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Fixing Overbites with Veneers or Crowns is a Bad Idea

No-Grinding VENLAY® Restorations with JawTrac® Alignment can Fix Overbites in 4-Weeks

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Reviewed by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 03/26/2020

Cosmetic Dentistry Can't Fix Overbites

Cosmetic dentistry is all about the smile. But, smile-type of dentistry does nothing for your bite or the shape of your face. Cosmetic dentistry can straighten uneven teeth or whiten your smile by using porcelain veneers, crowns, braces, and clear aligners but can't improve your jawline, chin, or facial profile.

Patients often ask if overbites can be fixed by a cosmetic dentist with veneers or crowns. To correct an overbite, all of the teeth on the upper arch or the lower arch need to be treated.

Porcelain Veneers Can't Improve Your Jawline, Chin or Facial Profile

Before and After - The difference between overbite correction with porcelain veneers vs VENLAY restorations.

Veneers on the left with a shorter face, small chin, facial collapse, and a deep overbite. On the right a masculine chiseled chin and jawline, facial support, TMJ Functionality and incredible aesthetics. The only teeth that required drilling were his teeth with porcelain veneers.

The patient featured in these before-after photos wasted his money getting porcelain veneers on his upper teeth. The attempt to fix his overbite with veneers failed. He has them in the photo on the left. Dr. Muslin showed the patient what his new face would look like on his first visit, before the treatment was started. His porcelain veneers were removed, temporaries placed, and his overbite was corrected when the 28 VENLAY® Restorations were bonded to his upper and lower teeth.

Why Can’t Veneers Fix an Overbite?

Porcelain veneers or dental laminates can lengthen teeth but cannot correct an overbite or improve the jawline, shape of the face, malocclusion or chin size. If the dentist makes your front teeth longer, then the depth of the overbite becomes worse. Porcelain veneers have mainly one purpose; it is to cover the outside of the tooth to change the color and the shape of the teeth.

The overbite cannot be corrected by working on only some of the upper or lower teeth. An overbite cannot be corrected if only six teeth are going to be treated. Most patients want porcelain veneers to magically and inexpensively solve the overbite problem but, a traditional porcelain veneer cannot correct an overbite.

To correct the bite and improve a small looking chin, all of the teeth need to have a new chewing surface, height and shape for the lower jaw to be repositioned. Most people with overbites have short round faces and a small looking chin. Porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns on the front teeth cannot improve the jawline, face, overbite or chin size. You need VENLAY® Bite Restorations on all of your upper teeth and most of the time, and all of your lower teeth to get the best overbite treatment.

Correcting Overbites with Crowns

Most TMJ specialists, neuromuscular dentists, prosthodontists, and general Dentists need to drill down every one of your healthy teeth to correct an overbite with crowns. Drilling down healthy teeth is a destructive process that harms the health of your teeth. It can be a painful process, requires hours of drilling, leaves the teeth vulnerable to infection, can result in chewing pain, hot and cold sensitivity, and it can traumatize the nerves and may require your previously healthy teeth to get root canal treatment to relieve the pain.

Why Overbite Correction with Crowns Can Fail

Once the teeth are drilled away, it can become very difficult to get the ideal jaw position because the mouth was opened for so long, the teeth are numb from all of those shots, and most patients have no idea where they should close what is left of their teeth together.

Why Shaving or Drilling Down Healthy Teeth Should be Avoided

Apart from sensitivity issues, another problem caused by drilling away your healthy teeth is the way it affects the jaw position. Traditional dentistry will open the bite, which does not necessarily get the lower jaw in the ideal jaw position. When the bite is opened, and the vertical dimension is increased, the lower jaw is usually manipulated into what dentists call centric-relation. Keep in mind that opening the vertical and getting centric-relation does not mean that the ideal jaw position is even being attempted.

The Non-Invasive Safe and Healthy Solution

With VENLAY® bite restorations, none of your healthy teeth are drilled down to little pegs, even if your teeth are worn down. The Face Lift Dentistry® method is vastly safer, more predictable, has far less trauma, no trauma to the nerves, no infection problems and is done in much less time, and obviously with less pain using the non-invasive VENLAY®.

With JawTrac® alignment, the new jaw position is tested in advance of treatment and because none of the healthy teeth are drilled down, the ideal jaw position is easily and painlessly recorded. No shots, no drilling, no jaw surgery, no downtime, and no temporary teeth. Our patients go right back to school or work while waiting for the porcelain to be created by the Face Lift Dentist®, Dr. Sam Muslin. He designs every patient personally. The cost of this treatment reflects the advantages of it, the high level of health care and the results that are clearly demonstrated on his website.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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