erupt while the patient is still growing and the teeth stop erupting when they hit an opposing tooth. There is no science with the natural process of tooth eruption, so overbites, malocclusions, bad bites, under bites and deep overbites are common. These patients never had the best balanced facial appearance for their head and jaw size because the most ideal bite position was never developed. Today, the best height, jaw position and facial proportioning and balance are possible for every patient without surgery and with non-invasive dentistry. As Dr. Sam Muslin says, “Patients can now have esthetics that go far beyond the best cosmetic dentistry with the best cosmetic dentists because of the development of the Dental Face Lift® in Santa Monica California.

Chronic habits as thumb sucking can contribute to an overbite because the thumb pushes the upper teeth too far forward of the lower teeth causing maxillary protrusion or over jet. Sometimes tongue thrusting habits can contribute to a bad bite because the tongue will actually push the teeth into a malocclusion called a maxillary protrusion. The thumb will actually push the upper teeth and bone forward while the thumb also pushes the lower jaw backwards. If a patient already has a deep overbite, as they age, their teeth wear down and will cause the overbite to get deeper. As the overbite deepens with age the best procedure to balance the facial features, correct TMJ problems and get a more defined or chiseled jawline is with Dr. Sam Muslin’s unique non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry® treatment that he has exclusively developed with his Complex Motion Imaging Tomography technology for accurate and predictable jaw positioning without surgery. Patients with a tongue thrust do not speak clearly because they use their tongue for speaking and no amount of speech therapy will help the patient as much as getting the teeth, bite and facial proportioning balanced. The form of the teeth effect the function of the face.

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